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Friday, October 18, 2013

Private School versus Public School

My daughter is almost of school going age and I am worried about her going to school. 

She's my only child therefore I have this " spoil" connection and overprotection of her. 

Private schools are expensive but worth it. Imagine having to be spending money equivalent to an associate degree education at the community college for a three year old might seem exorbitant to some. 

But the high incidents of violence in public schools, children " licking out other kids eye" , overcrowded and low performance of some schools makes me very afraid to have my daughter around certain peers coming from homes with particular values. 

I am not being a bigot or prejudicial, I am just thinking about the well being of my child. 

I saw a little boy over the weekend who lost his sight because another child three stones at him. His father insisted that the boys family was originally interested and contributed a small funding but have since been out of contact and relocated to another area when they discovered that the child is blind for life. 

Careful is fool to accident but some children just play too much. Imagine someone makes my child become a liability to me for the rest of my life. I can't even conceive whether or not I would be very civil about that. After all i did not bring a disabled child into this world. 

But those are the risks of the playground. Teachers cannot alway supervise and children learn a lot from play time. I think teachers should discourage kids from using objects during playtime as they can cause accidents and irreparable damage. 

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