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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The dream killers in Jamaica

I remember when I was this age and life was not sweet but I had high hopes for the future. My peers and I thought we were going to change the world. We wanted desperately to get out of this place and see the world. Sometimes I wonder where and when or even how did I veer off that course. 

My Christian friends tell me that they believe in purpose of faith. The truth is I've never asked god for anything that he has never given to me. Whatsoever I envision he often brings to pass and reminds that he will never let the righteous go hungry or be on the streets begging bread. 

I believe our children lose their enthusiasm overtime because of lack of affirmation. Jamaicans believe in boasting about their children's accomplishment but rarely caters to the self esteem development of their off springs. They like to give credit "behind back" . 

The child who did well in kindergarten but fell off in high school got beaten down by life. The primary school scholar that topped the class and never did well in school got distracted by life. The high schooler who pass all subjects but never goes to college or do well at the tertiary level was mauled over by life and adulthood. Children need affirmation at all areas of their lives. 

So I take time out to encourage young people. I remind them that despite everything happening around them that they should dream as if they will live through an eternity. 

I remind them to be committed to improving our society and that they can reinforce good values by just being kind to people. 

I say hi to the Janitor lady cleaning the floors at the building not because its mandatory but because I am compelled to see the good in others. I do not laugh at cane cutters because I am supportive of industrialism in whatever spectrum it may be. I congratulate the men who walk on the road in dirty building clothes because I am happy that they are working and not loitering on the road side, contriving mischief. Affirmation is very integral to the advancement of our society. 

We must not kill the dreams of our children. We must teach every child how to soar like eagles. We must remained dedicated to providing support to the younger generations so that we can retire  in serenity and confidence because we did our youth generations well and they in turn created a better society. 

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