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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Reality of the World we LIVE in

I often wonder why Africa was considered one the wealthiest places on earth and the people who lived their were the poorest people on the planet. Texaco and Shell made billions of dollars yearly yet the people who lived in vicinity of these oil reserves are some of the poorest people on mother earth.

I conceded that it has a lot to do with the powers that may be. The people who live in the area could not effect the political process involved with changing the statusquo of the area because they were not at the helm, they did not have the reins.

Someone I grew up with recently suggested that people who scammed should go and plant fields as a form of employment. I realise that she was probably right. Agriculture has always been reserved for the not so very bright and those without a future. It maybe the reason why parents deterred their children from becoming farmers because of its association with poverty and slavery. Now i live to hear a liberal Arts major telling me that my people should all go back to farming.

It is easier said than done. When these young men plant products, who will buy it from them. It could work, we need to eat more of our own products as imports and the sliding US dollar is killing our economy. But would the powers that maybe: be interested in buying from the young farmers.

Would our government be interested in investing 50 million dollars in creating processing plants for the excess fruits from fruit trees instead of renovating the homes of wealthy politicians?

Would our manufacturers and importers be interested in having a legislative ban on imports and force our people to utilised local produce?

I wonder how many of our intellectuals and Wealthy people would give us farmers a part of their incomes as an investment in such a proposed worthwhile venture.

Who stands more to loose if a project like this ever takes effect?

My friends who know better think I fight for people who do not care about me as a person.
They may have a valid point. My community and poor people does not respect me or even value my opinion because the lifestyle that I encourage is not one that they think will give them the instant gratification that they need.

Many people think that I should just leave Ghetto people to their own wits and ends. Move uptown and treat them with condescension. It is a healthy suggestion but there are many young people, stalwarts in their academical area who are afraid to come back and live in their natal communities. To give back to the community that nurtured them because they are afraid of jeopardising their lives. I want to make Jamaica a place where our university students have no issue coming back to their parental communities and working to uplift instead of migrating elsewhere.

My father was not the best parent emotionally or psychologically. My mother had her issues but as an adult when I hear them talking I realise that something happened during their formative years that made them into the adults they were. I am force to see them as the children they were and not the adults they are today. I know that''s how mothers of young men who commit crimes see their children. They do not see them as a murderer, they see them as the babies they once held.

Some people will not understand our plight. It is not for them to be able to sympathise with those that they consider beneath them. We do not justify criminality. We embrace and emphasise humanity. The human being who makes mistakes, who tries as best as possible to survive his conditions. I clamour for those who cannot speak for themselves, who know what they want but are unable to voice it.

I know that this task is not an easy one. Most Revolutionist are dead. I also know that the people I often defend do not value their lives the way I do. They do not even care. Someone once said to me that if I believe that any one of these young people would have been so intensely passionate about my demise as I am about theirs?

Would they even care if I die tomorrow? They probably don't because I see talentless people waste thousands of dollars while budding entrepreneurs with great ideas have to struggle to bring their goals to fruition. Many Inventors died penniless and people who did not care about the advancement of our living conditions get recognised for creating genocides.

I will continue to say it. We do not need more professionals. We need teachers, healers, lover, philanthropist and Humanitarians. We need people to teach our societies to care more and love more. Despite what you think you have, it is only your human interactions that count. The time you spent with your friends and family is what will evidently count when you die.

I would have exchanged all the money in the world a loved one has if I could get back his life because in my opinion, it was not worth it. I would rather have my family here than have his possessions to look at. They mean nothing without him around.

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