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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Why we cannot promote or support wars

The movie Bad Boys taught me that war often have collateral damages. People who are not involved often get caught up in other people's bullshit. 

In wars you do not choose your enemies. People chose which sides you can be on, you unknowingly are flung into a position to either defend yourself or kill your neighbors. 

Families tell children that people who in many cases do not have anything against them are their foes. I once told a child that if your mother thinks I am the enemy, she does not have a clue about rivalry. But then again people who are ignorant often create their own enemies because they bask too much in their own dogmas. Of invincibility. 

I told the child that your real enemy would never try to reason with your or befriend you. Your enemy is pondering ways in which he can get rid of you. You are coming and I am going so you will find out who your real enemies are in this life before you die. Many people will laugh in your face and stab you in the back. And they are the enemies that you should fear not me who would ether be frank with you about your wrongdoing and walk away from your physical attacks. 

You might think that I am weak because I would rather walk away than fight. You might laugh and consider yourself superior to me because I would sooner befriend you than carry feelings of animosity to my grave. It is not because I am weak but because I have strength of character than you can ever imagine why I live despite everything you have done to undermine me and my efforts. 

I do not like wars because too many times people do not even know what it is that they are fighting for.They just create problems. They think that hurting and maiming others is a worthy punishment for offenses real and imagine. But they too have forgotten about the wheels of life that just as how you sometimes offend or hurt others and would like to be forgiven and shown mercy by others that you should extend mercy also to people in this world. 

We eat food to save our lives yet we die a little more everyday because nothing can keep us here forever. Not the involuntary breathing that sustains us or the food that fuels our life's energy. We are but vapors. Be care what you clamour for or who you support in this life because its only for a time all that you see here. 
A little boy threw a firecracker at me almost rendering me deaf. I told his mother about it and the child was pretty upset with me. I told the child that if you think I am the enemy. You need to think again because there are people out there who would not think about telling your mom than hold you and give you two powerhouse box. Be careful what you fighting for in this life.

There are people out there who don't believe in talking over things. Many times we hype up on the people who chose the way pacifism and endorse murderers and troublemakers. Be careful what you endorse in this life# 

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