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Friday, October 4, 2013

Scamming: Money in the hands of Fools

Scamming in Jamaica has taught me some fundamentals about money and how it affects people's llife. Money doesn't buy you class, integrity, credibility or even reasoning ability. The accumulation of money only changed your financial status, you are still the same person with the same values, precepts and outlook on life. Just money in the hands of fools will definitely create problems in our society. For the slave who becomes master to feel less of a slave, he too has to enslave others.

Many Americans would be embarrassed when they see who really convinced them to send their life savings away in order to collect a fake sweepstakes prize. Some scammers can barely read, others cannot even pronounce a name properly but who needs these skills in the art of con artism. 

All you need is a persuasive tongue, a good obeah-man and the proper links claim most scammers and you are on your way to being a millionaire. 

Anywhere scamming is, bad men are located because most scammers are not gangsters by nature but eventually become violent due to the influence of their bad men counterparts or in response to and the defense of their newly gain wealth. 

No one coming from poverty will be inclined to sit aside and allow anyone to take away their money or bamboozle them into extortion. 

What I am concerned about is the lack if venture capitalism among scammers. Why don't scammers ( god forbid) invest in the entrepreneurial ideas of young people within their communities. Instead they are more concerned with buying guns and investing in promiscuity, alcoholism and badmanism. 

Money in the hands of not so smart people create problems

I am not one to diss people because I am cerebral and they are not. I suppose I was fortunate to be born clever and my dad was lucky to be able to school me but that never place me in a position to dismiss, disregard or even disrespect the  inane and the uninitiated. 

Our society is responsible for encouraging this obsession that our youths have with the accumulation of money. We have instilled the desire of wealth in our children so much that they are committed to being rich at whatever cost possible.

A recent death in my extended family ushered down foreigners from abroad who for the most part are always obsessed with the idea that someone of my intellect should not be still in rural Jamaica. They have succumbed to the ideology that in order for them to feel like less of a ghetto nigga, they have to treat ghetto people with condescencion. I would like to think i am a master in my own right or on my own terms, i need not enslave anyone so that i can feel superior within myself. I believe all are in the grand scheme of things equal. My education is considered a waste to people who do not see me "flossing and Endorsing".

I believe that is what has precluded this race from going any further and it is because we seek knowledge for the very wrong reasons. We understand that education is a key component in the quest for social mobility but for the most part it has been lost on my people as a foundation for racial advancement. We only seek education so that we can better ourselves and our families so they will in turn look down on our neighbors.

Knowledge without money is foolishness. Can me the prudent speak to a wealthy scammer? No because my brains means nothing to him when he can buy arms and security, build a mansion and take care of his family while i have to struggle to make ends meet in his opinion. When Vyvz Kartel already told them that "Franklyn a fe mi don".

Who cannot scam, want to be gun men and hit men because they know scammers want protection. What we have are men with money and guns ready at any moment due to their induced narcissism to wipe out an entire kinship who offend them.

Some say scamming has saved Jamaica because God Knows that if it was not for the Us Dollars coming into this country that i would have more tragedies to write about. A young man asked me the other night what is the difference between a scammer and a thieff. I thought about it and realize that the thief is probably more ruthless but the scammer sweet talks and deceives to get what he wants. He laughed and enlighten me to this phrasing..."The scammer solicits, the thief takes that which is not given"

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