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“The idea that sex is something a woman gives a man, and she loses something when she does that, which again for me is nonsense. I want us to raise girls differently where boys and girls start to see sexuality as something that they own, rather than something that a boy takes from a girl.”

— Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie



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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Ten ways to know you are his side chick

10. HIS PHONE NEVER RINGS Or is never even visible. Think about it, you’re with someone all day and not ONCE has his phone rang or buzzed. It may be on silent or off and they may even use the excuse that they’re “giving you their full attention” but regardless it’s suspicious that in these times we live in where our phones are our lifelines and he’s not using his around you. 9. MY PHONE’S ABOUT TO DIE You’ve heard or even used this excuse before. The age old “sorry I’m sorry I’ll call you back in a few my phones dying.” How is it that about 90% of the time you try to reach him, his phone is on the brink of death but when you’re with him its never being used. 8. HE REPEATS HIMSELF One of the main things liars do is repeat themselves, simply because they can’t keep up or remember who they told what to. To be safe, they have 2 options. Either he can ask you if he told you about blah blah OR he can repeat his lie into existence. 7. HIS COMPLIMENTS ARE ALL PHYSICAL If the only thing he has to say about you is how sexy you look or how fat that ass is….yea. Try having an intelligent conversation with him and if all he can say after is “your lips are so juicy”, chances are you aren’t the chick he listens to. 6. NO SPONTANEITY All your dates are scheduled in advance. There’s never a chance for a last minute rendezvous because he’s got you booked when his main girl is busy. 5. DATES ARE CLOSER TO YOU THAN HIM If you’ve never been to any vicinity close to his place of work or home theres a reason he’s keeping you away from there. Next time you’re out with him suggest a place close to his home and see what he says. 4. HIS TWEETS ARE VAGUE He can either be a very private person and doesn’t like anyone knowing who he is dating or a scumbag with DMs that are more popping than an AOL Chatroom in ’99. 3. YOU CAN NEVER LEAVE ANYTHING IN HIS APARTMENT Are you crazy, “make sure you have everything before you go” as he looks around the room frantically cleaning up all evidence. 2. HE’S NEVER DISAPPOINTED WHEN YOU CANCEL ON HIM Any man that really has an interest in you will care if you can’t make it out on the date. He’s thinking you can’t come? no problem...texts the next chick. I like to refer to her as the side chick understudy. 1. IT’S VALENTINES DAY AND YOU’RE NOT WITH HIM. Sorry boo, hate it had to be you but YOU’RE THE SIDE CHICK.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

why women cant sleep around? Unfair world

Now a man will take a good girl And he'll ruin her reputation But when he wants to marry Well, that's a different situation He'll just walk off and leave her To do the best she can While he looks for an angel To wear his wedding band dolly parton song so this is why men sleep around they are studs but when we do it we are sluts. I have said this countless times that a guy cant use me unless i want him to. Everybody has the exact life that they want. Some people ask me why do i stay with my man even though i can get a wealthier or more handsome partner. The truth is, The naked truth is that my man has saved me from much of the heart toiling that is going on in the single realm. I am not saying that women should settle either but i hate to see what my single girlfriends are going through just to get a man to stick around. Women running up their bed post with names on top of useless nomenclature. Putting so much mileage on that kitty cat for nothing, Don't ruin your Bed Post space up with male numbers and pubic hair. It will come back and haunt you later. SLEEPING AROUND IS RECKLESS BEHAVIOR AND IT EXPOSES ONE TO DISEASES.Moreover one might get pregnant and no one wants to own that child because of your promiscuous lifestyle. If you were a good girl to begin with then no man would question the paternity of your child. We need to look for men who are thinking about a serious relationship and not just a one night interlude. And the truth is we women sometimes know this man is just taking any girl who is available for some sexual pleasure and disposing of her unceremoniously afterwards. The one's who in spite of telling him you are in a committed relationship, continues to call you and insist that you copulate with him. Having little or no regard for how this might affect your life if this indiscretion was discovered by your partner. He does not care about you, a man who is serious will insist that you leave your man before you sleep with him. He will be particularly discriminate when he is looking for a permanent relationship. Back to my SINGLE women sleeping around these days... Andrew Wildes puts it the best way here on his blog " What I have been trying to get at from the start (and will continue to) is that men thinking about a one woman setup, think very differently than men who can and will take one girl along with a whole bunch. The second man is less discriminating because he doesn't really care, the other guy can be sometimes unrealistically discriminating - that's because of how much he cares." The first step in minimizing this pathology is knowing when to say no to a man sexual advances. Dont sleep with him because he drives a nice car or you are hoping to get some money from him. If you feel and we normal do know that he is only interested in adding another notch in his belt then you need to step it. Men who are not genuine often leave you feeling repugnant, furious or downright anxious and unsure of your next move with him. If you are feeling this way then you are in a losing situation. If he means you any good. He will chase you to Timbuktu! Don't sleep with a man who you surmise or from all given indications is just not that into you. If he never calls or text or BBM it means he is busy elsewhere. HE hasn't contacted you because he doesn't have anything to say to you or frankly doesn't want to talk to you. You see whenever i go somewhere before the night is out or if i overstay longer that i am suppose to, my beau calls. He cares about me hence he wants to make sure that i am OK! When a guy calls a woman only on weekends or when he wants to go to a go-go club, it should signal to her what role she plays in his life. Do not waste your vagina stock on this guy. Avoid men who are guilt trippers. They make you feel guilty for not giving up the goods or complying with their demands. Do not wear your heart on your sleeves. Don't sleep with a man because you feel sorry for him , he won't be that pitiful when he dump you. He sees you as desperate and men dont stick around wimpy women. Who will sleeping around benefit? Men don't get censured by society for being promiscuous while women know its the cardinal rule not to let your numbers rise astronomically when it comes on to bed partners! Do not give sex to get commitment, instead ensure that he is willing to commit to you. You won't always know since some men are big time players, know the script back and front/ will get under your skin before you can say back off! Therefore sleep with a man only if the experience is worth far more than the fall out in your future. Men do not want to marry women who have played the field as much as they do. Most promiscuous women claims that they are hot girls but in reality most men perceive them as easy lays!Hence why despite their prevalence on the social scene, they cannot get any serious man to commit to them. A Man will quickly besmirch a good girls reputation but he will want to marry a virgin.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Are Men intimidated by Independent, Strong Women? Being the woman he cant afford to lose?

When i wrote why Jamaican Men do not LIKE Cerebral women, i was twenty years old and came home from the most unappealing date. The guy wanted me to sleep with him and i told him no...In my youthful ideological tone i told him that an intelligent girl like me would never sleep with a man less than a week after meeting him. I met Mr. Break My Heart the next morning in Montego Bay and fell in love and in a motel bed instantly. After copulation, he did not care one bit how smart and intellectual i was because he had gotten what he want! i remembered him saying that most independent women are not really strong. They just put up a granite front to stare beta males who are easily daunted by their status away from them. Strong Independent men break women and independent women are constantly having power struggles with their man. Men who settle for so call independent women are more interested in status and public opinion than a truly wholesome relationship. I need a woman, if i wanted a man, i would be Gay! Why is it difficult for most alpha females to get a man to stick around. One guy claims it is the narcissistic tendencies of independent Jamaican and their distasteful attitude. He claims most independent women lack sex appeal and a man is a visual creature hence he needs to find you attractive first and most independent women are not. A man cannot look at you and know that you are independent and strong. He will also know and does not care because he does not find you sexy or attractive. Men with Money dont care about one's independence, he can get attractive women, independent or co dependent a dime a dozen. You simply need to be the woman he cant afford to lose. You need to validate yourself and in turn he will see your value and be compelled to recognize and appreciate it. Here what a gentle man on Facebook had to say " Flexx Marc wrote : A lady send me this. The Naked Truth: Men will be will suck and relationships will be CRAPPY...until women GET some STANDARDS. Stop sharing penis...and sleeping around with MEN not knowing their relationship status....stop SETTLING for sex when you want LOVE......Your VAGINA, your POWER..... if Vagina was stock, it would be WORTHLESS...because so many women GIVE IT AWAY." i responded to his comment:I have written about this countless times, i dont think men are afraid of independent women yet the very thing that attracts the man to the independent woman is the same thing that ultimately pushes him away. The thing is most independent educated women think relationships are power struggles, they are not. STOP COMPETING WITH THE MAN! It doesn't matter what you have he will see you as a woman first and everything else after. Your accomplishments simply should complement your feminine body and demeanor! Be FUN and spontaneous! stop being so uppity and its all about me! He already knows your smart.. Use your wittiness, he can appreciate your intellect and laugh at your humour. And once a man can laugh when he is with you, he will never leave you, He loves that good feeling around you...AND GOOD SEX OF COURSE. While we are wagering for men to stop treating us like orifices for their phalli, we have forgotten that men expressed themselves through intercourse. What does the vacuous, uneducated girl that dresses like a strumpet have over us. She gives a good ride! Men will never give up good sex! I see some women talking about men not being able to match with their independence, headstrong values and views! My dears men do not care. They will sooner move on to the next pretty girl that won't give him as much trouble. I am promoting that one should lower their standards. I am advocating femininity! In this game to prove to men that we are more than a vagina, we have lost our woman hood in the process. Lets take it back a notch ehh!

Friday, March 22, 2013

The Greatest DATING philosophies: GET your DATE Doctor Book

Do not think i am not the type who hasn't bought those self help dating books, Yep i have been there. The last one i bought was "ACT LIKE A LADY, THINK LIKE A MAN". Steve did make some crucial points but we must be careful who we categorize people because everyone is not cut from the same mold. There's this popular belief that attractive men, alpha males do not date fat women. I have been overweight all my life and i have met anything but.... Just today a friend referred me to a page to check out a young entrepreneur. When i saw who his significant other was, i mean this man not only has money, he is handsome and has a damn great personality to go with it. He could get any girl he wanted if he put his mind to it but he is in love with this lady that most of our so call hot men would not even look at.... Its not the first time i am seeing this type of relationship. What is the lesson here? Work what you have! Someone might like it. My intention is never to mislead women into harmful situations but to impress upon them the necessary skills to deal with men and be spared some UNNECESSARY heartache. i am not by any means perfect, far cry from it. You will never know everything about men and they will never cease to amaze you. Do not do anything with a man if you don't feel comfortable, follow your instincts, never lower your standards , you should never be the only one to compromise in a relationship...What ever i write here or in my books is not set in stone. Take what's yours and leave the rest. Do not email me about what you liked or didn't like! This blog is meant to en-light you and my book is collated to empower you. Most men a hypocrite at best. You'd be surprise how quick men are to discredit a certain kind of women and will at opportunity jump into bed with them with the same alacrity...So do not always believe your man when he is quick to denigrate other females. He might not mean it and just trying to reassure you therefore engendering security. Same rule foes for men who cheat on their wives then use derogatory words about their mistresses to their wives when they get caught. If she was that bad and unfavorable, why did you sleep with her in the first place? AND DID IT FOR SO LONG? Don't believe that what you have in your head is exactly what you will get in a man... He wont have every single fine detail of what u desire. And we know that we women have every detail penciled out. Those that they come with different than we expect can be thought of as flaws or burdens; the choice is yours. But just remember, we too have things other than they expect...Not saying u should settle for less than you deserve but some things can be worked with or around. Patrice Townsend says Beware of those men who are loose cannons. Those are the most dangerous... They are the ones who have little self control, they fail to think logically... They are a disaster waiting to happen and you cant even help them because they are so entrenched in their twisted morals and beliefs; trying to help them is like telling a dead man to wake up.... These men lack one of the most critical elements in a relationship - LOYALTY! They arent even loyal to their own selves so dont expect them to be loyal to you. They latch on to any stronger force that comes along so they are never tied to anyone person. As soon as a stronger wind comes, they detach from one and latch to that. They are loose cannons You think they are for you but very few are those who are really for anyone but themselves these days. They are for what you are for and as soon as they see some else who can fulfill their desires; or as soon as they think you have done enough... They will leave you. They are not for you, they are for what you are for... So dont be surprised when he tells you hes not inlove with you anymore because he loves her now... Soon he will leave her too cause he loves someone else... Expect the unexpected. Do not ever ever ever put any man on a pedestal. Keep your expectations at ground zero. They will fail you faster than they make you better... Patrice Townsend So, some friends and I were having a conversation about Jamaican men. Note that the women are by no means bitter, they arent single and they arent lacking... Well none of them are married to or dating Jamaican men... The general consensus was that Jamaican men are a failure... After sieving through the sand, there really enough good Jamaican men. They fail you, their actions r despicable, attitude is nonchalant... That very same time i remember a convo i had with a Notary White Male about a particular young man... And he was like: Pat, im not surprised. I dont want it to seem as if im bashing your country men but they just do not have any sense of gratefulness, partnership, respect, loyalty or anything that has to do with a positive man-to-woman relationship. Yes we have sloppy white guys, sloppy indians, sloppy exists in every race and nationality but i think black men and Jamaican men (narrowed down) are still scarred by the plantation experience which those alive now have never had.. Profound words from Patrice Townsend

Stop Fooling Yourself about your Man: Buy Date Doctor Today

FIG 1. First issue of JAMAICA Date Doctor Series published June 2010 When i wrote volume one of my Jamaica Date Doctor Series and began this blog my heart was in shrapnel. I had met a man and fell deeply in love with him at first sight. He rejected my offerings of a relationship and i was very angry. I had said in my first paperback published locally that i was not mad at men. I lied! I loathe men. I probably still do . I could not bring myself to get close to any man. He was not to be primarily blamed. He was not the first male to end my non relationships early but i was angry at him because i liked him more than i did the rest. He was better looking than the rest, sexier, most women have; maybe once in their lifetime met their Cinderella complex. The guy who looked like he stepped out of a novel or fairy tale. He sure act the part too and i fell in love quickly and fell out just as easily. He had inadvertently ended my tragedy of getting involved with men who were emotionally unavailable to me, players, so call hot boys and men who simply wanted to have sex with me. They were never in love with me. They probably simply saw me as a pathetic easy lay. For all the intellectual quotes in my head and all the books i read, i lacked an "internal locus of control and could not for the most part convince my men to stick around". Well, he dumped me like a hot bread and i grew up like a strong wheat from thereon. Fig 2. Revised Edition 2013 My family is to be partially blamed for my failures in my relationships, they were never the best role models. My dad in an effort (quite meaningfully yes) prevent my sisters and i from being a statistic for teenage pregnancies made us believe sex was a despicable venture. An activity that would bring ignominy and public disgrace if we engaged in it. My dad made me believe that only wanton whores like to have sex and dirty little girls who had little or no ambitions. Hence i never made any real effort in bed, always ashamed of my body's response to a man's touch. How treacherous it is for always wanting what my dad had taught me to abhor. It took me three years to accept that i was a sexual being and that being horny was in fact natural and a good thing. I remembered when i dated this doctor and as we were having a drink in Negril at a luxurious Resort, he said quite frankly "out of the blue" 'You need to resolve the issues that you have with your father before you can have a healthy, meaningful relationship'. I looked at him as if he had just called me a nutcase. He was right on point. I love my father but i was averse to his parenting skills and thus became bitter towards him for depriving me of any fun in my teenage years. My father was simply overstrict and paranoid about my sister and i having boyfriends and sex. We were never to be seen with a boy or else Hell 's water would brew when we arrived home. People knowing how my father would react on the idea that any of us had a boyfriend would tell him about boys in order to make him apoplectic AND they would laugh. My dad in turn would give us a lecture on teenage pregnancies and why any guy who "breed" us would have to give him back every cent he spent on our education especially my overpriced ivy league one. He was not joking either. Fig 3. What does my dad have to do with my first true infatuation? He reminded me of my dad hence why i fell in love him. Loud, Angry and Abusive. He was older too and so i was with my dad all over again. I laughed so hard writing this preface for my Revised Edition of The JAMAICADATEDOCTOR SERIES. Why? Because i am five years older now and some of my ideologies have changed. I left the old preface in so that you could see the woman at 20 years old versus the woman at 25. My child's father is nothing like my heart throb or my dad. He is committed and he is a "softie". Sometimes he muses that i am spoilt that i need some men like my dad to box down and kick me". He too has picked upon my attraction to abusive men. My record speaks for itself. As women its never about finding Mr Right but settling sometimes for Mr. GOOD enough. Its not about who you love but who loves you. I always advice women, look at the man who we laugh at for being overly nice to us and the ones who we are chasing and obviously running away from us. The one man who we take for granted is treating us just the way we are to be treated but we are too busy chasing a man that wants only distance between us and him. This especially goes for my AMERICAN SISTERS who are marrying these emotional available men who are using and exploiting them. My advice is that every woman has the exact relationship that she wants. Every time you entertain the loser, he gets more powerful and you will find it more difficult to leave him. You can only drain the venom from your blood by ceasing communications all together, that's the only way you can get him out of your system.It will be a struggle to get a man to respect you who has little regard for you from the get go due to what you allowed him to get away with then. But that's all in the past now. I know why you bought this book or read my webpages. You are not some teenage girl empowering yourself with weapon of knowledge against men and if you are, please do not; i have been there and it doesn't work. What weapon do we need against men? Plain old common sense. How many of us knows the man doesn't really like us and is only in it for the sex or money or opportunities and a million other reasons than genuine affection? We have intuition! The distance between the truth and a lie is between your eyes and your ears, because don't matter what your ears hear, your eyes always see the truth. It doesn't matter what a man tells you (ears), his behavior often signals otherwise (eyes). He tells you he loves you (ears) yet he is never available for you, isn't interested in the fundamentals of your life and treats you like a nuisance in his life (eyes). ASK YOURSELF THIS NOW, WHAT IS IT THAT YOUR EYES SEE!!!!!!!!!! LOOK OUT FOR MY NOVEL!!!! Online and in Print June 02,2013

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Some men purported that there are women who will misinterpret his "taking Slow" as a sign that he was weak or an imbecile. They claim that women no longer appreciate the good things or rather men in life! Women use good men and chase bad boys! The average Jamaican begins a relationship often by meeting an individual on the street and they make arrangements for an assignation at later date often at the males house at his whim. I often say to my girlfriends “don’t you people date anymore?”. For most Jamaican man, the idea of a date is standing on the street, underneath a piazza or on the street corner trying to convince a female to sleep with them. Most women are mesmerised when they meet a man who wants to take her to dinner and spend some time getting to know her first before hitting the sacks! However this is often not so as is evident by the time span that most women take to get pregnant after they begin seeing a man. Relationships jump from one to five, skipping phases two,three and four. Men claim that they are “gangstas and that they don’t have time to date women since that will take up too much time and a lot of their meagre salaries. They prefer a straight kill and Knowing that they will barter their money for sex. They do not have any time to wine and dine a woman. Who should be blamed for this? Is it the women whose feminine values have dwindled to nothing, who readily accommodate the mediocre relational output that men bequeath simply because they are desperate and need the money to fulfill economical needs? An Upper middle class friend of mine once said that women were either tricks or strumpets. Is this a universal view of women? Why men think that it is dilatory and futile to extend traditional romantic gestures, accommodations and efforts on modern women since many cannot appreciate such notions. Do they think women are unworthy of being treated well simpy because we spend so much time trying to scheme, plot and trick men into remaining with us? Have women destroyed their own integrity and values therefore men no longer indulge us? Most Jamaican Males concept of dating is quite nonexistent. They simply want to meet a woman, take her to KFC and take her home to spend time which translation in male idiom means “have sex”. Some men think the idea of walking hand in hand on the beach is unmanly and “non gangsta-like”. Many men think that men who take time out to court a woman are idiots and that women will use them if they invest time, effort and elegance in a relationship before intercourse. Some Jamaican men claim that the reason why they don’t treat women well in the dating phase is because they cannot afford it. They cannot afford to spend money taking a woman to an expensive gourmet restaurant or a hotel and even if they could they would only treat certain types of deserving women like that. They know about the ideal dating situations but their financial situations and circumstances do not permit it. Some men purported that there are women who will misinterpret his “taking Slow” as a sign that he is weak or is an imbecile. They claim that women no longer appreciate the good things or rather men in life! Women use good men and chase bad boys! what do you think? Read more:


He prefers to go to the club with his friends than with you. It is not as fun when you are there because they have to be censoring their arguments and frolicking since they do not want to compromise your relationship. Clubbing is their time to unwind and have fun. It does not mean (according to them) it is an opportunity to cheat or find a prospective cheating partner. They are not hunting in packs but simply unwinding with friends while gawking ogling and wining women who are not their partners. They claim that they are just partying and that it doesn’t mean anything and women should not be tight strung about men going clubbing with their male friends. I sat on the veranda during the recent torrential downpour listening to my spouse and his friends discussing women and why they thought that Jamaican women do not understand “themselves”. I ask them what were some of the issues they wished women understand that would make their relationships more cohesive and fulfilling.Here are their perspectives…. 1. They love their male friends and their companionship. It is important to them to spend time with their male friends. They bond more with their brethren since they understand them more and can empathize with their situations and experiences than their spouse can. They also feel more comfortable sharing certain information with their male friends. 2. If you are the wife, you should not be concerned with the assorted women he sleeps with on the side since, you are the one that he comes home to every night. Women should turn a blind eye to their liaisons and infidelities. You should not question his loyalty to you if you are living with him and your needs are being met. Read more in Women « Catwalk Oops! Do I Have a Career in Fashion?Watch Army Wives Season Five Episode 13: Farewell to Arms Free Online Stream » 3. Do not answer his phone or search his phone. Men hate when women invade their private space and they do not want to answer for their indiscretion. They do not want to put the woman in a position for her to witness messages in his phone that may hurt her. You lose your right to question him about anything dis satisfactory you found in his phone since you are by law not suppose to search phone. “anything you get, you must take, you went looking for something and you got what you were searching for” 4.Men want to have fun!Do not think that when your Jamaican man starts having sex with you, its a license for you to go ahead and get pregnant and tie him down. Your Jamaican man wants to enjoy you and he wants to have fun with youbefore you decide to get big and bloated. The onus is on you to protect yourself and maintain the “Fun” in the relationship. Why would you want to complicate a situation with a man you met a month ago by getting pregnant and then by your second trimester, you realise you weren’t getting what you wanted from the relationship. 5. Babies cant hold man. Do not think that you can trap a Jamaican man into a long term relationship by getting pregnant. You will end up with the wrong end of the stick. Most men (in reality) will withdraw their affection than indulge a woman when he discovers that she is pregnant after he has hinted that he doesn’t want a child or the relationship is still in its embrionic stage. Additionally men do not think that having babies is a synonymous with ambition and progress. An ambitious, progressive woman is less inclined to get pregnant in Jamaica’s brittle adverse financial climate. Read more:


How do you deal with a date that talks about sex from the begining of the date until the end? Would you feel comfortable with someone who made you feel naked and objectified? How would you respond? One Thing for sure is men like your date have one thing on their mind. They wanna seal the deal!!!! And as soon as Possible!!! I had one of the most annoying dates in recent history when i went out with someone whose central foci for a conversation was sex and anything sexual. Every question he asked me had something to do with intercourse! I almost wretched and he told me that his reason for being “hyper sexed” was because he has not done it for six months! I thought “you sounded more like a virginal tenage boy or a fractious young buck the way he was behaving”. Some women might get turned on by a man going on and on about intercourse but i am insulted. I feel like a sexual object, like the only thing i am good for is to copulate and he is only interested in my vagina and non of the other components of my being or character! When a man wants to spend two hours talking about lingerie’s, karma sutras and sexual escapades, i am totally incensed and turned off! To add insult to injury, he ended the date abruptly claiming he had something to do after i explained to him that the path of our conversation was making me irritable and nauseous. He was apparently insulted. I told him that sex is good and all but isn’t there anything else you would like to talk about. He made a infant attempt at talking about his home but soon quiet because the conversation was tedious. Boredom played across his features and not the excitement and lust i saw in his eyes when he was discussing coital topics. Read more:

The disservice of some Jamaican Police Officers

Uncouth behaviour, intimidatory and unprofessional outburst, assaults and injury and blatant disregard and respect for onlooking children. It is occurrences like these that drives a greater wedge in the divide between police and civilians. Young children looking on reaffirm that this rift will go on to the next generation. This morning i awoke to the screeching of police vehicles on a rampage in my community. As always i anticipated the usual callous, unprofessional and downright de-civilised attitude of the members of the Jamaican constabulary Force was evident, i was not disappointed. I am enraged at the thought that police officers constantly and unabashly abuse and violate the civil rights of Jamaican citizens. My physician friend hinted that they are ban of somatic narcissists. What do Politicians and Police have in common? They all take poor Jamaicans for fools. They know that the average Jamaican despises yet fear the Police because he is the law and therefore licence to kill. Few if any cases of questionable Police shootings or brutalities, use of excessive force etc, cases have ever been ruled in the favour of the victim. It appears the Jamaican legislative and Judiciary system is to defend their institutions and not the people. It is a pervasive nationwide concept that the police can hurt you or destroy your property and nothing comes of it. The legal system is fashioned to protect its besmirched purveyors. How can you search someones home without a warrant or their consent? There are extenuating circumstances that does not deem a warrant necessary but most police officers in making an arrest disregard this first foremost right of a civilian. Other common violation include seizing personal property and taking money away from individuals suspected of gleaning assets from criminal or fraudulent activity. A friend of mine was recently stopped by a police who took seventy thousand dollars from him. My friend hung his head in despair and i told him to get a lawyer and have the police officer give you back your money. I understand that the police officers have a very difficult job especially with the crime climate in Jamaica and seeing death and destruction everyday might make one fidgety and edgy. However i will contend that training less than a year to become a police officer is not adequate time to assess whether or not an individual is suitable to defend the public and uphold the nations law. Too many questionable, unfit and ignominious characters hide behind a badge and a shield. Uncouth behaviour, intimidatory and unprofessional outburst, assaults and injury and blatant disregard and respect for onlooking children. It is occurrences like these that drives a greater wedge in the divide between police and civilians. Young children looking on reaffirm that this rift will go on to the next generation. Police officers will insult relatives of detainees, denying them information, a duty counsellor or access to their family members during arrests. They are discourteous and obnoxious.

Scamming going home in Jamaica! Whats Next??

Lottery scam may have deprived Americans of million of dollars but it sured prevented Jamaicans from experiencing the blodletting and crimes that would of resulted from the indigence that is sweeping the country with its fragile economy. Times may be hard but scammers take care of families and comunities. What will happen now that the government has clamped down on scamming. If the police officers think they got work now, wait until scamming done!!!! If Jamaicans think times are hard, wait until the lottery scam dies down. It ago Red!!!! When a young man becomes a lottery scammer, the first thing it is surmised he purchases is guns to defend his home and his newly found wealthy. He ensures that criminal elements of a more devious nature will think twice about running in on his assets or threatening his life. What will happen now that lottery scam is dwindling and police officers are aggressively detaining and extraditing scammers to be prosecuted in the united states? Evidently a rise in crime. Only prominent lottery scammers will be extradited and most unrecognised scammers and fraudsters beneath the radar who are smart enough to work shrouded in secrecy. What will happen when you have no more free money? Crime will escalate to astronomical proportions and scammers who had little moral values to begin with will begin preying on hard working civilians to furnish their lifestyles. Now that the government is working aggressively to stem the lottery scam they should have facilities and ideas in place to help the nations unemployed youth populations. Seizing their assets and leaving them to roam the streets because there is little statutes in the law book to prosecute them will not serve the nation’s best interest. An alleged scammer quoted ” coming likes these police want me To put down scamming and start burst some bullet in them” with vehemence after being constantly harassed by corrupted police officers for money. Read more in Issues « The Future: The WorldA Socialist Society What It May be Like » His statement is foreshadowing the thought process of many of these scammers. If Jamaicans think times are hard, wait until the lottery scam dies down. It ago Red!!!! Read more:

Excerpt from My first Novel "Mama Brown's Family"

An excerpt from Crystal Evans second NOVEL,Mama Brown’s Family…COMING OUT June 02.2013 online in E BOOKS AND PRINT TO ORDER Diamond sat down in the passenger seat listening to Junior having a conversation with someone on the phone. One of the things that she loved about him is that he sounded different from the guys in her community. His language was refined, he dressed hot yet classy and he was sexy and gaudy. He wore gold chains, gold watches and gold wrist bands. He had on identical gold rings on both fingers. The first time Diamond saw his ring she thought he was married but he assured her that he wasn’t, citing that wearing the rings were just for fashion. .”Diamond giggled as Junior took her hands and kissed them. Junior was the senior manager at another bank but he often came to their bank since he had an account there. He was beautiful, brown skin, drove opulent cars. He lived on the other side of town and he had many rich, big shot friends. He had taken an interest in Diamond even though most of her co-workers told her to stay away from him because he had issues. Diamond thought he was the best thing that had ever happened to her. Diamond sat down in the passenger seat listening to Junior having a conversation with someone on the phone. One of the things that she loved about him is that he sounded different from the guys in her community. His language was refined, he dressed hot yet classy and he was sexy and gaudy. He wore gold chains, gold watches and gold wrist bands. He had on identical gold rings on both fingers. The first time Diamond saw his ring she thought he was married but he assured her that he wasn’t, citing that wearing the rings were just for fashion. Diamond stared at his huge smooth hands and his skin was flawless. He wore glasses denoting his intelligence and sharp thinking skills. He spoke to her nicely and he visited exotic places abroad. He had two kids; he was single and thirty two years of age. Diamond felt so lucky to have a man of his status claiming an interest in a girl like her. Junior leaned over and watched Diamond’s pensive face glowing in the sunlight. She was a beautiful black girl, her body, strong and healthy. She was intelligent, smart, and on top of it all she was fresh since none of his guys have ever claimed getting a piece of her. He was going to be the first in his clique to sample this cherry. She claimed that she was a virgin but that was yet to be seen since such virtues were rare in Jamaica nowadays. But from talking to her he knew she was a good girl and he will have a piece of her at all cost. She had never begged him anything like the other girls who occasionally wanted phone cards or clothes money. She just enjoyed his company and lauded him with compliments. Junior looked at Diamond, his brown eyes gleaming with masculine admiration. She hated when he looked at her like that because it look as if he was hiding some dark secrets. He had this mischievous look on his face that she found both wary and intriguing. He laughed “so puttus, when you coming to spend the weekend with me” Diamond choked “probably this week” Junior smiled and said “what time you mother want you back in the house?” Diamond laughed “I don’t know I will asked her” Junior stiffened and said “mi can’t bother with the pickney business” Diamond squirmed, feeling the need to defend herself “I am not a child” Junior said “okay what are you doing later?” Diamond smiled “nothing” Junior laughed “meet me at the shell gas station at five” Diamond laughed “okay” Junior looked at his watch and said “okay I will see you later” and slapped her on her big bottom as she stepped out of the vehicle and sauntered through the gate into her yard. Junior watched her feeling the need to have her rising inside of him. He wanted her young supple body so badly that his groin hurts but he would not force her. He was sure that tonight she would come to him. Fay watched the black Mercedes crawl away down the street. She was happy with the choice of boyfriend that her daughter had chosen, older man, wealthy and successful. The type of man that would not use her, impregnate her and abandon her. Most of all he was from uptown, cultured and refined, nothing like these ragamuffins that lived in Glambas. She vowed that her daughter will never have a relationship with any of the boys in the community. Her child was different and she was going places and Junior was one of those places. Fay watched as her daughter stepped into her room with a starry look in her eyes and dazzling smile. The girl was obviously smitten. Fay sat up on the bed “so Mr. big shot bring you home” Diamond laughed and replied “mommy, why you always a call him that, he is not like that, him very down to earth…you can believe it mommy, I heard him cuss bad word this morning make me hear” Fay’s eyes dilated “so what you don’t know say men like them cuss bad word too, you a idiot” Diamond cringed at the word ‘idiot’ “mommy is just that I thought men like that never cursed” Fay lie down on the bed “you hear me say you must stop chat so round me, when you deh round you frens them, you chat like you a foreigner” Diamond snickered “that’s not foreigner talk mommy, it’s just Standard English, what wrong with that”. Diamond could not understand her mother’s resentment of her speaking Standard English in the house. “Mommy it’s the official language of Jamaica” Fay stiffened, her face austere “me don’t care, a patois a language here…so you give big shot any yet?” Fay rocked from side to side, looking her child up and down “make sure you don’t give him any?” Diamond laughed, sex was not the most comfortable topic for her especially when the audience was her mother “mommy don’t worry, am not stupid, am not like the other girls” Fay cocked her head to one side and pouted “ make sure because when you give him it too quick, him say you easy, make him spend some money first, you want a little two room board house with inside bathroom and kitchen, you no give no man nothing free, memba time hard!” Diamond smiled timidly “mommy afraid to ask him, a don’t want him to think am a gold digga” “Gold DIGGA!” Fay’s face crimsoned with incredulity “you anno my Pickney?” Fay looked at her daughter as if she was seeing her for the first time “man must spend money to get good stuff, make him know you no cheap or him will think you a idiot gal and laugh affa you and tell him friends” Diamond rolled her eyes and smile “alright mommy I will do as you say” Diamond ambled out of her mother’s room and headed for the kitchen. The kitchen was dirty with plates all over the sink and the rubbage bin was not emptied therefore the place was buzzing with flies. The Ackee leaves that were place on the table that mama said would deter flies were not working. The pots needed scouring and the stove was over strewn with grease and grime. The odour that prevailed in the air was a musty mixture of overnight food and garbage. The ceiling was black with dust and exhaust from the stove and the coal pot that was occasionally utilized when the gas was finished. Diamond began to extract the plates from the sink, scraping food residue from them as she got the sink ready to wash the plates. She separated the cups from the plates since cups were washed first and then the plates and afterwards pot. Diamond methodically removed the grease from the dishes while her mind went on a desultory of subjects until it became fixed on Juniour. Junior walking towards her, kissing her, taking his huge hands and cupping her Jennifer Lopez booty and their bodies entwining. Diamond smiled at that thought and realized that she had just mentally admitted that she was going to give her virginity to Juniour. She almost dropped the plate she was washing as she gripped the counter feeling the need to balance her body as something inside her crumbled at the thought of finally doing it. What if Juniour is not serious about a relationship? What if Juniour only wanted to be the first to pick her cherry? Lately she began to have a lot of reservations about Juniour but she told herself that she was just being paranoid. She always got this way when she was suppose to take the next step in a relationship that’s one of the reason why she was still single and inexperience. She always marooned the guys whenever sex came up. She would just stop talking to the guys or simply lead them on until they got tired of waiting and dumped her, much to her relief. But Juniour, there was something different about him; she didn’t know if it was because he was fourteen years older than her, his brown skin or his BMWs. This man made her tingly all over. Every time he looked at her, a volcano erupted in her lower extremities and her hands became sweaty. The man made her lose all coherent thought and that was not good. He only had to look at her and all her defenses would crumple. Simply put, the man had her spellbound. God! He must be working obeah! Pat watched his niece scrubbing the pot and her animated face contouring the action that was taking place in her mind. Whatever she was thinking about was obviously very important because her movements change rapidly. It was as if she was in a quandary and indecisive about a course of action. She had been like this since a child. Pat sometimes wondered if she was secretly deranged since she also spoke to herself during these mental voyages. “Woman what make you a talk to you self”. Pat moved closer to his niece just in time to see a mixture of reactions largely shock or was it embarrassment played upon her facial features “what happen you a mad, careful because if certain people see you talking to you self, a that them ago think” Diamond jumped startled and mortified that someone had seen her daydreaming “what happen uncle me never see?” Pat replied “how you fi see me when you yeye turn in a you head?” Diamond laughed, her uncle was hilarious and very perspicacious. Diamond felt elementary around her eldest uncle, she knew it was a matter of time before he browbeat her about what he witnessed this morning. Pat looked at his niece as she stared up at him. It was amazing how children changed. Yesterday Diamond would have jumped on his back or beg him to carry her to the shop and today if she saw him on the road she would probably ‘duck him out’ or find some other means of eluding him. He could no longer have a conversation with her without feeling uncomfortable. Lately whenever she spoke to him she seemed so guarded “uncle what you thinking about?” Pat stared into her beautiful, innocent face “I want you to be careful of them Benz boy deh, most a them only want get into you clothes, they don’t want nobody, Them only want spoil you up, careful” Diamond laughed “uncle don’t worry we are just friends” Pat smirked and poured water into the tea pan “friends?” Pat face became somber “none a them deh boy no want friendship, me a man… make me tell you, them a user, them only want the girls them bodies and then they run off when you pregnant, careful… take what you can get, protect you self” Pat grunted something inaudible and continued “him don’t have a woman?” Diamond smiled and said “no!” a little louder and enthusiastic than she should have that her uncle’s eyes widened at her answer. Pat looked at his niece, eyes filled with disbelief and amusement. He burst into loud guffaws “Pickney come sit down beside me!” Pat motioned Diamond to sit on the bench beside him “a man like that tell you he is single, either him lying, him wife they a foreign or he is a damn player!” Pat stirred to face his niece as he watched her facial expression changed from amusement to ponder over his statement “baby girl don’t make them boy fool you, them deh man no single and so much girl deh a road… mind him a one a them man from the borderline” Diamond chortled “no uncle I don’t think he is gay!” Pat’s torso convulsed “THINK… anno think you fi think. You must make sure or else you might find out the wrong way… a don’t want to see you get hurt…when this man start show him real colours!” Diamond thought about what her uncle said. His theories weren’t foreign because her friends had said the same things to her and she had thought about them too. She knew Juniour’s single status was incredulous since men like him are rarely single. But she liked to give people the benefit of the doubt. She remembered the last time she questioned his single status and how he had gotten angry and shot her down with a lecture about questioning his integrity. Diamond never asked him another question. Her friends had said that he was “dark and fool fool” and that she should avoid him. Diamond took her phone up and dialed Juniour’s number. She needed some reaffirmation and hearing his voice would soothe the conflicting notions about him that were wreaking havoc on her mind. Junior looked at the phone and wonder what this little girl wanted now. He answered the phone annoyingly “hello” Diamond winced at the sound of his voice “hi Juniour ahmmmmmm” Diamond stammered feeling wary of asking him for his affirmation “Somebody told me that you are a player and that you will use me” Junior sneered “girl how many times me must tell you don’t ask me no foolishness?” Diamond flinched at his retort. He sounded angry and she was the source of his wrath “am sorry baby don’t get mad… I just felt like asking you… I am sorry, I won’t do it again, please forgive me” Junior smiled, that is one of the things he liked about this girl. She was very malleable and exactly how he liked his woman, pliable and acquiesces. Junior laughed and said in a cheerful, reaffirming voice ‘’ baby don’t listen to them alright Puttus, am here if you need me, I tell you I need you and I meant it” Diamond chuckled and replied “okay bye bye… I am sorry for upsetting you”. She loved when he called her ‘puttus’, it made her heart do flip flops. Diamond glanced at herself in the mirror and wondered what was going to happen tonight. She was very excited about later but also apprehensive. She had a lot of questions as she stared at her reflection in the mirror. She loved her dark complexion even though her mother had told her to use a little fading cream to lighten her skin. She did not like the idea of bleaching. Many persons said she was beautiful for a black girl, too mature for her age and looked years older than her eighteen years. It was this look that had made Juniour looked her way. OOOOH Juniour! She thought and opened her phone to look at the picture she took of him this morning. Oh how she loved him. She couldn’t wait to be with him later.”" Read more:

Stop Hating on Usain Bolt!

Micheal Johnson (American) the then 200m record holder relayed "It’s all about what he does three, four, five years down the line". Bolts talents were recognised by the sprinting hierarchies, the same elders that are now trying to discredit his winnings. In Fact they never believed in Bolts potency, they hope like most parents do when they realised their neighbors child might bloom into a more beautiful flowers than theirs:that Bolt might wilt along the way. i remember it like it was yesterday when Terry Yates burst into our form room talking about the youngster from William Knibb Usain “lightning” Bolt as the media had dubbed him from his stellar performance in the national junior champs and International Amateur sprint Games. I surmised back then in my precocious mind that a few years from ow, Jamaica would be doing big things on the male side of athletics. It was in the same train of thought that i hypothesise that my then Manning’s School football team that won a championship trophy for the first time would be a force to be reckoned with at the Dacosta Cup level. As a child ,my conjecture was simple, that age comes with a natural progression and improvement of matter. One writer wrote that Usain Bolt did not fall out of a tree and he is definitely correct. Only the Americans and other naysayers seem to think that Usain Bolt sprinting talents just manifested overnight. It is as if Bolt went from coming last in races to breaking world records. You see this is a maxim that elders in my culture embrace and it goes like this “People don’t remember or see you when you were nobody and these same people will be the ones quickest to tear you down when you become somebody. John Public will never see the strides you took to reach where you are. He doesn’t care, all John Public sees is your achievement which in his treacherous mind, he wants for himself and thinks you undeserving and hence begins his crusade to bring you down. In the year 2002 , then Prime Minister P.j Patterson asked Usain Bolt after recognising his talents to join the Jamaica Amatuer Athletics Association. Even Micheal Johnson (American) the then 200m record holder relayed “It’s all about what he does three, four, five years down the line”. Bolts talents were recognised by the sprinting hierarchies, the same elders that are now trying to discredit his winnings. In Fact they never believed in Bolts potency, they hope like most parents do when they realised their neighbors child might bloom into a more beautiful flowers than theirs:that Bolt might wilt along the way. Bolt did not wilt or die, he grew into a giant tree and people want to cut him down. Bolts time are fast yes but they are not novel. His consistencies are reflective of that of previous record breakers and holders. When Micheal Johnson leaped from running 19.79 to 19.32 in a few month, his acceleration was a bigger eyebrow lifter than Bolts. We don”t remember seeing anyone putting pressure on government officials or governing bodies to question Johnson’s legitimacy. We may have thought about it but no one dare say it. We were too enthralled by such a feat and who would dare question the Americans credibility outright especially a puny country like Jamaica. I daresay that someone will take down Usain Bolt’s record someday because that is the beauty of the human condition it keeps evolving and perfecting itself. New generations are borne more gifted than their ancestors, it is this fact that has created our modern world of gadgets and computer data bases. Just as brains are evolving to manipulate the environment to man’s desires so too are leg’s velocities increasing so that men will soon be faster than Motor Vehicles. All in All as my fellow country men would put it.”This is merely a case of “bad mind”. People trying to demean successful people so that they can feel good about themselves. We have a world where older people are less inclined to step aside and allow young people to shine, trying to hang on to the spotlight as long as possible even if it means subverting the youth generations. Usain Bolt might have gone too far when he says he has no respect for Carlton Lewis but isn’t this prevalent in our society where young people do not value or rev er older people and their opinions? Why are the former greats finding it difficult to concede Bolts dominance? Or is it a clear case of an ethnocentric nation feeling slighted that a little dot on the map are sprint champions. Read more:

The Ignorant Youths in Jamaica!

If we are to change the future of our black race then we have to begin with our children. Our young Boys must be made to comprehend the seriousness of this thugs life, its not a game, guns aren’t toys and life is precious should not be wasted. It would have been better if I weren’t born than to die young by a fools quest. Albeit there are people who still worth more dead than some of us will ever do alive. I have always fought to understand the fascination that black young men have with a gun and why they endorse and glorify the gun culture in many black populated countries. I once theorised that their (black men) obsession with gun is inbred in their genes passed on from their African ancestors who gladly gave up precious metals and sold their bloods into slavery in exchange for guns and ammunition’s. I believed the gun symbolised power then and it still does now. After all it seems to be the only trade that we have mastered and found rather lucrative. Young black youths think thug life is a game and guns are toys. Having a gun in the Jamaican culture symbolises power and gun men are revered than politicians, pastors or even police officers. It may seem that possessing a gun is not the only fascination, to be venerated one has to use it recklessly to destroy lives and families with disregard for the sanctity of life or national constitution. I remember while growing up i abhorred certain communities vowing that i will not live in these areas. I remember musing about the little boys in my area who were borderline literate and loathed school and how in the future my native community would be overrun with criminals and vacuous men. Little did i know how true my theory would be proving several years later. It is an established fact that young uneducated black youths from inner city communities and lower socio-economical are more likely to turn to a life of criminality and violence than their middle class black counterparts. In most cases these “not so smart” young men become programs for their smarter black brethren. If you are unable to reason out a situation due to an underdeveloped reasoning ability engendered by the deprivation of continuous brain and intellectual stimuli; then no doubt someone will have to do the thinking for you and assist you in making crucial decisions in your life. Only an imbecile with limited rationality would see any merit in murdering someone in exchange for measly dollars. Only a man with limited means of making a livelihood will en-cash his subsistence in blood. Only an unintellectual person will think someone deserves to die because he heard an offensive rumour. Stupid individuals believe that they have every right not to be offended and if someone offends them, then that person has forfeit his life.

Why Jamaicans are so Badmind?

No doubt from parents who lead their children into thinking that what belongs to others should be accessible to them. Countless Jamaican parents do not teach their children values or certain simply notions about life. Goodwill precepts about how to respond to the success of their peers and how to live in synchrony with others. Girls who aren’t taught any values grow up to be bad mind people and men grow up to be criminals and extortionist. A lot of time people in the ghetto complain that when individuals become successful, they forget about their roots and rarely return. But it has never occurred to the ghetto people of how much they have contributed to pushing their own away. The extortion and constant reliance on the successful individual to make everyone’s life easier is a heavy strain to bear. Ghetto black people assume that because you are successful, advancement automatically transcends to them. They do not understand that just as how you put the efforts in place to secure a better life that they too must strive for themselves. They want to be the premier and constant beneficiary of process that they were never apart of, in many cases never envisioned possible and were the first detractors to deem you a failure. Any black successful person knows that the people who said you weren’t going to make it will be the first to congratulate you and insist that they are entitled to the spoils of your victory on life. Where do black people get these values? I am not saying that all black people are like this since my dad raised me never to envy another’s success or covet their material gain. I was encouraged to be content with what I have and be in a constant mode of seeking betterment. Hence I experienced contempt whenever I see black people sitting around and waiting to be taken care of as if they are children. I am building a house and I sacrificed and worked very hard to complete my duplex. I have some materials left over but I still haven’t gone through completion as yet. My cousin in law like most black women who have several children and sits at home doing nothing would like to borrow my materials and build herself a bathroom. She assumes that because i have something she will also and therefore becomes angry and malicious at me when I denied her access to using my building materials. Read more:

No hope for Jamaica

Youth Politician Crystal Evans laments that she has no confidence in the executive, judicial or legislative system in her country. She believes that there is no true sense of justice and that every situation in Jamaica is truly a buy out… A loaf of bread can be procured at a community shop for $235 Jamaican dollars and a 9mm bullet can also be obtained on the “corner” for $280JMD. This is what life and death equates to in my homeland Jamaica. There is no Justice for the poor, no panacea from the harsh realities of life yet there is always satisfaction for the wealthy class and those who can afford our “buy out” culture. Bullets will soon be worth less than a loaf of bread that most of our mothers slice into pieces and give to us for breakfast with a little hot water to stave off the morning hunger. Truth be told we the youths see little hope for our future. We are disenchanted and diffident even about our political leaders and their efforts to chart a way out of these murky waters we are drinking from. Our young women are concentrating on ensnaring a man to meet and satisfy their financial needs seeing as they cannot get a job and some have too many small children with no one to leave them with. Scamming and Praedial larceny are the only viable careers our young men embrace to put food on their tables and clothes on their backs. Life has become a grave anticipation for death and warfare. Simplest dispute you have with a man now, he will reach for his gun and demand that you pay for the infraction or insult (real or imagined) in blood. That is the only valuable currency in Jamaica, people want everything paid in bloodshed. Tommy lee who is the most popular dancehall artiste with his demonic and carnage idealisation in his music has not defused this mindset but fastly encouraging a counter culture of macabre and lawlessness. Read more in Government « I was discussing last night with a Jamaican born friend abroad who was questioning the legitimacy of a business transaction i had suggested to him. I told him in no uncertain terms that if a well off man from a wealthy class had suggested such a business to him, then he would not have question whether or not it was licit. A wealthy middle class developer swindles millions of USD dollars from several real estate investors while a youth entreprenuer is cast down in a pool of doubt and infamy for finding a loop hole in a “buy out” system which is the brainchild of a strategy utilised years before she was born. Read more:

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Buy my booklet: What you need to know about your Jamaican MAN

This is what is written on the back of my book! what do you think? Jamaican Date Doctor Series volume 1 ♀ No Guile No Game No Guy ♂ · Shock and awe the man!. Be fun and spontaneous · Generate a conversation out of thin air to make him interested. Do not talk a bout your ex, you are still not over,. Talk about him only if he brings it up but briefly and with little information on your relationship. . · He is like every other guy which is a virtual certainty. Sincerely atypically interested but doesn’t call back. Chances are the sex was not great or you are not hot, or he is EUM. · Consider a course of action with disregard for opposition failure or disappointments when you are dating. You are not looking for a husband just checking out your options. · Guys don’t pick up numbers they don’t know. They hate answering private calls or strange numbers when they are ducking you out. If he is not taking your calls, take the hint! · Get busy. Do not call him every five minutes of the day. It will look as if you have nothing going on in your life. Modern men do not fancy lazy, unproductive women for wives!. · One shot to make the difference between happily ever after and he is just one guy that I did it with the other way. The first sex tells 9 out a ten men whether they will call back or not. Make it your best or get ready to beg for a second chance that only an evolved male who is crazily in love with you will accommodate. Most males will cross you out! · If he is a freak, you cannot please him with traditional sex, you will have to be a freak to get him to stay around. Before you do it ask yourself! Is it worth it? Get your freak on! ISBN Read more:

Dealing with your Jamaican IN laws

So i have had many bouts with the dreaded in laws who for most part often think that their son/ daughter is too good for you. You are in their estimation undeserving of their important familial ties and incredible genes for your offspring. Their superiority only exist in their little niche community and the bearings being that you are not related to them hence you are inferior to them. Sounds incestuous doesn’t it? i have asked my self and i have met many women who think their female in laws want to date their kins. Why do our female in laws give us women such a hard time? Are they jealous of us as women are known to be rather competitive? Are they jealous of their male relative, thinking due to his good qualities that he should be with them and not you; and they become embittered at the thought that they can never be with him and such set out to sabotage your relationship? Yes sabotage your relationship so that you become exhausted by the constant put downs, criticisms and leery looks that you abandon your love, giving him back to them? Are your in laws more appreciative of past girlfriend or present partners with less redeeming qualities yet inspite of what you do, you are never meted any measure of recognition, respect or appreciation? Do you feel as if it is impossible to get along with your in laws that you will never be good enough for them. Stop, they don’t have to like you since you are not in a relationship with them. Just pretend they are the family members we cant stand but cant completely turn our backs because they are still family. And don’t feel bad or upset if your man does not understand your concerns, they are his family and he couldn’t possible know how a stranger feels around them. As a matter a fact, he doesn’t know about the subtle hints his female family members gives his spouse because he is guy and they do not show him that side of them. They are nice to him, not you. Look at the alacrity with which members of your family or other outsiders (brother in law’s wife) concur with you when you snuff about your in laws warped eccentricities and lofty ideals. What enrages most women is how their Mans female relatives are quick to degrade them and when place on the attraction continuum, they fall short by a huge avalanche. Those family members who say you aren’t a good girl yet are promiscuous, non progressive, baby boomers. Now which woman would not be pissed at a lesser woman than her lambasting her character. Most times its just classic sour grapes syndrome. Your female in laws like most women who life has dealt them a bad hand are jealous. Age old symptom of women competition for male attention. They are afraid that just as how your man finds you extraordinary then their men might actually like you too which their men will deny with vehemence. They do not like women like us who raise the bar for them, we show men what is out their to behold and how much they are short selling themselves when they settle for them. They only like our good virtues when it is to their benefit. If your in laws realise that you have a mind of your own and they cant control you, rest assure that they will give you hell. They believe that you should have to earn their affection and you do not since the only ones love that is important is that of the man you are with. You maybe hrut by what they express but its irrelevant to your relationship as long as you love him. Read more:

Jamaican Tamarind Next big Weight loss Supplement

Doctor Oz referred to Tamarind as the Holy Grail of Weight loss supplement and i recently found out why. I have managed to convinced a few importers to sell this product on the international market as a weight loss supplement and its going very well. Here is why... I have loved Tamarind ever since i was a child, i like to eat it with drinking soda, salt and sugar. It is an enjoyable candy among Jamaica’s young children. But i discovered a few weeks ago in this new and exciting Tamarind season that it represses my appetite and i feel fuller longer so i decided to research this theory and articles on line have confirmed my suspicion that Tamarind does actually aid weight loss. Other than being grounded as spice and rolled with sugar and rum to make a delectable confection for children, the Tamarind also known as Garcinia Cambogia is actually a weight loss breakthrough waiting to be discovered and its being wasted in my backyard. What is behind this fruit, the Hydroxycitric Acid that is derived from it and is crucial in destroying the bodies fat storing mechanism. It acts as a blocker, preventing the body from storing lipids and breaking down glycerin It assists women in controlling the level of cortisol in their blood hence preventing weight gain especially in the waistline. Cortisol leads to fat being stored whenever it is released, its is primarily released during stressful periods in and individual life. Moreover it increases serotonin so emotional eaters can have a safe haven from those gloomy days. Tamarind also great as an appetite suppressant and the lesser caloric intake , then the closer i am to achieving my weight loss goals. The simplest principle of weight loss is eating lesser calories than your body needs so it is forced to use what”s stored for energy Read more: Read more:

Monday, March 18, 2013

SOCIAL revolution Coming for Jamaica

What is happening in Jamaica, Land I love... Seems only degradation... sharing Facebook Posts and clips from my ongoing {clamor for my poor Jamaicans crusade) "i am truly hurting for the state of my country and i only see it getting worst. i have no confidence in my government and i don't trust how long my people can endure what is happening in my country, i fear a social revolution with bloodshed is imminent. every young person of intellect wanna leave Jamaica, what is gonna happen here when that happens. smh...we need to act fast..." Crystal Evans "Yes. And where is the intellectual class in all of this...too busy being cerebral narcissists to see further than their little cadre of friends. Where are they to drum up our people in this social revolution and remind politicians that anoo Bay EDiAt live yah...well I guess some ppl won't take this serious till this problem reach their doorsteps. I don't wanna teach my ppl to believe in anyone(politician) but themselves. That is where we gonna start: getting my people, who have come so far from slavery and racism to believe in themselves and that anything can happen. We can build Jamaica if we only believe and work hard unanimously.." Crystal Evans Patrice Townsend "Fact is the poor, middle class are bending bending bending to the song of nationhood while some others laugh at them while drinking wine and eating whole lamb thighs. Until there is a revolution, there will only be a progressing deterioration in the state of affairs in this country" "i pray our government take heed cuz the youths in the west them angry, furious, enraged, they are ready to fight if needs be to protect their ill gotten wealth. they would rather die than go back to poverty. one young man told me that he is doing for his community what his mp aught to be doing and now this man telling him hes gonna send him to prison. most of the financial crimes that are born in Jamaica are conceived from the ills within our society. and until we stop putting a band aid on that gangrenous wound that needs amputation then the whole body ago rot. u see we don't need no medication to mitigate the diseases in our sociopolitical bodies, we need a vaccination programme. i hear ppl saying that they need a young leader now... weed out the old heads, give the young people a chance now.." Crystal Evans " me just tyad a the cussing inna parliament and the blame game. i need a visionary leader, not someone to play on my emotions or illiteracy or my needs. Somebody that makes me wanna get up each morning and work to uplift Jamaica. a profound leader not just some half laced recondite rhetoric...someone to engender unity in my people to bring hope to the young and content to the dying old...i aint gonna lie, i don't see that..." Crystal Evans i for sure know that persons 25years and under in my area and the surroundings wants absolutely nothing to do with politics whether pnp or whatever p. they are just plain disillusioned, disinterested and completely find politicians contemptible. mere sound of anything remotely political angers them. They burst into loud rancorous of expletives and utter hatred of politicians. and believe me understand why. i am disenchanted even now...last elections turn out was minimal, picture what will happen in the next considering the state of things now" Crystal Evans u see some of these politicians need to come off dem high horse and see things from the footman level too much assumption and sociological perspectives. things down a bottom yah are not so textboookeeed Sometimes I won der what kinda world I brought my baby into! Life in Jamdown is rather worthless. Its anarchy at its safest. No one can protect you! Not the police, not the politician and Worst not even your pastor...I believe in visionary leaders...Martin Luther King, Marcus Garvey, ppl who don't just ride with the statusquo. People who when they speak, I am moved to action, not power hungry ingrates. If this is not what these youth organisations stand for then I don't want any part of it. I am too smart to be a puppet. #real talk "Love the work Mr Bunting is doing in repressing and obliterating the transnational fraud scheme. I hope I will see an equal duress in hunting down criminals and gun men who prey on our nations populace. I would also love for America to begin complaining about the state of our economy so that our leaders will act with alacrity to repair it . Force our government to come up with jobs and programmes for the youths" " U see I think and this is my opinion that a detached politician living in a salubrious community can never fully understand what my people are shouldn't have to be luck to survive in this country, it should have opportunities. They can only jump. Up and call scammers criminal but where's the attendant "so much opportunities here them no have no need fe scam" can't hear that cuz they know that ppl are just trying to survive n the only reason dem interested is becus us is browbeating dem...are they looking at the rise in domestic violence, suicide, infanticide, spousal killings...we have a nation under stress... "