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“The idea that sex is something a woman gives a man, and she loses something when she does that, which again for me is nonsense. I want us to raise girls differently where boys and girls start to see sexuality as something that they own, rather than something that a boy takes from a girl.”

— Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie



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Friday, July 26, 2013

How to deal with YOU BIG DICK MAN?



So women we know when you meet that guy who has what we fondly refer to as the monster cock, that it is not the easiest thing to deal with. As a matter of fact, fear lone will cause your vaginal muscles to close up further creating difficulties with penetration. But online men who claim they will never fuck a big pussy gyal, even if it can't fit well, we will find some way to accommodate him often grasping our head in agony until the deed is over. We do not want him going anywhere now do we? It is best to try and work with it.

Sex can be difficult if your partner has a huge phalluse but then if a baby can come out of a vagina then it means there is some amount of elasticity there for it to accommodate a larger penis. Relaxation is a big issue and whether or not your man is the romantic guy or the cave man tactics type who has little or no time for romance and foreplay.
If your man is the impatient time who wants to reach his climax as soon as possible then you have greater problems. You may never have an orgasm but here are some tips into dealing with that helluva a wood...

Lubricant, Go to neighbourhood pharmacy and see if you can get a lubricant over the counter. This should make slipping onto his shaft more easier. Just place a lot of lube on him and inside of the vagina and that just might do the trick. Old time people used ky jelly, oil and even lotion lubiderm to speed things along.

Talk to your man and tell him what it is that you need. Some good foreplay and caressing might relax you and put you into the mood. This can stimulate your glands and get your natural juices flowing which is the best lubricant.

Stick to positions that keeps his trust shallow, like say he is conical shaped, then stick to doggy styles that keeps him away from damaging your insides. The woman on top is also a good position as it allows the woman to control the position and speed of his thrust.

AFFECTION is a very integral aspect of this because if this man doesn't like you, he could care less about how you feel in the process. Moreso, he might not be opened to a second experience to correct the flaws of the first touch.

In any case only an affectionate, mature and opened minded man will know how handle that tight cunt...

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The price of being Gay in Jamaica!!!

This article express my opinion on a topic that I sought to lend my perspective to after a young man was hacked to death in Jamaica for dressing like a woman and dancing with a man. It was revealed that the she was in fact a he. He was murdered by a machete wielding mob.

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Gays in Jamaica have never particularly had it easy. I mean in a country where people value Christan principles and where cultural cohesion is a big issue, the individual who dissent often has difficulty living in Jamaica, land of wood and water.

Most Jamaicans believe that homosexuality defies the laws of nature in that god made man and woman. Many will attest that if men started pairing off with each other and children were taught that this type of behaviour is acceptable then the human race would be extinct. Most Jamaicans hate what they cannot conquer and fear what they cannot understand. In many cases an average Jamaican with his semi-literacy and exposed to vacuous notions by parents who often do not know any better will be quick to follow the crowd and condemn a gay man than help him up.

I was following the story about Dwayne Jones who was hacked to death by a mob in Montego bay Jamaica by an angry mob and my only concern was that a human being did not deserve to die like that especially a teenager. Dwayne is famous now, i see his face on most Gay rights websites…He didn’t have to die to accomplish this…

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This is not the first instance where a cross dresser was hurt by a mob. There are several cases including one where a luscious female who was rather generous with oral sex was discovered to be a male and almost trampled to death by an unsuspecting gang of men.The police will not aid as some police officers are as homophobic as civilians. The law states that homosexuality is a crime. But isn’t murder a crime too?

But then there are flip sides to this story where straight men are lured to houses by men posing as women only to be sodomised by a group of gay men. One individual died from being raped by a gang of gay men after he was lured to a home by a cross dresser.

What do we have here?

Men who far the most part think that they are in the wrong bodies and claim it does not feel right dressing like a man but prefer to go about looking like a female. Next most gay men seem to be in competition with Jamaican women and this is what leads to them associating with heterosexual men fully knowledgeable of the dire consequences if the deception was discovered. Violence is never encouraged and death should not be the punishment for what one has little control over.

Some might argue that Gays are becoming far too brazen but yet we live in a society where people know gun men and thieves and they can walk freely on the street, unobstructed by police or citizens. Yet we will quickly gather machetes to murder hapless teenage boys who dress like women, This is barbarism.People will sooner kill gays than stand up to bad men.

Yes he was wrong to deceive the man that was entertaining him, knowing full well that this was a straight man. But he did not deserve to die for wanting to be a girl and seeking out the affection of a man. If you put up with injustice today, be he reminded that no one will stand up for your justification when the day comes.

What others do to you is their karma, your reaction is yours…

Not all Jamaicans are violent homophobes, most women are very tolerant of Gays and many men simply turn a blind eye. Some males will say that as long as a gay man does not force his presence on me, i am good. To each his own…Many straight men are often amused by the antics of gay men, especially their effeminate nature.

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Is this love ?...The Narcissist letters to this woman....

I found this letter in my inbox

Sometimes i think about when i first met you and how back then you were just a normal girl to me until you opened your mouth and truth is i fell in love with your brain. I loved the way you look at the world and all the possibilities that i witness through the lens of your eyes. I fell in love for the first time with someone and not so much them sexuality. YOUR BODY OR SHAPE OR WHATEVER.

Sometimes, most time when i fuck a next woman, me picture you inna me mind. Sex with you was never about conquering you or anything, me feel so into the experience that more time when me imagine it, my entire body shivers from thinking about how inside of you feels.

It drives me crazy. I feel alone most of the time because i want one woman...who is in love with some other man. BUt as they say that when you love something you dont try to possess it. you show it appreciation and let it go.

I am getting old. I am 37 years old and sometimes i worry that i am going to die and never have a full relationship with you. I would love before i close my eyes if you and your kid could spend a week with me. Me nah ask for much. I am just asking for some time. I have supported you in everything you have ever done and all i ask for is some time. I sense you pulling away from me, slipping through my fingers and it pains my heart. It is driving me crazy that what we had seems to be lost to you eternally. You are no longer the teenager i met. I cannot wait for you forever. I cannot take this loneliness anymore. I am lonely, scared for my life because i have done so much fuckery in it. Some i wish i could take back and others i am trying to correct. I am not perfect baby. BUT YOU ALREADY KNOW THAT...

Girl you dont know how your innocence and purity changed how i see life and how i see you in love with someone else hurts me. I tell you and you laugh it off. You are lucky i love you more than i do myself or else there would be trouble in your paradise.

sometimes when i lie in my bed, i think about you, lying beneath me, writhing in agony sometimes, ecstacy some other times. I never meant to hurt you in my bed, sometimes i just wanna cuddle you and kiss you softly, other times i wanna fuck you so hard that you feel as much pain as i am feeling now. i just take out my anger on you.

I wanted to marry you, i thought about us having children. One time you told me, you wanted to have four kids. Some where along that line, i thought at least two of them would have been mine. I have been there for you always...dont you think i deserve a baby out of you! I have nothing to show for the love i have for you. You went and have a child with some other dude. He dont love you like i do...Hes a fucking opportunist. And when you discover who he really is...It might be too fucking late for us.

I meet girls all the time. But i always measure you against them...They always fall short. No one makes me feel the way you do. Just thought i'd get it off my chest...Lying in my bed thinking of you

Friday, July 19, 2013

Why Jamaican women home and abroad love Money so?

" I have a question for di date doctor why is it hard for a yankee like me to date a ya oomon inna di states? & I have ja blood?like the ja women here all about di cars,money ray ray
yanky= American my mom & dad yanky my grand father which is terry daddy father is jamaican
ok so tell me how u feel on that question"

"I responded"

well its not just there its here
i mean Jamaican women are socialised to believe that a man's pocket measures the depth of his affection and whether or not he is worthy of sexual consummation
hence the obsession with material things
more to ..its about social upliftment, everybody wants to be in the hype, get a enhanced social expercience and percieve mobility by dating someone with car and house n ray ray
moreover in a country where 90% of the people are low income earners everybody thinks money will make them happy
so naturally wealth factor would be an important variable in determining whether or not you are a desireable prospect

i think ppl should concentrate on self development before they enter a relationship because most of these girls that want money man dont have nothing but pussy to offer so what happen to these pretty girls is that they get used by these guys and then the men move on to the next pretty one
i feel you

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Black Women Empowerment


I remember when i said that my mother told me that i should try men from outside of the black race to see if i could improve my relationship outcomes because black men are basically of no goood!!!

ust recently, an article published in the Wall Street Journal by Dr. Ralph Richard Banks has created sort of a buzz among the various so called “Black Women Empowerment” fanatics as well as a bit of unease between some of them. One of the main ones embracing this article is Christelyn Karazin.

The premise of the article is the idea that if black women ‘date out’ more, it could/would motivate black men to improve in order to compete with the added competition. It’s an interesting premise because historically, this basic premise has been one that the BWE group has repeatedly shunned on the basis that it places responsibility on black women for shaping the behavior of black men.

But lo and behold, when the idea of black men’s behavior being influenced by black women involves black women dating and marrying non-black men, it is acceptable. It really goes to show how much BWE/IR bloggers are agenda driven.

Consider that for years, black men have pointed out and complained about the disproportionately strong trend of black women seeking relationships with bad boys. It has long been argued that this trend heavily influences the behavior of black men and has been supported through research under the theory of sexual selection. Even the dreaded Satoshi Kanazawa touched on this:

“In reality, however, women do often say no to men. (In my experience, they
always do.) This is why men throughout history have had to conquer foreign
lands, win battles and wars, compose symphonies, author books, write sonnets,
paint portraits and cathedral ceilings, make scientific discoveries, play in
rock bands, and write new computer software, in order to impress women so that
they will agree to have sex with them. There would be no civilization, no art,
no literature, no music, no Beatles, no Microsoft, if sex and mating were a male
choice. Men have built (and destroyed) civilizations in order to impress women
so that they might say yes. Women are the reason men do everything.”

Polow Da Don stated:

“If every Black woman got together and said, "We're not gonna date guys unless
they have PhDs. We're not gonna date guys unless they have a Master’s [degree].”
Guess what? In due time, n****s will stop selling dope and they'll start going
to college.”

He was attacked relentlessly for this statement. Such a statement has been repeated over and over by black men criticizing black women for routinely sexually rewarding bad behavior, yet black women’s response has overwhelmingly been critical indicating that this notion places responsibility on black women. Yet, as we see with Karazin and others like her, if this basic idea is expressed in a way that promotes black women dating and marrying non-black men, it is quite acceptable. There are more than enough quality black men out there to put pressure on trifling black men to clean up their acts, yet this will never happen until these quality black men begin getting the attention that they deserve.

Plus, there are the flaws in this argument. One of the biggest ones is the fact that marriage rates are declining for all ethnic groups in the United States. At least 40 - 45% of white women are single at any given moment and 50% of all American women are single. There are a total of 4 million more white women than white men and 6 million more women than men in America overall. So it begs the question of exactly how much success do the IR bloggers expect black women to have competing against those 40% of white women and other non-black single women for the very men who have repeatedly placed black women last on their dating radar?

The next flaw is the discovery that the white men that black women marry are on average less educated than the black men that black women marry. Thus, the so-called competition would not be based on personal quality, but instead entirely on race and since no black man can change his race, such added competition would be meaningless. It’s much like the high level of marrying out done by Asian women. Asian American men have outdone white men socially and economically for decades, yet Asian women still marry out at a higher rate than any other group of women. Asian women simply want white men, period and the ONLY thing that Asian men could do to compete is to become white, which is impossible.

Lastly, history doesn’t support the notion. Since 1980, interracial marriage involving black women has tripled, yet within that same timeframe, the single rate for black women has increased by 20%. Thus, a major increase in interracial marriage for black women has coincided with a major decrease in marriage overall for black women. It is clear that marrying out is no solution. Interestingly enough, one of Karazin’s commenters pointed this out and was attacked and seemingly banned for doing so. Clearly such women are motivated by personal agenda and personal disdain as opposed to truth and reality.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Mother suck the sour Grape and put the children's Teeth on Edge

Some people cannot help who they are because they genuinely do not know any better. How can you act out what you do not know. That is reality of the dynamism of the Jamaican culture. Children are what they are because of the mother's that rear them.

We have a society of women who pump their children minds with hatred, greed, animosity and envy. They have created these nuisances and let them out into the world on good people and expect us to accept their children. Their children are never wrong for them hence they have never learned true discipline therefore are unrepentant for their misdeeds.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Dealing with the bad mind within your family!

I recently held my daughter's birthday party and invited some estranged family in laws . As a matter of fact my spouse invited them to his daughters party and they stood at their gates, laughing and chatting and never sent the children to the party. Stick a pin! women who me and dem anno even bosom friends as my grandmother would say, send their children, people who they and I are at odds sometimes send their children. And people who claim that they are my child's family did not show up. MY spouse was noticeable upset. He felt that they dissed him because in retrospect they come to everyone's party except ours. I know now more than ever that they want nothing to do with my baby father, his child or me.

Bad mind people are incurable at their worst, incorrigible at their best. The truth is that you cannot please them and they only live to make your life miserable, poking you in whichever way they can. Trying to ignite an anger in you so that they can feed on you. They are like venoms, trying to suck the happiness from your life. They thrive on your demise and only seeing you fail or hurt will satisfy them.

They a vicious type of people because they will never be satisfied until they see you down. Nothing you do will ever be enough for them. They will kill you if they are presented the opportunity. They do not care about how you feel or how it affects others as long as they get what they want, having least care for how their nefarious intentions affect others. They do nothing to improve their lives but spend every minute and hour dissecting yours and trying to DEVALUE you so that they can feel good about themselves.

Do not try and friend bad mind people because they can never be somebody's friend because they can never truly care about no one but themselves. They live to create enemies and relish living in enmity. Even if you try to reach out to them, they are so self righteous that they will re interpret it as saying that you are wrong and they were initially right. They conceive it as a cementation of their assumed superiority.

You cannot correct them either, they lack introspection therefore they are unable to effectively see anything wrong with their behaviour. They are narcissistic and self righteous, they are incorrigible, incorrectable. They are beneath most basic human ability to feel , empathize or rationalise their behaviour. Do not try and rationalise with them because certain things are above their comprehension.

Badmind people do not understand that life is made up of millions of tiny moments. They rarely make any true effort to enrich anyone's life and to empower people. They live for the elation of their friend's demise. Feed badmind people with a long spoon. Accept them for who they are and move on.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Some Jamaicans might stick you up with a GUN but most will do it with their Mouth!

The title may not be suffice to cover the notion that I am trying to bring across in this article but i do hope that by the end of it, the reader gets the gist of what I am saying.

I have some friends and family members who get upset when I say that I for the most part would leave my lower class community and never return because I would live in continual misery and discontent.
Ghetto people in Jamaica are always saying that when people buss from the community that they rarely return back and i have said it over and over again that they fail to see how much their lifestyle affects other people.
There are certain elements within a Jamaican lower class community that I wish not to be exposed to. I particularly loathe thieves and ghetto people believe that because the thief is your friend it means that he will not steal from you. I believe thieves and murderers have little or no sense of loyalty. They do not respect anyone only the power of their gun. I will never support anyone who thinks it is ok to take other people's things and lives to feed their own family. My grandmother always say that if you sorry fi mawga dawg, him ago tun roun bite you"

Jamaican Ghetto community, there are certain people who love donship and power by trying to intimidate others by fear of elimination if they do not conform. For me personality, a don has to earn his respect, he is not suppose to demand that people respect him. It is suppose to happen automatically by way of commanding the respect of others. No man woman, boy or girl is going to tell me that i should respect him because he says so. We all bleed red ..none superior, none immortal.

Next thing I hate about Ghetto Jamaicans is how much they think it is ok to leech on other successful Jamaicans. They do not stop to think that the amount of time they spend sitting at the corner shop or the women using their asses to wipe people's floor that they could invest that into finding job and doing something innovative to encourage an income stream. NO They sit and watch your life and then demand that you give them part of what you worked for. I have no problem helping people but I want to know what do you do with your days while i am working?

Some of them will stick you up with guns and others with them mouth....

The informer and the do not be an informer culture of the ghetto is sickening, twisted and warped. It cannot be helped because most basic literate people in the ghetto of Jamaica cannot think further than from A to B. Some or too dependent or licky licky to ever exercise a choice, they normally choose whatever lifestyle supports their nastiness. You have to be careful what you say or else you might forfeit your life if these imbeciles tell a lie on you or misinform people with devious intentions of your opinions. Not even among your own family are you safe in Jamaica.
This parasite mentality and failure to stand up for what is right for fear of demise is what keeps corrupt politicians in power, Nefarious men as community leaders and innocent people dying because they decided to stand up for what they believe is right.

I remember when I said these notions to some of my family members, they became upset and started to chide me on " if I think people do not die uptown or in middle class community" . Yes they do die but when last you hear gunshot a buss inna a middle class community and everybody walk around like its the norm with little remorse or consideration for the lifestyle that they are encouraging.

My relatives may be offended by what by my perspectives. One suggested that all i have to do is fence my yard and i will be ok.

Fencing has never prevented anyone from dying in the ghetto. How would fencing protect me when my neighbours harbour criminals next door who are only a barb wire away from violating me or my family one of these days.
The truth is I see a very dim future for my natal community. The children not learning a thing in school. I remember when I was in high school, I remarked that this community will be a melting pot for criminals in the years to come because all they are interested in is in Guns, Tommy Lee and Quick money. The sentiments of the parents and their vacuity implies that these children have no salvation from a damned future. Their mothers who do not know much cannot possible teach them anything than to be bad mind and envious of other people's success.

They encourage their children to think that if someone denies them access to the fruits of their labour then they are worthy of disdain, disrespect, and probably demise. It is a parasitic culture. This cut-throat business of life in the ghetto. Shottas will gladly tell you their business because they want to subtlety encourage terror among community members then get mad and cry mayhem when their business reaches the police man ears. I do not want anybody to force me to keep their secret. You had a choice to do good and you did wrong, do not force me to uphold with you.

The intricacies of the ghetto community is fundamental to the way it is and the reason it has failed to transscend. Most lower class Jamaican believe money is just for spending and not saving. It does not matter how much money you give them through charity 80% of them will flass it out and waste it. They will in turn give you the green eye if you have made something prolific of your charities.

I will continue to say that i see these new money millionaires flass out their ill gotten wealth and then when them money done, they are going to take up guns to shoot hard working people and take away their own. While when them did a hype and flass pon simple people, we never violated them but wished them all the best.

In the Jamaican inner city, people like to be in control of your future. They envy you for the very components for your life that they would want for themselves. If you let them know that you are not interested in their foolishness, you become public enemy number 1. You have to simple live and watch your back. I once read on an online thread of people in Tivoli demanding 2 million dollars each for the incursion that murdered many innocent civilians in the Sunday gleaner, One response to the article was , "who will compensate the Victim's families of people that many of these goons from Tivoli murdered,maimed and rape over the last couple of years". Who will pay for the crimes that men from Tivoli committed against other people?

That's Ghetto people, they will fight for their own and they have this grandiose sense of entitlement no doubt encourage by their myopic parents who often encourage these behaviours during childhood. I tell them all the time that when you shield these children especially boys when the do wrongs then you are creating menaces to this society. When they become a nuisance and police murder them, then you put you hand pon yuh head and bawl when you did a live offa the blood money...long time....

Thursday, July 4, 2013

I am in a relationship but i still feel lonely...

I have seen so many articles and books for single women and very few for women in relationship. I am dedicating this article to my lonely women who are in a relationship.

Maybe your relationship had run the course and you are no longer feeling your man. Women are less inclined to walk away from a relationship especially if they are not sure how their single life will pan out. Some women are simply too scared to start over, to traverse the dating terrain over again and to risk heartache and exploitation. Our single friends are dying to be in a relationship but our married friends are hoping to find a way out of the misery of a monotonous life with a person you have known too long now.

Let's examine where you are at in this relationship? Do you care for your partner that you are often fearful of how a separation would affect your spouse. Then you may not be ready to be single. It maybe the tedium of the relationship that is getting to your head and you want a brief respite. Like Vacation where you can both reconnect with each other and have some fun. An escape from the boredom that is threatening to stifle your relationship.

What you can do in your relationship, is not to centre it around your man. Go out with friends and enjoy yourself. When we get frustrated and bored in relationship it is because the newness has rubbed off. We want back the excitement and the adrenaline rush of a novel meeting and not the complexities and intricacies of a long term relationship. This is the reason why some people cannot go past the dating phase, as things get serious or their partners begin to make demands on them, they disappear. It is not the good times that determines the strength of the relationship and but how you get through the bad times.

Why most "harlots" think promiscuity makes them a hot gyal in Jamaica?

There is one thing i know about women who are called "whores" in Jamaica and it is that they are also significantly linked with the hot gyal status. They are often bleach out, invest money primarily in hairstyles and clothes and never miss any sex in the city or passa passa party. They also almost always have a long list of men who have slept with them already and have no qualms about letting the world know they hit that.
I am have no problem with what a woman chooses to do with her body, the only fallout is that she often gives men a false perception that all women who fit her descript in class or orientation is often like that and therefore extended the same level of treatment.
Moreover most strumpets are quick to call good girls who may have small publicize indiscretions whores so that they can feel good about themselves. How can a woman call me whore when i can show you ten men in the dance-hall that you sleep with and you can only tell me what you heard about me and can't show me one man I have slept with?
It seems someone is trying to tear someone down to their level so that they can feel good about themselves. But I don't PAY basic bitches any mind because they are not bad chicks, their lives are just really badddd!!!!
What do these ladies do? They advertise their goods! hence the preoccupation with clothes and hairstyles. They always have to look good so that some low down guy or well off man can see them and be willing to pay for having sex with them. It is common knowledge in Jamaica that most hot gyals sell pussy. The sentiment among men is often " if you nuh have money, yuh cant muck her" . Some are not shy and will proudly declare that they do market their bodies and how much the only thing they have is what is underneath them. They hold no pretence and tells it as it is.
My definition of a hot gyal is something completely different. Hot gyal have her house, have a little hustling going on or a job. She is making her own money and does not have to rely on the whims of men. It is quite ghetto for women in the twenty first century to be boasting about what they accomplished from lying on their back. Any bitch can lie on her back and get that. Be real you cant be a hot girl and after you do your hair and nails you are broke. You cannot be sleeping with twenty different men and still live at your mammma house and you kids aint going to school. you aint a hot girl, you are a basic chick, a trick and a ratchet.

Closet Gay Men in Jamaica: What do women know about them?

I tend not to dwell too much on the topic of homosexuality in Jamaica as it is often met with caustic commentary from the gay community locally and abroad.
A recent set of rowdy gays were evicted from a premises in Kingston and rumours had it that at nights, numerous high end vehicles were parked in the yard obviously a prostitution base for many well off closet homosexuals. This statement was backed up by a conversation a psychologist friend of mine and i had the other day of how some of her upper echelon clients were distraught and beyond repair after their doctors found fecallia in their vaginas suggesting that their husbands were engaging in anal sex. I have met men who were interested in having anal sex. I have no problem with what a person chooses to do in their bedroom with their body, just do not put certain things to me. I replied politely that my "batty only have one route...nothing no go in, everything haffi come out" . I was not interested plain and simply but when a man dates a woman as a front and is secretly sleeping with men then that’s a whole other ball game.
I know society places pressure on homosexual men to conform to traditional forms of relationships and some are afraid to even confess to their families and friends of their sexual preferences. Our society has been particularly unkind to people who refuse to conform to our conventional way of thinking. I personally have nothing against gay men and the few i've met, are great individuals under it all.
What I would prefer is if these bisexuals would use a condom when they go out and sleep with their men. It is quite unfair for your woman or wife to find out that you are sticking it in a behind by way of a doctor. Do you understand how humiliating that can be
Some women probably already suspect it. I met a gay once who was unconventionally obsessed with my disproportionately large behind. He might not have been gay but he is definitely hetero-anal. A woman once said that if she discovered that a man she loved was gay it would not be an issue for her. She would be confident that he will never look at another woman. I do not know which woman would be confident being cheated on with another man...different strokes for different folks.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Poor Gyals: How to get a rich Jamaican Man?

I remember a long time ago, I was working in the entertainment industry and went to a major summer party launch and spent the entire launch party speaking with one of the promoters. I like kingston always made me nostalgic. I love the lights and the fast speeding vehicles. The opulence of the lounges on New Kingston and yes how clean the men from uptown looked. Yes the men...the men..the men...
So my boss then began to tell me in no uncertain term why he some how thinks that when it comes to men i always aimed too high. According to my CEO ( who also wanted me to f***k him and s ***k his dick, he believes that the light skin brother who I was laughing with all night only wanted some p***y. He told me in no uncertain terms that night, that a man like that would never want anything serious with me. I was still brittle from the unceremonious way in which this narcissistic kingstonian had used and dumped me that i never spoke to the guy who was chatting me up all night telling me about his "dream or die promotion" My ex-boss may have been right because after doing a re-evaluation of where i was in life and the type of men I was interested in, I conceded for the most part that I absolutely had nothing but my vagaygay to offer these men and that they could get on the street at a dime a dozen.I quickly realised that this may have been the reason why my first love dumped me because I had nothing to offer him.
I started blogging and wrote my first couple of books, made my first million and then in my little niche area men started being superbly interested in me. Men who if you take away my writer/blogger/entrepreneur/investor status would probably want absolutely want nothing to do with me. They wanted to be with me because I had something to offer, I had attained a little status and I could also fend for myself and would not be entirely dependent on them in a relationship. The truth is only very beautiful poor women will get wealthy powerful men to swoon at their feet. And even if we average gyals do get some money, it may not even attract certain men who by virtue have their own wealth and are not moved by our cheap change.
Be the best woman you can be and hope that it might somehow be enough to get a man that deserves you. It may not be the man that you want as my grandmother always say " anno who you want..a who want you" . Instead of chasing these men who are outside of your social reach why not concentrate on building up your self so that you will be eligible for a relationship with those type of men. Moreover even if you develop yourself and for whatever reason these upper-class men feel you are not marriageable material, it is best to wait for love that to put a lot of mileage on your pussy that is not taking you anywhere. It is only running down your vagina stock into the grounds. Some people get lucky on this quest, some don't. Not all of us will marry an Orlando Bloom...Some of us will have to settle for shrek... A pretty face will get you thus far but no further. You need a man on the upper scale side, you better look as if you are on the up and up. This is the harsh truth. A girl once told me that she dated this big time banker and he only took her to go-go ghetto ass clubs and never to fiction lounge. I told her that despite how pretty she was, he still thought she was not good enough to take among his peers. Their relationship didn't last five months and i had to spend nights counselling her out of her grief. She could not comprehend how a cute, slender attractive girl like her keep getting ran over by older wealthier men.
I aint no Keri Hilson look alike but all the men i have ever dated, i said dated not sleep with and i are still friends except for one. We might not have moved to the next level in our relations but i have garnered a level of respect from these men and they in turn have come to validate my friendship. I remember when one of my male friends got engaged to his pregnant girlfriend and met me a few days later in the week and wanted us to hook up. I told him no and i was even more adamant when i heard him talking about his pregnant fiancée. No woman with any ounce of self respect would want to break up that family. You gotta respect yourself before you can get men to respect you. I earned his respect ever since, he's one of my coolest friends on the up and upp.

Ms KItty aint so fluffy no more...

Jamaican media personality Ms Kitty has been hailed as a woman who holds no bars. Ms Kitty encourages women of whatever size to be confident about their bodies and to dress attractively. Ms Kitty who was extremely rotund for the last couple of years has remarkable slimmed down in the last two years. Ms Kitty is launching another miles stone in her life by always striving for improvement and in this case, applying a healthier lifestyle to her daily routine. This is no drastic weight loss but an overtime reduction of size through apparent exercise and diet. I was often upset when someone would refer to me or other plus size women as fluffy. Truth be told, i think fluffy women have large pendulus bellies and gigantic arms. THIS BODY IS NOT SKINNY BUT IT IS FAR FROM FLUFFY...
Loving Ms Kitty look and she definitely shows women you do not need to be a size two to look great.

What is more important To Jamaicans? Smoking ban or Crime Rate?

I was recently having a conversation with a young socialite who informed me that a revolution is pending in Jamaica after he heard about the bill being tabled to fine people for smoking in public. He claims that the Jamaican parliament should instead script a bill that shuts down Carearras than targets the lifestyle choices of people, he was clearing missing the point that the health defects from smoking cigarettes was weighing heavily on the already fragile health sector and debt ridden economy of Jamaica. Where does our priorities lie? Here is a young man who is ready to defend his right for he and his friends to puff their cannabis in a enclosed club area, suffocating and asphyxiating all who are around them. I sat and think about what does this say about where our country is heading when i do not see people gathering arms for when our children or murdered and other injustices are meted out to our people. Where are we heading as a country when everyone is concentrating on trivial issues and failing to see or ignoring the bigger picture that we have looming in Jamaica. What does it say about the perspectives of our people? We are more concerned about individualistic satisfaction than the effect that many behaviours impact on others. I have been in public transportations and other commutters puffing ganja smoke with little regard for the passengers. I have seen altercations where a smoker was offended by a next passenger asking him to snub his light out because she could not tolerate the smoke. The offender did not ask the woman if she had a respiratory problem such as asthma or other bronchiole condition why she could not tolerate the smoking but proceeded to hurl profanities at the requester about if she what she should do if she does not like his puffing… I have been in clubs where people smoke and expire the exhalations into your face and are affronted if you ask them not to. This should encourage people to be mindful of how your behaviour affects others. Many people use smoking as a past time, some as a religious ritual and many as a panacea for stres Read more:

Are Jamaican Young Girls Gold Diggers?

With the advent and flow of free money in Jamaica, ordinary men are complaining that most Jamaican women are gold diggers. They claim women love money too much and it is the scammers who are "broking" them bad by spending exorbitant amount of money on Young girls.
I got the idea for this article from the blog ” Black Men Confronting Lies and Distortions” the writer makes a very relevant point that is applicable to this situation in the western hemisphere with men and women of African Descent. ” Well I will say that the easy defense against this accusation exists for one important reason; that reason being that the accusation is NOT TRUE. Black women are no more likely to be gold-diggers than any other group of women and probably less likely. Is the accusation a mass fabrication by black men? Are black men en masse delusional on this point? My answer to both of these questions is NO. This statement is not a fabrication nor a delusion, but rather a misnomer It is said that Jamaican young girls love money above all else. They will do anything for money and sleep with any man for money. Some people might call this a gross generalisation but the reality of it depicts that majority will sleep with just about any sullied fellow simply for money. Young girls want money to keep with the latest trends in hairstyles, clothes and accessories, very few young Jamaican women are interested in starting a business. Even so called college women are fixated with landing a wealthy man to supplement their lifestyle.
The new wealth of the notorious scammers have ante this gold digging trend by young women. Some people claim that most young women are being spoiled by these scammers who give them their ill gotten wealth in substantial amounts. These women are having the same expectations of ordinary men in Jamaica.
What has resulted is women lowering their standards just to be with men who are rumoured to have money. The man then ends up having several unfathered children and serial relationships that he is often incapable financially of supporting. Some critics might say that men call women gold diggers when they cannot afford to finance their lifestyles. I know for sure that men who have the financial means often do not complain about when a woman needs to do her hairs and nails. Read more:

Ten things Jamaican women will do if they found out their man is cheating!!!!

Many times Jamaican women catch their men cheating, there is also a popular saying that there is not one committed man, no not one. Most men keep several women and have several children. But here are ten things Jamaican women do if they think their partner is cheating on them. 1. The first thing a Jamaican woman does when she thinks her man is cheating is check his phone. She checks miss calls, whats app text messages and bbm to see if there are any communications and revealing pictures being sent. Women must now be careful how they send their pictures to men because their wives will copy it and reveal you on Jamaica Matey 2. They will call the offender and cuss her out in order to daunt her from the relationship. Some women will go as far as threatening the “matey” in order to get her to back down. It makes no sense you tell the man because she will deny it to him. She does not want to appear as an insecure nutcase and her man will put her on blast for snooping in his phone.
3. She will fight you for her man. Some Jamaican women will see you on the street and confront you about keeping their man. The best thing to do would be to avoid men who are involve with other women so that you can elude all of this drama. Women have died(as in the case of the girl who was stabbed to death at Anchovy High School over a boy). 4. Wives will hire muscles to hurt you, you can die or you can be seriously paralysed 5. They will go to the cheating partners family members or the matey family members to get them to dissuade you from pursuing the relationship with their man. They hope that your family can talk some sense into you.
6. They will blast you on social media in order to expose your sneaky ways and hope you will be humiliated enough to leave their man alone so please keep your facebook walls private and your profile set to only friends as you do not know when some woman will scrawl something on your time line. 7. If you go to church, rest assure that wifey will be telling the church congregation and the pastor that you are keeping her man and she will ask them to chastise you or remove you from your pious duties as you are a hypocrite and a liar in the face of god. 8. If you have a high end job that involves people and publicity, wifey will threaten your job by coming to your business place and acting belligerent in order to undermine your profession and integrity. 9. She will visit her obeah man for you. Hoping that the occultist can conjure up a potion or magic that will destroy the feelings that you or the man has for each other. Some women if they feel threatened enough will ask the obeah man to kill you or the man. Some might just tie the man so that he cannot leave them.
10. A desperate woman insecure in her relationship will go to great lengths to protect it. As in the case of a four year old that was murdered because an ex wifey thought the child the man had with the matey was the reason why he ended the relationship with her. There are women who make their relationship their lives. It is all that they are living for and they will hurt you, if you threaten their serenity. If a man loves you. he will leaver her and come to you but if he remains with her then you should be the better woman and leave him with her. If he loves her, he should stay with her. Read more:

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Why Jamaican women fight other women when their man cheats on them?

I do not understand why most Jamaican women think cussing out a gyal for their man is going to keep the relationship a afloat. If anything it doesn't. Before you decide to curse a gyal about your man you need to have a sit down with your man but the truth is most Jamaican women cant have a siddung with them man because he is too controlling, abusive or they are living under man government so they try to trace off every girl that they suspect he is "keeping" in order to intimidate women away from their philandering Partners. They jump at the weak fence because in truth they cannot confront their man about his behaviour since a confrontation might upset their partner and may ignite flares that could terminate the relationship and we all know that Jamaican men hate being in a relationship where a woman naggs them and question their integrity. They will leave you in a Zippy saying that you are stressing them out and run into the matey arms who will help him "bun" you out. I sometimes pity these wifeys, I see them fight over man all the time and then the guy ends up dissing them because no man wants his woman to air his dirty drama in John public’s face, moreover no man wants to be in the midst of drama before his male peers as it will appear that he cant keep his bitches on a leash.