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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Some Jamaicans might stick you up with a GUN but most will do it with their Mouth!

The title may not be suffice to cover the notion that I am trying to bring across in this article but i do hope that by the end of it, the reader gets the gist of what I am saying.

I have some friends and family members who get upset when I say that I for the most part would leave my lower class community and never return because I would live in continual misery and discontent.
Ghetto people in Jamaica are always saying that when people buss from the community that they rarely return back and i have said it over and over again that they fail to see how much their lifestyle affects other people.
There are certain elements within a Jamaican lower class community that I wish not to be exposed to. I particularly loathe thieves and ghetto people believe that because the thief is your friend it means that he will not steal from you. I believe thieves and murderers have little or no sense of loyalty. They do not respect anyone only the power of their gun. I will never support anyone who thinks it is ok to take other people's things and lives to feed their own family. My grandmother always say that if you sorry fi mawga dawg, him ago tun roun bite you"

Jamaican Ghetto community, there are certain people who love donship and power by trying to intimidate others by fear of elimination if they do not conform. For me personality, a don has to earn his respect, he is not suppose to demand that people respect him. It is suppose to happen automatically by way of commanding the respect of others. No man woman, boy or girl is going to tell me that i should respect him because he says so. We all bleed red ..none superior, none immortal.

Next thing I hate about Ghetto Jamaicans is how much they think it is ok to leech on other successful Jamaicans. They do not stop to think that the amount of time they spend sitting at the corner shop or the women using their asses to wipe people's floor that they could invest that into finding job and doing something innovative to encourage an income stream. NO They sit and watch your life and then demand that you give them part of what you worked for. I have no problem helping people but I want to know what do you do with your days while i am working?

Some of them will stick you up with guns and others with them mouth....

The informer and the do not be an informer culture of the ghetto is sickening, twisted and warped. It cannot be helped because most basic literate people in the ghetto of Jamaica cannot think further than from A to B. Some or too dependent or licky licky to ever exercise a choice, they normally choose whatever lifestyle supports their nastiness. You have to be careful what you say or else you might forfeit your life if these imbeciles tell a lie on you or misinform people with devious intentions of your opinions. Not even among your own family are you safe in Jamaica.
This parasite mentality and failure to stand up for what is right for fear of demise is what keeps corrupt politicians in power, Nefarious men as community leaders and innocent people dying because they decided to stand up for what they believe is right.

I remember when I said these notions to some of my family members, they became upset and started to chide me on " if I think people do not die uptown or in middle class community" . Yes they do die but when last you hear gunshot a buss inna a middle class community and everybody walk around like its the norm with little remorse or consideration for the lifestyle that they are encouraging.

My relatives may be offended by what by my perspectives. One suggested that all i have to do is fence my yard and i will be ok.

Fencing has never prevented anyone from dying in the ghetto. How would fencing protect me when my neighbours harbour criminals next door who are only a barb wire away from violating me or my family one of these days.
The truth is I see a very dim future for my natal community. The children not learning a thing in school. I remember when I was in high school, I remarked that this community will be a melting pot for criminals in the years to come because all they are interested in is in Guns, Tommy Lee and Quick money. The sentiments of the parents and their vacuity implies that these children have no salvation from a damned future. Their mothers who do not know much cannot possible teach them anything than to be bad mind and envious of other people's success.

They encourage their children to think that if someone denies them access to the fruits of their labour then they are worthy of disdain, disrespect, and probably demise. It is a parasitic culture. This cut-throat business of life in the ghetto. Shottas will gladly tell you their business because they want to subtlety encourage terror among community members then get mad and cry mayhem when their business reaches the police man ears. I do not want anybody to force me to keep their secret. You had a choice to do good and you did wrong, do not force me to uphold with you.

The intricacies of the ghetto community is fundamental to the way it is and the reason it has failed to transscend. Most lower class Jamaican believe money is just for spending and not saving. It does not matter how much money you give them through charity 80% of them will flass it out and waste it. They will in turn give you the green eye if you have made something prolific of your charities.

I will continue to say that i see these new money millionaires flass out their ill gotten wealth and then when them money done, they are going to take up guns to shoot hard working people and take away their own. While when them did a hype and flass pon simple people, we never violated them but wished them all the best.

In the Jamaican inner city, people like to be in control of your future. They envy you for the very components for your life that they would want for themselves. If you let them know that you are not interested in their foolishness, you become public enemy number 1. You have to simple live and watch your back. I once read on an online thread of people in Tivoli demanding 2 million dollars each for the incursion that murdered many innocent civilians in the Sunday gleaner, One response to the article was , "who will compensate the Victim's families of people that many of these goons from Tivoli murdered,maimed and rape over the last couple of years". Who will pay for the crimes that men from Tivoli committed against other people?

That's Ghetto people, they will fight for their own and they have this grandiose sense of entitlement no doubt encourage by their myopic parents who often encourage these behaviours during childhood. I tell them all the time that when you shield these children especially boys when the do wrongs then you are creating menaces to this society. When they become a nuisance and police murder them, then you put you hand pon yuh head and bawl when you did a live offa the blood money...long time....

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