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“The idea that sex is something a woman gives a man, and she loses something when she does that, which again for me is nonsense. I want us to raise girls differently where boys and girls start to see sexuality as something that they own, rather than something that a boy takes from a girl.”

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Poor Gyals: How to get a rich Jamaican Man?

I remember a long time ago, I was working in the entertainment industry and went to a major summer party launch and spent the entire launch party speaking with one of the promoters. I like kingston always made me nostalgic. I love the lights and the fast speeding vehicles. The opulence of the lounges on New Kingston and yes how clean the men from uptown looked. Yes the men...the men..the men...
So my boss then began to tell me in no uncertain term why he some how thinks that when it comes to men i always aimed too high. According to my CEO ( who also wanted me to f***k him and s ***k his dick, he believes that the light skin brother who I was laughing with all night only wanted some p***y. He told me in no uncertain terms that night, that a man like that would never want anything serious with me. I was still brittle from the unceremonious way in which this narcissistic kingstonian had used and dumped me that i never spoke to the guy who was chatting me up all night telling me about his "dream or die promotion" My ex-boss may have been right because after doing a re-evaluation of where i was in life and the type of men I was interested in, I conceded for the most part that I absolutely had nothing but my vagaygay to offer these men and that they could get on the street at a dime a dozen.I quickly realised that this may have been the reason why my first love dumped me because I had nothing to offer him.
I started blogging and wrote my first couple of books, made my first million and then in my little niche area men started being superbly interested in me. Men who if you take away my writer/blogger/entrepreneur/investor status would probably want absolutely want nothing to do with me. They wanted to be with me because I had something to offer, I had attained a little status and I could also fend for myself and would not be entirely dependent on them in a relationship. The truth is only very beautiful poor women will get wealthy powerful men to swoon at their feet. And even if we average gyals do get some money, it may not even attract certain men who by virtue have their own wealth and are not moved by our cheap change.
Be the best woman you can be and hope that it might somehow be enough to get a man that deserves you. It may not be the man that you want as my grandmother always say " anno who you want..a who want you" . Instead of chasing these men who are outside of your social reach why not concentrate on building up your self so that you will be eligible for a relationship with those type of men. Moreover even if you develop yourself and for whatever reason these upper-class men feel you are not marriageable material, it is best to wait for love that to put a lot of mileage on your pussy that is not taking you anywhere. It is only running down your vagina stock into the grounds. Some people get lucky on this quest, some don't. Not all of us will marry an Orlando Bloom...Some of us will have to settle for shrek... A pretty face will get you thus far but no further. You need a man on the upper scale side, you better look as if you are on the up and up. This is the harsh truth. A girl once told me that she dated this big time banker and he only took her to go-go ghetto ass clubs and never to fiction lounge. I told her that despite how pretty she was, he still thought she was not good enough to take among his peers. Their relationship didn't last five months and i had to spend nights counselling her out of her grief. She could not comprehend how a cute, slender attractive girl like her keep getting ran over by older wealthier men.
I aint no Keri Hilson look alike but all the men i have ever dated, i said dated not sleep with and i are still friends except for one. We might not have moved to the next level in our relations but i have garnered a level of respect from these men and they in turn have come to validate my friendship. I remember when one of my male friends got engaged to his pregnant girlfriend and met me a few days later in the week and wanted us to hook up. I told him no and i was even more adamant when i heard him talking about his pregnant fiancée. No woman with any ounce of self respect would want to break up that family. You gotta respect yourself before you can get men to respect you. I earned his respect ever since, he's one of my coolest friends on the up and upp.

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