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“The idea that sex is something a woman gives a man, and she loses something when she does that, which again for me is nonsense. I want us to raise girls differently where boys and girls start to see sexuality as something that they own, rather than something that a boy takes from a girl.”

— Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie



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Monday, July 21, 2014

Crystal Evans Romance Novel

Available July  30 In print and ebook everywhere. 
Crystal Evans © copyright 2014 

Renee retreated on all four. She had to stop this peeping Tom business at  the niegbour's guest. She was not a pubescent girl anymore and this was ridiculous but she couldn't help being inquisitive when it came to Mr. Tall Dark and Bad. 

The lilt tone of the female laughter drew her in like a magnet to steel. It was like it had been ten years ago. He came home from college at the age of twenty three and the house buzzed with female voices, young, slender, bodies waltzing in and out. He always brought them to the pool and then they would do some synchronized swimming. Ten years later and women were still tapping to the same tune he played back in the day. 

A branch broke beneath Renee's weight and she cursed under her breath. The leaves rustled, twigs, grass and leaves decorated her hair and she took deep, silent breaths. A sneeze was coming and she quickly dissolved it in her shoulder. She was too late, the characters from the movie she watched behind the fencing of flowers and shrubs, glanced her way. 

The female asked in a worried voice. " is somebody watching us!" 

Mr. Tall Dark and Bad strode over the bushy fencing, he meant to have a landscaper come in and give the place a facelift but he'd been preoccupied with work ever since he came back from the states. He tiptoed to peer over the hibiscuses and the funniest sight greeted him. A female on her hands and knees slowly going backwards with trash in her hair, vestiges of unswept debris accumulated from last autumn. He croaked " I see you like being on all fours, is that your favorite position?" 

Her head snap up and a pair a brown eyes, oval and intelligent met his. "sorry i was looking for my cat" 

Brad cocked an eyebrow and looked from side to side as if trying to locate the imaginary feline.  " no I don't see your cat". He replied in an arrogant, derisive voice. 

Renee crimsoned with embarrassment, he was making fun of her. She stood up and brush debris off her clothes, tentatively removing decayed leaves from her Remy realistic tendrils . She wished the ground would open up and swallow her before she died of mortification.

" well she might find her way back home anyways. My cat is very smart" 

His eyes twinkled with mischief. "I bet she is" 

The lady in the background asked. 
" Brad what is wrong?" 

Brad shouted back without shifting his gaze from Renee.  " nothing Babes, just an annoying cat"
He arched both brows for emphasis and Renee shrugged with a smirk.

She said "am going back inside so nice seeing you Brad".  

She did not wait for him to reply instead she half ran- walk to her father's dead left house. Her legs were not moving fast enough to get away from his laughing eyes and he made a low chuckle as she sprinted away. 

Brad stared at her back until she disappeared through the back door. He wanted to let out a roar of laughter but couldn't risk scaring a second female off. The one by the pool was acting as spooked as a mouse. He chuckled determined he would find out the real reason behind " the nieghbour"  snooping around in his back yard. She was going to pay for messing his date up as he would now have to calm the frazzled nerves of the delicate creature by the pool who kept crooning his name in a scared voice. 

He knew she was not as scared as she pretended, her eyes were unflinching and body language relaxed, she was milking this minor occurrence for all she thought it was worth. Brad hated women who acted , fake people are a huge turn off and  this one stepped out of a broadway musical. 

The Spy's face was awfully familiar but he could not put a name to her features. She knew who he was and she knew the Massens since she was staying in his father's guest house. 

If she was here then what happened to Mr. Massen's daughter,  Renee, the chubby child who gazed at him adoringly and made his boys tease him mercilessly, calling him an " infant killer". 

He avoided her at all cost during his high school days. His friends once saw her passing a window and shouted " hey Halloween is over, so take off your mask" 

Renee's stiffened her back and walked away, head high in the air without wincing. Brad felt terrible about that joke because it was not funny. He was not big on finding amusement from other people's disadvantages. 

He was restless that night, unable to sleep, the face of his neighborly espionage haunted him. He was up at the crack of dawn. He went for a quick run, drinking in the beauty and serenity of the atmosphere in Cherry Gardens. 

Brad grabbed a coffee maker from the boxes of appliances he shipped home. He gazed trough the kitchen window at the woman across the fence using a scissors clipper to cut the flowers along the parameters of the yard. 

He nearly knocked over the  Coffeemaker on the table as he left his tea in a hurry to confront the stranger doing landscaping on his own property, unannounced and unbidden. 

Renee saw Brad bounced through the backdoor. He wore a T-shirt, sweat shorts and sneakers like a track athlete. Renee smiled and said 
"Morning niegbour, what's up?" . 

Brad ignored the greeting " when can I speak with Renee? She should have notified me that she was taking on a tenant!" 

She scoffed. "really now Brad or you just pretending you don't recognize me?" 

Brad placed his hands akimbo above his pelvis.  " should I know you?". 

Her head jerked backways, eyelids fluttering.  " I am Reneee" 

Brads mouth formed a perfect O. " wow, you look soooo different. What a transformation" 

Brad did a blatant appraisal of her body. She boasted neat curves, small voluptuous figure, round bottom and slender waist. She was not model thin but posed the type of a physique that would attract any red blooded male. 

He queried feeling his cock twitch in his jock strap. " what's up? What you do last night after you run off?" 

Renee lips broke into a bright smile. " Drank some brandy and red bull" 

He chuckled. " oh so you drink this morning and it make you a trim down mi roses them?" 

Rennee giggled. " no just want a little exercise am kinda soporific from last and night" 

He smiled and fold his arms across his chest. " so you just flass all
Night then?" 

Renee held the shear mid air. " what's with the twenty one questions? No I watched Games and Thrones and saw my favorite character die because he did not honour his vows and let his cock rule him like most men." 

Brad let out peals of laughter. " well Same thing pussy first and every fucking thing else after. Same way from back in the day" 

She smirked, disgusted by his admission that most men were essentially dickheads. "something am learning.  I have discovered that a man sees you as a woman first and everything else after despite what you might possess if his dick does not lift to you physique then you are just as invisible".

Brad snickered.  " I beg to differ. I enjoy a good conversation. Helps me get to know the other person. That helps more I think Than letting my dick rule....and mi end up with something I regret after" 

" My male friend was telling me a while ago how this girl he met wants him to buy her a liscence. Liscence cost around $45,000. She's an attractive girl and it's killing him to choose between what his brain is telling him and what makes his cock twitch" 

He laughed " he's a trick. Probably a late bloomer" 

"So I drank his liquor and listen to him morose over this woman that from all indication fits the description of a classic gold digger who thinks she's god gift to men." 

She spoke solemnly. " He's like a brother to me. He has a deficiency he likes high end women and he buys them 30,000 perfumes"

Brad smiled " He's a trick... and he deserves what he's getting. it simple money can't buy love he knows that but..."

" He thinks a pretty woman solidifies and enhances his social experiences. It is all about the package just like his clothes, his car and his house. The woman is apart of his self esteem mechanism.He has serious issues and I can't help him."

Brad licked his lips and they glisten. Pink lips, saliva made them glossy. 
" Low self-esteem... Pleasing the wrong party leaves oneself empty. Let him self distruct he'll learn from that then" 

He was listening and Renee continued feeling compelled by his attention. " Anyone who spends their lives at the mercy of the opinions of others will never find peace. He lives too much for what others think and that is his kryptonite. " 

He grinned and peered into her eyes " Super man soon hit the rock hard" 

Renee shuddered, she felt chilly in the morning sun. " He's a big boy he will survive" 

He licked his lips, hands across his broad chest. " Hopefully.... you would approve if it was you the recipient" 

Renee's eye brows furrowed.
" recipient of what? Love or money?"

He supplied, feet apart, radiating sexuality and dominance in his stance. " what your friend is offering" 

She smiled.  " Affection  any day over money. Love cannot be bought" 

Brad raised an eyebrow. He was still the cutest man she's ever known. " sure you not just saying that to impress me?" 

Renee looked him up and down like something reprehensible. " don't flatter yourself too much. This is not high school anymore" 

Brad scoffed and close the space between them. His eyes shone bright with amusement and Renee did not miss the outline of his penis in the sweat pants. He followed her eyes. He asked in a matter of fact voice. " you like. It feels just as good as it looks" 

Renee coughed and excused herself from his closeness with three backward steps.  He threw his head back and laugh, his Adam Apple moving up and down rapidly. Renee wanted to nip that arrogance in the bud. 

" really now? I've seen and has better". She's smiled like a seductress working the night shift on the streets of New Kingston and trot away in a cat walk worthy of Bet's Rip The Runway. The look of confusion and admiration on Brad's face was satisfying and she strutted away without a backward glance, content in knowing she had won this first challenge. 

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