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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Why Tessanne Chin isn't selling 9 million copies of her album.

One of my Facebook friends recently posted this "It is funny how when Tessanne chin did a mash up the voice a everybody a support her on the voice, AND NOW WHEN HER ALBUM IS OUT ALL THOSE PEOPLE NOT SUPPORTING HER ALBUM , ALL A DEM PEOPLE DEH A FAKE FANS, FIRE BUN FI DEM!!!‪#‎SMH‬ ‪#‎KMT‬"

He was upset that despite the reverie sorrounding Tessanne Chin winning ABC the voice that the Jamaican population and those within the diaspora were not supporting Tessanne's Album. This dude probably left Jamaica years ago and does not remember that Jamaican's loved anything that was Free and will support you as long as it makes them look. Break a leg or lose the limelight and you are just as easily forgotten. Never make your own success be at the mercy of the opinions of Jamaicans.

I responded to his post with these three comments...

" Typical Jamaican"

He asked me. " By the way Crystal did u buy her album?"

I responded " No i was happy she won but in all honesty i am not a fan of her music. Tessanne kinda reggae is somewhat elitist and you know the average Jamaican just cannot relate to that...its of a different grain. well it is the reality, we celebrate her victory because she represented us and we reveled in her accomplishments...success by proxy...then the hype faded away and we went back to listening the Akaline, Popcaan and the Vybx Kartel. Tessane tunes don't really bring any vibe in the dance hall...i have never heard one of her songs played at any sessions i have even been to."

Disc Jockey's do not play Tessanne's music and if truth be told Jamaicans are just as happy that Rhianna and Nicki Minaj are of Caribbean heritage but would never buy an album. We like to take credit for the success of others when they build themselves up. We celebrate with you at the pinnacle but very few people are going to be willing to do what is necessary to keep your there. That is just reality.

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