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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Are the police officers apart of our crime situation too?

Do not think for a minute that I do not understand the plight of the police force. I know that they are frustrated with the crime situation and are often blamed for our crime statistics. I do know that we often place unrealistic expectations on them 
But I do not particularly enjoy being calling gyal by some psychoemotional loath twat using his shield to to carry out injustices. 

I empathize with their plight and I know that their presence also reassures us as a community. Without them being around, we might be unable to contain the activities of negative elements. 

When the police officers murdered my cousin, I realized that he too placed himself in a compromising situation. My friends told me that the guy he died with devaluated his life by association. There are some people who are of the belief that even though he died like that, heau have gotten what he deserves. 

I cry for him not so much because I miss him but because of what I believe this community lost in his death. I do not know what the future holds but I imagine that Gussy would have eventually grow into the man I can see peeking out of him from time to time. 

Many people in this life are given second chances, third chances and even more while Gussy was not given any. He was presented with one chance to turn his life around and he fail because of trepidation and youthful folly. 

Why Gussy was living with a gun man as it was rumored is because he knew of the fragile environment that he lived in. He knows the police cannot offer him protection and he is also a very kind person therefore he attracted other elements. 

These police officers who solicit money from scammers but never offer them any real protection from the gun men are the ones to be blame. These police officers that hurl profanities at angry residents when they commit controversial acts of murder and mayhem are no better that the real or imagined criminals that they hunt. Too many innocent people ending up in the body pile up. 

Police maintained their presence in the community after they murdered Gussy because they feared a riot. They use acts of intimidation, treats and violent  language and gestures to get people off the streets. I found it rather ironic that the same police officers who often told us to inform on criminals, cordon off an entire area, a crime scene. Drove people away who wanted to witness, insulted family members and regularly hurl insults at residents. Now some of these police officers use their jobs as an cover to become murderers. They like many slaves who become masters feel that in order to feel big within themselves they must enslave others too. 

I told some people to leave the streets because Tivoli Gardens incursion is a telltale signs that only the two Ps have rights in this country. Police and Politician , we the lower P (people) forfeit our rights by virtue of being excluded from this group. 

I also believe that something of that nature happens everyday. crimes against humanity and police injustices. I ask who is going to take care of Gussy's child? 

The cycle continues, this baby boy will grow up with a hatred for police officers. A child who will never know his father. I know my cousin is not a saint. He will be weighed and found wanting but he was young and foolish. 

He stands as a lesson to other young men that not everybody are given second chances. Some of us are gives one chance to make good of our lives and if we fail, we die and we loose out. 

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