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Saturday, December 14, 2013

What are we doing for Jamaica's Young People Today?

What Jamaica have is a Government whose only interest in the youths is having police hunt down alleged miscreants and kill them.

I have not seen one policy or Programme aimed at assisting disaffected youths from the communities or intellectual graduates from our universities create a better society. Yet they blame the youth population for every crime and the problems that we are having in this society. What is happening now did not happen overnight. It's years of neglect and failure to develop engaging platforms for our you by people that has come to fruition now with crime and violence. Leaders might say that they have nothing to do with it yes they are of involved directly in creating menaces to society. But what if they created avenues for development of our youthful aspirations and work programmes to deter young men from a life of crime?

Some say it might not be enough because this generation influenced by social media is the get rich quick we generation and the basic tenets of this generation is founded on a philosophy that money defines them more than anything else. Accumulate money at all cost with little regard for anyone in the process. 

Crime is escalating in Western Jamaica and everybody blame scammers. Scamming was not born out of a wanton desire to have money. It was first the idea of college students and people working in the telemarketing industry. It sought to fill a void economically that was grew into an abyss. 

Our youth sector has all but been abandoned
By our leaders. When last we hear any projects or programmes being implemented to engage our young people. Government only care about young people when it is election time. This outdated governing policies need to go because they do not
In anyway assist this generation. Our leaders have failed us. 

The fact that the police are killing so many young men in their late teens and early twenties should be an indication that something has gone awfully wrong. 

They tell us to find jobs. Where are the Jobs? They tell us to report crimes... How can we report crimes when we on the ground know that police and criminals are the biggest friends because of money. Police not getting sufficient pay so they become corrupted to supplement them income. Six a one and half dozen a the other. Do you believe that any one of us could do what Azan did and be reinstated. We would be sitting in Jail all now. 

Many of my morally upstanding friends would tell me how wrong I am a criminal if I took from the coffers of the rich to feed the poor. But no in Jamaica,  police and the judiciary system only harass poor people and people who no have nobody fe stand up fe them. The statutes of limitation stops at police, wealthy folks and politician foot. 

Poor people are always given the full length of the law and more if they who enforce the laws see it convenient. 

we as a people love the flash and theatre of leaders with more fluff than substance and in the business of Crime prevention planning not everything good to eat good to talk , sometimes to protect those who are willing to talk. 

Africa is one the wealthiest regions on the planet when it comes
Natural resources and  yet people are considered some of the poorest around the world. Now who should be blamed? The people or the politicians. Shell and texaco makes billions while the people who live around the oil reserves are starving... Donkey say the world no level. 

In our hotels, hourdes of food is being wasted yet so many people want if hunger beyond its luxurious gates into adjoining communities. I  not saying that feeding people should be the hotels business but just imagine if we would just stop thinking about our selves and what we believe is conducive for us and think about the collective rights of our people maybe then we will be able to conquer crime. 

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