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Monday, December 2, 2013

Economy of the Ghetto

The economy of the Ghetto is a system of hustling and what is called a "roast". Getting paid for manual labour,making sufficient money so that they can meet their nutritional needs for one day and then they will hustle tommorrow again for food for that day. 

There is nothing to save. It's not even suffice for creating balance meals for a family. Children have to get school fee and the money pinched in order to save for bills,hire purchase or the hundred dollars a day partner. 

A lot of people don't understand how the partner helps out the poor man. He can pool his money with his neighbors and save then he collect a lumpsum. This lumpsum can go towards extending his house or paying for the tertiary education of his child. 

 There is no guarantees, just faith and hope that something will turn up the next day that will allow one to subsist. It is a game of survival. Life is not a luxury but many would rather be alive than dead because as long as they are alive then there is a hope. It does not matter what is going on in a Ghetto person's life, it is all about being here, as long as one has life, one has a chance of changing his circumstances. 

The lure of illicit activities in the Ghetto is real. It offers an opportunity to change the economical circumstances. The money is fast and it is often in large amounts. Poor people believe that money will make their lives a bliss. Therefore they believe that the pursuit of money is the ultimately goal. They will find out in time that money does not solve their problems. 

When a Ghetto person is poor, no one sees him. When he shows sign of making money, he incurs the attention of his community who will invariably expect him to share his spoils with them. If he refuses then he is seen as being traitorous to the identity of the Ghetto and seen as someone who "switched". 

Bad Men within the community will begin to use badness and threats to solicit money from the newly rich Ghetto person. The individual understanding the intricacies of the Ghetto and will comply if he wants to spare the lives of him and his family. 

If he decides to resist the demands of extortionist then he must leave his natal community. He understands that his life is in jeopardy. He can leave or form his own army to protect himself. Hence the connection between illicit money and crime. Where there's an illegal operation accruing profits, men offering bodyguard services and "strong arms" will no doubt gravitate to that person because a "food haffi eat".  Illicit money fuels crime. 

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