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Friday, December 20, 2013

Lessons Learn in the Jamaican Ghetto Life

The Buddha asserts that in every experience holds a blessing that one just needs to find it. 

It was last night, I was remembering a time when I was really broke. I went to a friend's house early in the morning and asked for a borrows to go hustle on the road. My friend told me that she would check me as soon as I get home. I waited the entire day and my alleged friend never turned up. 

An epiphany struck me at the end of the day because I managed to survive that day without the money I wanted to borrow. In my mind asking for that money was irrelevant in the first place because I did not get and still manage to survive that day without it. I never borrowed or begged anyone anything again. 

If god can provide for the birds and the animals much less me a macroscopic organism created as claimed by chacurist in his very own image.That is how I lived my life since. Committed to the belief that god will provide. 

I have another friend of recent who we were discussing my HYIP Fund.  He told me that he would give me a 100 dollars USD to invest for him. The next day. He reneges on his intent and told me he had several bills to cover. That was under stable and so i let it go. Now what I found rather irritating and downright unconscionable is that the same person would like me to invest a quarter million dollars now in a hedge fund. This person could not invest ten grand with me but wants me to invest quarter million with him. Something was awfully wrong here. 

The problems in our society can easily be fixed if we become less of a selfish people. I have discovered that people are largely about themselves. Nobody wants to lose their money and nobody wants to lose their time doing any ground work. Everyone wants guarantees and every thing " ready done". 

Don't they think for a moment that there were not people out there who wished they had invested in bill gates ideas before he became a billionaire. I know there must a be a lot of people who missed out on great opportunities because they transferred the doubts they have in their own abilities onto others, making them insecure about the capabilities of others. They missed out on a big opportunity to own a good amount of shares in Microsoft. 

I have heard many old people talk about when land was being sold for hundred and thousand dollars. They often rue not buying many more because they never assumed the value of land would escalate this astronomical. 

People with money would share  with those whom they feel threatened by. There are many people with money who if you should beg them, they won't give it to you but will very quickly hand over thousands of a dollars being an ingrate to someone important or to some dude who might stick a gun in their face. 

Now I understand clearly the point the commissioner makes about illicit money funding crime. I've observed that scammers would rather "pay dues" to individuals who create mayhem and murder than give a woman with a hungry child a thousand dollars. That within itself is a harsh reality. Money in the hands of fool will only brook chaos. 

These young men in the ghetto who make money through illegal activities, god probably knew why they were not born in money. 

Imagine that a lot of them would rather pay extortion money to some murderer and criminal whilst the people who live around them live in poverty. You can't even beg them a thousand dollars and get it. What does that tell you about the way that they think? 

Gussy would never turn away a hungry child or a mother in need. He was probably born the wrong place. I see the son of a governor get a scant wake and grave digging considering the fact that he is wealthy and important. Gussy, the child of a street side seller and a promiscuous father who deserted him from he was a preschooler received a historical celebration of life. Your life should be an inspiration to others. 

There is nothing wrong with the universe because it always restores life to its tantric balance. I see a mother through arbitration denied another mother to right bury her child who died in an accident on a plot of land because they wanted money for it and some ongoing dispute. 

I remember going to see the mother and hear her leave a voice message for the opposing family after they stopped taking calls from her. She said, tears steaming down her face " a hope none a unoo pickney no dead". She cried so hard that morning. 

People can be truly heartless. But in the midst of wickedness, the wicked always forget that they too have a fragile existence. They don't spend enough time rationalizing hence they make irrational decisions. As the powers that maybe will have it. The opposing mother's son died three months later. He was electrocuted at his work place.  I have every confidence in god or the power of the universe or whatever one might call it. Not one bad deed had gone unpunished in this Universe. 

I believe fixing this country is easy. Get rid of this personal ambition quest For superiority and start thinking about our collective interest. What's the sense you get rich and then you have to build fortress to keep the beggars out.

Agrarian societies were more peaceful. Capitalism has only fueled a materialistic world and egoism.

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