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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Santa Claus Do you ever come to the Ghetto ???

"People will hate you. Sometime their dislike is not a reflection of something you did or even you character. It may simply be because you suggest something in them. It's easier to paint a quality negative if one discover that it is by am means unattainable. "

Crystal Evans 

Santa Claus Do you Ever Come to the Ghetto.... 

I saw this little boy. People say he is bad and he is a thief. I asked him if he wanted an ice cream. He said yes. I gave him some money. He looked at me and asked me " you know me". I quickly realise that this child thought it uncustomary for a stranger to be kind to him. I told him yes, I knew his mother. I turned and walk away and when I looked back, he was walking away looking back at me. 

I believe that each random act of kindness or even compassion sometimes can change someone's destiny and life. He kept looking back at me because I may have just in one single gesture change his life. 

It doesnt take much to be kind to a child when so many of us waste money on liquor and stuff...

Sometimes I sit and think about how people have become completely unfeeling towards their brethren. 

If I was wealthy, there are so many people I would assist and children that I would commit my resources to helping them. So much was revealed to me in one innocent question from a ten year old. 

When I go into town.  I buy matches from children selling, I give kids money sometimes not because I have it but because I know what it feels like to have nothing. Poverty is a crime. 

I don't make it my duty to look down on children spawned from poor families because none of us had a choice with regards to where we would be born, the families that we might have or our natal economical circumstances. Children have to live with and sometimes accept the life they were born in until they can change it. We as a society sometimes must be willing to assist a child in changing his life circumstances. 

Not every child can be saved but every effort must be made to encourage and not condemn every child of the Ghetto. If we want a better society, a more peaceful community and a prosperous nation. 

Santa Claus does not come to the Ghetto. The closest thing kids might have had to Santa Claus is dead. Some might have called him Robin Hood. There are no gifts underneath no Christmas tree and children are stressed out by their living conditions that they like the adults have no time whatsoever to appreciate the true meaning of the season. 

I don't understand how someone can say I am a lover when you have no love for humanity. I see myself in every other human being. They have a complex life just like mine with family and friends. They are plagued by everyday experiences and issues just like me. How could I ever turn a blind eye to a child in need...

Some people do not know that the best gifts in life are already unwrapped. There is nothing truly remarkable than loving people who respect and regard the feelings of others despite the situation. Those people are rare, more valuable than gold. If you perhaps have one of those gems in your life. Appreciate them and treat him or her well because they are a seldom value. Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. 

Just saying true spirit of Christmas is love... 

Merry Christmas and a happy New year

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