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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Dancehall Music and Our Gun Culture

People within the dancehall are shook up over the death of DanceHall Producer "roach" who was sprayed at a gas station last Sunday before dawn. 

I do not know this producer personally but I remember rocking to several of the rhythms he produced in high school. 

I do not know if "Roach" is a saint but what I do know is that people should be allowed to die on their own terms. Someone wrote this on a popular blog i follow  " think people are entitled to their opinions and no one will ever cower me into silence if i consider something wrong or offensive to me. It is that same mindset why crime is escalating in Jamaica and criminals are at large. It these same convictions that make our ancestors dem live inna slavery for bout 4 century. Roach is an abrasive character but no one deserves to be killed. we must advocate life and not murder. Death is not only right to be meted out to certain people when it suits our perspectives. People should die on natures terms. And remember in life that the same stone that lick the black snake will rass the yellow one to so be careful what you support in this life."

My greatest concern is how many of our dancehall entertainers are being brought down by the gun. Some people are saying that they preach and endorse a certain lifestyle and therefore they are paying for it. 

who draws the line between what is considered entertaining and why some people might embrace certain lyrics as philosophy. I do not think dancehall is entirely responsible for what is happening to our society. They have augmented our conditions   yes by refusing to decry violence than glorifying it in music. 

Our parents are too busy following dancehall trends and sessions to offer any constructive guidance to their children. A friend of mine who lives in the United States told me that if an artiste is implicated in any crime or criminal activity his career is surely doomed not in Jamaica, he blossoms into a don and if he is murdered, he becomes a martyr. People in every corner of Jamaica know that if Adidjah Palmer is murdered tomorrow, he will be more famous than he was alive and no doubt knowing how savant "the teacher" is that he has made plans for his fame posthumously. 

The Internet has made music that are of a violent nature more accessible to our children. Most parents do not have a clue about the Internet therefore they cannot monitor it. They have left the socialization of their children up to the media, cable television and the Internet. 

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