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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Distrust among people doing business in Jamaica

Being young to the business world in Jamaica, there are several nuances that you will have to get accustom to. 

In this business sphere older people will use you to do their dirty work. They  will be all talk and no money. They will expiry your cleverness and hopefully you realize soon enough that you are just a paid slave and seek more credible employment elsewhere. 

When you are young in certain businesses, you are a scapegoat for downfalls. Take Kern Spencer for Example. When you young in corrupt businesses, you are more likely to be left standing with the shit bucket when things fall apart. They will pile all the blame on you and skitter to save their asses. 

People don't respect youth and business until you have proven yourself. You are considered more likely to fail than to succeed. Do not for a moment think that people will support your idea. It's your idea, they do not have to like it or support it. Your job is to make it happen and make it come true. 

Looking for investors is like opening a can of worms. Everybody who doesn't look like they have money, must be a scammer. People cannot be legitimately seeking funding for projects. They are all invariably considered to be looking to hoodwink some upstanding citizen out of their money. 

Service industries are even more difficult. You cannot run a consultancy company without people who are seeking your services not thinking that you are first and foremost unworthy of any business transactions until you have satisfied their request. 

In today's business world young people take risks everyday when they alight themselves with people who may kill your career. You have to be careful and do your researches before you become a victim of this classist, genocentric

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