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Friday, September 20, 2013

Peace for the Future of Our Children

We need to take back our world for our children. Why are good people lying around in fear while wickedness and debauchery consumes our land? You are just as guilty as the perpetrators when you stand aside and witness cruelty and fear to condemn it. Remember no one will be there to cry mercy for you. Life has a way  of always paying us back for our misdeeds. 
I do not believe in violence, I am an advocate of peace. I like my ancestors before me who fought for my redemption will honor the sacrifices that they made so that I can have the life that I have now. 

It is said that only lessons paid in blood are remembered and validated. What lessons are we teaching these children when we murder the innocent babies? 
Can someone explain to me what did this child do to deserve to have her life curtailed in such a violent manner. 
I often wonder if people who do these things do not have families or children. Within their own kind. 
Why would any sane person think it is fair or even ok to kill this child? 
It appears that the more modernized our world become, the more bestial we become as a people. Apparently that's we get when we mix animalism with technology and awareness, we get savagery. 

I look at this child deprived of the right to become an adult, to realize her dreams, get married and have children of her own. Yet her murderers and their families will no doubt live to fruition. 

We are too busy on this our world concentrating on the wrong things. We should be flooding our Cable Television with advertisements denouncing violence against our children but instead our broadcast are filled with Asinine Information.

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