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Friday, September 20, 2013

Is this the way corporate Telecommunication Giants Digicel treat their Customers?

I was enraged earlier in September when I could not access the Internet for a few days. During this period, I had made several calls to Digicel 100 number complaining of the disservice and the fact that it was affecting my online businesses. Digicel had assured me that I would get a rebate for the four days that I was without service. I wished I had videoed those days instead of taking snapshots because Digicel apparently took me " for a fucking idiot". 

I called and thank them for restoring my service and reminded them of the promised rebate. I did not follow up albeit my family insisted that those days were a lost because Digicel is like so manyGovernment  agencies, poor people never get any satisfaction just red tape, condescension and disregard. Hoping that we will become so fed up of the process that we give up and abandoned our quest altogether because they make it appear futile.

This is not my first run in with Digicel. DIgicel refused to be accountable for the sudden disappearance of my credit off my phone or why even though they say that you get twentyfive minutes   free after five minutes on any International call, the call is miraculously disconnected. I always get a bag of excuses and corporate diatribe about what they supposedly saw on their system. Apparently technology " a human made component" could not err or the fact that they were telling me about a system that I was not viewing simultaneously should confirm that they are in fact telling me the truth. Digicel who sends me text stating that I will get triple credit if my phone is topped up from abroad yet I have to call them to get the triple credit.

This did not just happen to me but to my entire community and Digicel called us all a liar. I do not need to deceive Digicel. I am upset that the average Jamaican has to spend almost fifty grand a year on Internet service and yet Digicel deprived me of four days of Internet where Digicel charges people 300 dollars a day to browse the Internet. 

The other day I said that I am gonna buy a Lime Modem. After all it is faster and I don't get any crap from their customer service. And I can get 1000 petitions from around Jamaica concerning questionable responses Digicel Jamaica has made to customers queries of disservice and dissatisfaction. 

The time alone that you are forced to remain on the line for customer service is enough deterrent for most Jamaicans to never call in to report faults with their system. Even my family told me that was futile to ask for the rebate. it's all good Digicel . Take sleep mark dead...

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