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Friday, September 13, 2013

Alternative Job Positions!

1.Computer System Analyst
Think of a computer systems analyst as a tech project manager. He or she is often a liaison between the IT department and a client, and has influence over both the budgetary and technical considerations of a project.

2. Data Base Administrator
The more digitized our society becomes, the more important the role of database administrator becomes. By 2020, we'll need about 33,900 new ones to store, organize, manage, and troubleshoot all the content we store on computers.

3.Software Developers
These tech-smart professionals who design, construct, test, and maintain software should see abundant job growth up to the year 2020. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts 27.6 percent expansion, or 143,800 new positions.

4. Web Developer
Web developer" might seem like a generic term, but a lot of schooling and skill goes into making a website look good and operate well. According to the Labor Department, about 65,700 new Web developers will enter the working world by 2020.

5. IT Manager
Having a hard time distinguishing between the tech jobs on this list? This tech wizard is the go-to person when your email won't send or your Internet crashes. As the head of the IT department, this professional ensures the company's network is operating smoothly and that dangerous threats like hackers and malware are kept at bay.

6. Interpretor and Translator
Whether it's sign language, spoken language, or written language, interpreters and translators are utilizing an invaluable skill. If you are fluent in a second language, you could find yourself working in a lucrative, secure, and growing position. The Labor Department predicts more than 42 percent employment growth in this profession over the coming decade.

7. Computer Programmer

C++, Python, and other computer languages should be second-nature for an ambitious computer programmer. Some of the most proficient could earn up to $114,000 a year.

8. Epidemiologist are need in Jamaica to treat outbreaks so that we do not have to seek international specialist when we have disease outbreaks.
Epidemiologists study hard to prevent the next bubonic plague, SARS outbreak, and swine flu scare. The Labor Department anticipates growth for this field, as well as other medical scientists, of 35.8 percent up to 202

9. Market Research Analyst
Think of this profession as people-watching for a paycheck. Market research analysts watch people, listen, and study them to determine their habits and preferences. They then advise clients on how to package, brand, and sell products appropriately.

10. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer
To do this job well, you’ll have to master the technical, like using medical equipment and making sure the patient is properly placed to get a just-right image, as well as the social, like interacting with nervous patients awaiting information on a medical condition. Sonographers are expecting liberal openings for the next few years.

11. Computer Systems Administrator
Without the expertise of network and computer systems administrators, your office network would be hampered by a string of technological glitches. Aside from maintaining a healthy computer network, they also lend their tech knowledge to managing telecommunication networks. This profession is expected to add 96,600 new positions by 2020.

12.Medical Secretary
Medical secretaries become well-versed in insurance rules, billing practices, and hospital procedures. The reward for their diligence is job security, as the Labor Department projects 40 percent employment growth for this profession.

13. Civil Engineers
We need more of these in Jamaica to fix our roads. The concrete streets you walk, the asphalt highways your wheels caress, and the buildings you sit in were all planned by civil engineers. If you want to be the designer who keeps our society humming, this job is for you.

14. Radiologic Technologist
Technologists use X-ray, computed tomography (CT), and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) equipment to assist physicians in diagnosing patients. As with other healthcare posts, this one will also expand—nearly 30 percent by 2020.

15. Cost Estimator
Before the first hammer is swung, a cost estimator must coordinate with engineers, architects, and construction managers to determine the technical, mechanical, and fiscal requirements of a project. These hyper-organized critical thinkers could see their workforce swell by 36 percent this decade.

16. Financial Advisors
We have a lot of therapists on our list: physical, occupational, marriage and speech, to name a few. Think of a financial advisor as a money therapist. He or she provides guidance on how to spend and save your money. Expect 66,400 new openings for this position before 2020.

17.Compliance Officer
Are you a stickler for rules? Consider working as a compliance officer. These professionals are employed in many industries to ensure ethics are practiced, laws are followed, and regulations are met. The BLS predicts 15 percent growth in this field by 2020.

18. Clinical Laboratory Assistance
healthcare facilities, clinical laboratory technicians work behind the scenes, preparing lab specimens and running tests. The best-paid in the profession earn around $56,000 a year.

19. Public Relation Specialist
There’s a lot of finesse involved in producing and distributing communication materials that uphold and promote a client’s image. The field’s elite also have a gift for gab and understand the art of the sell. Expect this occupation to grow by nearly 23 percent by 2020.

20. Paramedic
If you have an interest in working as a paramedic, consider working as a volunteer first. Those in the know say this approach will give you a taste for the job and make you more marketable should you choose to pursue this career.

21.Clinical Social Worker
A clinical medical social worker is concerned with helping people receive proper medical care and support. But the key ingredient to helping patients will be the ability to empathize with them. With more baby boomers needing care in the years ahead, the Labor Department predicts a 34 percent growth rate in this profession.

22. Meeting, Convention and Event PLanner
Openings are ample in this profession—nearly 45,000 by the decade’s close—but there are also a lot of applicants. For an inside edge, earn a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management. You should also receive the certified meeting planner credential if you’d really like to stand out.

23.Mental Health Counselor
One day, a stressed-out college student may be sitting in your office. The next, a depressed professional. Not only is the patient list broad, but so is the scope of the work, ranging from diagnosing disorders to coordinating care with other health professionals.

24. Logisticians
Logisticians solve theoretical problems for manufacturing or retail businesses, sometimes proving indispensable in large-scale disaster-relief efforts. Their input can be life-saving. Logistician employment is expected to expand 25.5 percent by 2020.

25. Paralegal
Paralegals are expected to grow at a faster clip than lawyers—something to think about if you’re interested in law but don’t wish to undergo all the schooling (and possible school loans) required to get a law degree.

26. Fabricator
Constructing commercial aircraft, household appliances, automobiles, and toys is a team sport, and the players are called fabricators. Consider this occupation if you’ve always been curious about how products are put together. Just keep in mind that some areas of this field will see greater hiring opportunity than others. Structural metal fabricators will experience 16 percent job growth from now to 2020.

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