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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

What really happens when we die?

My latest encounter with death has opened my eyes to question what really happens when we lose consciousness. MY friend is death and I doubt that I will ever see him or encounter him in this lifetime again.

My grandmother is of the opinion that when we die that our souls remain in a state of limbo until the trumpet sounds on judgement day and we are called upon by god to admonish our many sins in this world.

I do not know what happens when I fall asleep. I am unconscious for a few hours and then I wake up fully conscious of who I am because my brain during this deep sleep phase is still oxygenated. I often think to myself that dying must me much like that. Losing consciousness permanent. I had a near death experience when I haemorrhaged after giving birth to my daughter and fainted. I do not even remember fainting. All I remembered was the voices of the doctors and nurses trying to save my life as I lost litres of blood. I kept thinking about the baby that I did not see and my child's father who was waiting patiently outside for me.

I kept slipping in and out of consciousness and I did not feel the stitches the doctor gave me for forth degree tears I had that the nurse miraculously missed. These lacerations during childbirth had cost me to loose too much blood rendering me unconscious, I did not remember much of what happened that afternoon and that night.

I Know that people from time to time question their existence and wonder what it is going to be like when you die. I believe it when scientist say that energy is not lost but merely transpose from one object or system to another. I was thinking about when I boil water and it evaporates. The water does not disappear, it becomes a gas and then it cools, condenses and falls back as rain. Life within itself is a big cycle.

Does this mean that I support reincarnation. If energy is not then what does that say about the energy that makes me who I am. The very elements of my personality and what composites me as a person. Where does that go when I die?
The information that we have on the incorporeal is purely supposition and conjectures formulated on reason and scientific extrapolations. No one who has died has ever come back to tell us what death feels like and the afterlife.
But this perception might be faulty because how can we account for psychic connections with our love ones in the afterlife or messages being send to us from our love ones who died.

Sometimes I look at my daughter and wondered where she got her personality. I see parts of her dad and her me in her personality but she has certain proclivities that I do not see in her father and I that makes me confident that those are inherent aspects of her "soul" personality.

My brain goes on these "meds" and thousands of thoughts and perceptions are conjured up during these meditation sessions that often leave me more befuddled about the missing parts of our existence.

Experts claim that consciousness grows and it shrinks but it never dies. Even so what really is death? Does the spirit leave the corporeal body because it is not longer able to hold it. Take for instance someone gets shot in the head several times yet remains alive but unconscious for over half an hour. Then take large gasps and die. Has the soul given up on the body that cannot contain it any more

Just thought about this on my lunch break...

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