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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

RIP CHECKY : Why do evil people prosper and Good people die?

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Truly missing my friend.

I was searching for an answer to why Evil people prosper and found this on Yahoo.

Nobody is inherently anything. When you are born, you are pure innocence. A blank slate. Throughout our lives we have experiences that shape the way we see the world. We can choose to look at the world with eyes of cynicism, hatred and negativity, or we can choose to look at the world with eyes of happiness, acceptance and love. Naturally, being happy feels better. Loving makes you feel fuzzy <3

In my opinion, nobody is a bad person. On purpose. We create mental tools to deal with the world, and we choose between good tools and bad tools based on what has worked before. Some people don't know how to deal with the world except through negativity, and I feel sorry for them. (

Good and evil aren't esoteric concepts. Human life is biased toward its own value. We value our lives
--for the most part--and those things that further human life are good and those that do not are bad. Bad people do exist and we do isolate them from society, in prisons and mental institutions (not that all people with mental problems are bad or evil).

If bad people exist then whose fault is that? Well, in my estimation so far each human being on the planet decides what is good and what is bad and which way they will treat human life, including their own and so the responsibility on how to view this value is an individual responsibility and forms the premise of all individual philosophies which in turn motivates all individual actions. This means the judgment of good and evil, the judgment that is usually left to the gods is really in each man's breast and expressed through each man's limbs and tongue. The power of mankind is godlike. The interactions of our minds and the accumulation of knowledge is godlike. The choices we get to make make us into the gods we spend so much time prostrating ourselves in front of.

If people knew how much influence their ideas and their actions had on their human environment then religions and institutions of power and the very idea of what power is and where it actually derives would flip and each man would take his godlike responsibility and wield it without shame. Power, since the beginning of history will do anything to suppress this idea and it has. There are those that stand at the starting line and consciously decide that human life doesn't have value, or that some has value over others and that in this way he can do bad or evil things. That is evil. That is a man deciding that life has no value and influencing his human environment in a way that is "bad" or in my estimation, evil.

If a man chooses to remain ignorant of his choice his actions will still be influencing his environment and so he doesn't free himself from the responsibility he merely leaves it up to fate, or the next man who decides that he could use last guys resources and power in the name of what he believes is justified. How can one man, one dictator, control so many people? All of the people decide to give resources and their power to that one man. In our search for gods we seem to have forsaken and forgotten about ourselves. The things that happen when human minds interact and human beings take responsibility for themselves is godlike. How does a religion become powerful? All of the people decide to give resources and their power to the institution. The power derives from all the people and the social contract wasn't invented it was discovered and manipulated to ensure power paradigms remained in the same form we see today, massively and disproportionately expressed as deriving from institutions.

I guess the question we should all ask ourselves is where is my money, my resources, my power going? What am I propping up and in my estimation is it good or bad? In this way indifference has been the main cause of bad, or evil in the history of mankind. You are right, mankind doesn't need gods or angels, just an adequate understanding of reality, but good and evil exist and they are expressed everywhere at every moment and it creates sociological reality for all of mankind.

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