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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bob Marley: Jamaicans Stand up for your RIGHTS!!!!

Every man gotta right to decide his own destiny,
And in this judgement there is no partiality.
So arm in arms, with arms, we'll fight this little struggle,
'Cause that's the only way we can overcome our little trouble.

I was watching a documentary about Bob Marley after reading a book I borrowed from our parish library and realised that these notions that were slowly developing into a misanthropic attitude on my part.

Bob The attempt of Bob Marley's life was not about music, it was an attack on what he represented, who he was and the powerful movement that he forged before I was even born. He preached One Love. lOVE.UNITY AND TOGETHERNESS yet some small minded person believed that it was better someone like him died than lived. My Family warns me sometimes about this obsession I have with human rights and revolutionising our situations. They preferred when i only wrote books about men.

I See Jamaicans lined on the streets during his funeral and wondered why in this country we only fight for good people posthumously. We wait until they died before we honour what they were standing up for. We do not fight for their revolution when they are alive, we turn away and we cower in fear. Sometimes i imagine that despite the almost 100,000 views i have on this blog that my fight might not be accomplished in this lifetime or that someone might me offended by my philosophies and murder me before my time. I am not immune to the idea that all revolutionist and the world greatest social changers have died young except for President Mandella.

We have to see someone die or a life sacrificed before we see the reality of the world that we are creating. Some of us will wait until someone close to us is hauled into the demonic dragnet of the monsters of this world before we stand up for our rights or challenge the few people who run this world. we do not understand that by standing and doing nothing you have iadvertently agreed with everything that is happening in our world. I take for example when a police officer allegedly kills an innocent man, we protest with our placards and we call on the media to bring the accused police officer or officers to justice yet many of our innocent people are slaughtered by citizens among our own communities and everyone walks around on eggshells afraid to decry a matter of injustice.
What if it was your child that was killed/, your daughter raped or your brother brought down in a hail of bullets? We look at the world differently when its harsh realities hit at home.

Bob Marley says every man has a right to his own destiny and we should judge with impartial. These are the minds of the people whose philosophy i follow. I call upon the intellectual class of Jamaica to stop hiding behind this psuedo intelligence mired in instant gratification and become truly enlightenment about our humanity for the future of our children.
You got an education not to segregate yourself from the lower class entirely and snug up to the upper class because as we can see none of us is safe. Your role is to lobby for the improvement of the life of the lower class citizens and use your ability to reason with the upper class to foment a greater responsibility by the powers that maybe to the people, the semi literate masses.

You cannot live like a prisoner in your own country and you cannot be afraid of your own people. This mass fear that we are all experiencing is what kept our forefathers in slavery for over 3 centuries. And most of the people who died in order for us to be free today would have been ashamed of what we have become as a people. The ethos that we have embraced. Bob Marley, Marcus Garvey, Martin Luther King and Micheal Manley did not envision this Jamaica where militant underground sub units are slowly, blatantly taking over this country.

Emancipate yourself from Mental Slavery, do not let pirates rob your life.
I do not know what our leaders have planned for our future. Sometimes i get angry and frustrated at the processes that they are taking and other times i muse that they have probably exhausted all avenues.
Why don't they give young people like myself and many other aspirants who have a dream like Martin Luther King for this Country.

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