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Monday, August 12, 2013

Black people doing businesses in Jamaica

A client of mine who consulted me in finding a property for him to buy contacted me this morning about how he was repeatedly insulted by some reality companies when he wanted to buy properties.

He said that he was aghast at being treated like this by his very own people.

He commented that no wonder white people were buying out Jamaica!

It is not just Jamaica, Black people are often prejudices and marginalized! It is a frowned upon misconception that if a black person is successful then he must be doing something illegal!

It is not only racial profiling, it is an insult to the black race aggravated by the fact that black people themselves belief in this crap!

I had to explained to him that due to the financial crimes that have all but consumed the world that companies are being asked by bank policy makers to ascertain funding of market purchases before doing business transactions.

I recently went to the bank to do a substantial withdrawal and I was given hell. I had to have some documents faxed to me from abroad and receipts, invoices, contracts and several E currency payment systems and money transfer documents to validate how I came to have that likkle bit a money in the bank. I mean in the grand scheme of wealth, people like me are on the outside looking in! so I could not understand why this bank was asking me so much question.

I believed it had a lot to do with how I looked.

I do not dress to impress, I dress for comfort and convenience. Left up to me I would go anywhere, any how! Something my partner and family members hate. I do not like attention! Thats just me!

The bank manager was amazed at how someone as simple as I looked could pull off all that was before his very eyes. He remarked after giving me his card with some numbers on it that I should give him a call so that I could teach him how the hell I do that!

Impressions are everything so yes you should put yourself together and ray ray but a black man in a suit or a black woman is seen more as an assistant than a boss!
You cannot change the colour of your skin or the way you were born.

What should young black entrepreneurs who stumble on Gold Mine ideas and not even know it should do!Keep documentations of everything that you do! Get a certified Auditor and always have your receipts invoices etc...

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