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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Why some Jamaicans Abroad Piss me Off?

What i hate more than anything is hearing many of these so call migrated Jamaicans talking about Jamaica like it is the worst place on earth. I always say that everybody comes to Jamaica and get rich, chineese, spanish, white people. Everybody comes here and do business and make money but our own people. The ones abroad think it is so easy to paint us dirty and distance themselves from anything Jamaican, Unoo fi glad say unooo left yah but unlike yall some of us do not have anywhere else to go but here and there are many people like myself who believe in our country and are willing to fight for my people...kmft..since when sum a unoo rass arrive...

Many of them treat Islanders like they are dirt beneath their feet since they became Americanised and things a gwaan fi dem now. But I am not surprise. Jamaicans are like that when dem feel say them deh pon top now. Everybody thinks it is OK to bash Jamaicans as homophobic savages, money mendicants, murderers and scammers.

I am not denying that Jamaicans do not have issues, i mean i can't stand some of people I know sometimes but these personality issues are not only confined to Jamaica.

If Jamaicans abroad would come back here and invest in the ideas of young entrepreneurs, business ideas of university graduates, open businesses and buy cheap lands and build some hotels then we would be moving forward with changing the way Jamaica is. People forget that the reason why they left Jamaica was to seek a better life and come back! Now everybody wanna go and build up a foreign country than their own nation.

What you have learnt in the first world country, come back here and apply it so that we can move our country forward. Not everybody will be on board. Some of you cannot tell me that there are not criminals , gay bashers and scammers in America.

When we put on this holier than thou, brush your shoulders off to Jamaica then we will not be going anywhere, any time soon and as you probably already know not all of us can migrate and leave this island empty.
Step up and work together for the Jamaica that made you who you are. The place you lived during your formative years, the education system that made you pass your exams in America. Don't throw away your stick before you cross the bridge. Give back to your foundations!

Tired of Corrupt politicians, come together and decry out political systems.
Tired of crime, come together and rally for donations to buying equipments so that our crime lab can be fully modernised and our forensic team have first world technological gadgets to work with when fighting crime. That will deter the youths from committing crime if they are no longer convinced by the rate of unsolved murders in Jamaica that they can get away from with it.

Maybe if some Jamaicans would invest in Jamaica the way these Chinese and Spanish people been buying up our properties, beach front lands and resources, becoming wealthy, then and maybe then Jamaica will be the place to live....

Open up your holier than thou eyes and see the bigger picture!!!!


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