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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Death is no fair punishment!

There was a time I thought that killing someone who hurt, disrespect me or violated me would be the best punishment. I was wrong and I was young and angry! Life has taught me that killing someone is no fair punishment. Death is no system of penalty since we all have to die.

People might say that life is precious and to cut a man's life short is the worst thing one can do to him but what if this life that we live is merely an illusion, a dream and when we die, we wake up! Someone once said that reality is the biggest illusion because we create our own reality.

I was on my way out when I heard that my dad took his childhood friend to the hospital and he was shot multiple times. I could not move because the character I knew did not sound like someone who deserved to be murdered much less shot twelve times. He is not a killer, a thieve, a scammer or a drugs man. He was simply a man who love to run jokes and who will from time to time enter fist fights with other men. But don't we all have our disagreements with people! If I could count the people who violated me in my life,and who I sometimes thought deserved death then I would have halved an entire cemetery.

In Jamaica everybody wants to be a leader and tell people what they should or should not do. These appointed leaders are elected out of fear than any true respect. Most Dons govern their communities by eliciting fear in community members but very few understand the psychology of gangsterism. Absolute power corrupts absolutely! Dons and so call bad men always cross the line. The more they kill, the more powerful they become within themselves, they begin to feel impervious and this leads to narcissism.
In the end they always end up fucking with the wrong people!
Most Gansgters do not understand that when people fear you, they will hate you and if they do then they will hide and kill you! You will never have a lot of loyal followers only people who do things for you out of fear, or because you have something to offer them. When your money and your guns run out, these same people will kill you! They will always remember the deaths that you engender that were in colloquial terms " kill man over foolishness"
How you wield your power like god over the same people you swore to love and to protect? There is one thing I know is that we all have a end in the grand scheme of things! And many gangsters are murdered by the same rottweilers they had hunting down and murdering people! Any badman friend that you cannot control or talk to will eventually become your enemy because he will one day mess with someone you hold dearly! Your authority means nothing to him and worst he respects no one but his gun!

Where do we draw the line?

People say words cannot hurt you and that you should not physically attack someone who said something that offended you. But who are we kidding, people say things to you that cut you life a knife! Mavado says " me no have no time fe pree my enemy cuz if me pree my enemy a gunshot fe dem bludclaat me done talk"

Am I to watch someone murder my family, leave my children fatherless and they live their lives as if nothing has happened? How much can any human being bear? Do I wait on karma or father time to exact the revenge I so desire so that I can see the fairness of mother nature?


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