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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Why are you upset with the Narcissist and he does not love you!

Why are women upset with the narcissist for not pretending about how he feels about you! Why are you grieving a relationship that never existed?

It is because the relationship exists in your mind. The narcissist has denied you the right to be in his life. You are not apart of his legacy.

You envision what he does when he goes to his bed at nights! If he snores or farts in his sleep

What is his family members like? how it would feel to see him interacting with them?
What intrigues you even more are the women he married or had children with! Why them and not you?

You probably mused a thousand times if he simply saves his anger, disrespect and abuse for you.

A billion questions that often leaves you angry, hurt, null, void and miserably unhappy!

He has moved on with his life and you are still hopelessly in love with him. You are still holding on to a dream that may never be more than just that.
You question the notion of whether or not you might deserve what is happening to you and why does he go on living his life happily while you live on the edge of insanity.
He is crazy and the one thing that narcissist are good at is making their victims look crazier than they do! You wanna get your life N sync! You wanna get out of his life! And get him out of your head but it is not easy when you stalk him.

Social media has made it quite easy to keep tabs on his life but that is no comfort because he is not physically there. What will you do now?

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