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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Your circle will support you last

Your friends will support you last

It was early one Saturday morning, when a guy i knew my entire life, text me on Facebook wanting a link so he could buy one of my books. 

I did my run and I waited for Paypal to send me a confirmation of payment.  It never came through. I remembered saying to my significant other that, I am yet to receive a payment detail from anyone I know. 

I quickly realized that the people closest to you won't ever support you. You will get support from strangers who do not see you for what you were but for who you are now. 

The people within your circle know you from you you use to wear tear out batty pants and barefoot a go a standpipe. They still see you in some part or whole as the dirty child at the stand pipe. 

They believe that what i tell them about my success online is probably a farce. They cannot see how I make money doing what I do. They think that because they cannot do it, it means it cannot be done. They use themselves as a yardstick for their own capabilities. 

It's ok. They will eventually catch up. When your doubters catch up on your success it will be too late for them to access you the way they are accustom to. By that time they will start to say how much you "switch" when they were never your greatest cheerleaders from the beginning. 

Your friends will support you last. Your family won't believe until other people tell them. People find it hard to believe that greatest can come our of the commonality of their own circles. 

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