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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What does Justice mean to black people?

Hating someone is quite easy  because hatred does not require a great deal of thinking. No truly intelligent person will loathe someone on the grounds of it feeling right to hate....

#Crystal Evans Jamaica 

I was reading an article in the Atlanta Black star online feature illustrating twelves pictures of lynched Negroes. They even had one with Negroes on postcards. I saw families gathered together, children dressed up to witness the burning of a Negro at the stake. 

I wondered which parent or what kind of society believe this was ok to treat a other human being like this and have their children witness it. It was the law but it was not right. There is a greater law that governs us all. The law of cause and effect. We are bounded by the strands of this universe to be retributed by sheer tantric nature of this life for every  drop of innocent blood shed returning earth to its karmic balance. 

Some negroes that died may have deserve it but slavery does terrible things to a man's sense of right or wrong. We cannot expect human behaviour from people living in inhumane conditions. 

Just imagine if some negroes decide it would be ok to lynch and burn whites for the distress they put their black ancestors through. Even so no one has been held accountable for what happened to Africa because of slavery and black people were never given any justice. No white person has been arrested for enslaving a human being or for using degrading references about another persons race. 

Blacks were subjected to indignities  and further injustice up until a few decades ago and even so racism still exist in pockets around the world. I don't know which white man could convince me of how " learned and intelligent" he is because he asserts that I am inferior by virtue of the way I look. My appearance, my race, I have no control over. We don't choose to be black. It's sheer ignoramus for a man to label my brother by virtue of his phenotype that he is doomed to a life of crime and early death. If you teach a child to be pessimistic about his existence, how can you expect anything positive from him. He's been inculcated to believe that nothing good is expected of him. Imagine how a black man with money is automatically labelled as being involved in something illegal...where I  from no one questions a white man's wealth but a black man... Whole different story...

I know slavery crippled the black spirit. It is the ghost of the slave that is in our genes that makes us tolerate injustices and will quickly deem our brother a criminal than stand up for him. We have been proselytized to believe that nothing good comes out of being black. Therefore all black men are from birth on their way to Jails and the morgues instead of the Universities. 

This brainwash is what makes Jamaicans  abroad think they are better than "Yardies" because they live and work beside the white man. It is what makes the Jamaican thinks he is superior to the African because he lives closer to western civilization, the same civilization that was built on the blood of his ancestors. The Black America who believes himself better than his island black brothers or the European Negro who believes himself superior to all other blacks because he lives in a white man country. The closer you are to anything black, the lower the perspective is towards your situation, the closer you are to white people, the better and safer you feel. I once heard a Jamaican Farm worker claim that he wants to live beside "bare white people". Said he was Tyad of black people and their issues.  

It was earlier this night, I saw a Jamaican living in Wisconsin wrote in a response to the killing of 250 civilians by the police last year. She said that we should all suck it up and tell our families to stop doing crime. I quickly wondered if she somehow thought a "bay criminal live down here". She maybe right. They say Jamaica is a haven for criminals. So she must be referring to the crime network involving police, politics, businessmen and women, scammers etc. For some reason I know she's not talking about the criminals in high places. 

I realize controversial police killings  in the United States often involve black males from the Hood. It is a universal belief that all black males are potential criminals and should be shot on sight. I bet Ms Wisconcin would be more sympathetic to the fatalities if perhaps they were high brown or white complexion. That's just my opinion.

 Just imagine dark skin police officers shooting 250 white people. As I said, purely utopic. I don't think for a minute that any white guy would be shot on sight don't care how much him name a call upon gun... Just my opinion in my creole language. 

What is right is not hard to dismiss. We have come too far as a race to be sliding back into regression. Almost every nation run by a black man is in shambles economically. What does that say about us as a people? Look at the first black republic, Haiti, poorest country in this hemisphere. South Africa is the fastest growing economy because it is rumored control by European descendants and black Africans are not allowed too much free "rein". It appears everything black people put their hands on goes to ruin. 

But we are a race of leaders and forerunners. We spend too much time on Slavery and not sufficient time on the accomplishments of the carthinagians, Kemets and Nubian civilizations. Our story did not begin, end nor is it centered arounf slavery 
To be continued ...


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