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Friday, January 10, 2014

Money , Business and Friendships

Money can't buy friendship 

I have some people in my life who are very good judge of character. My child's father is one of them. He is never wrong about his observation. He watched me doing my business and he knows when am being shit slapped from when I have a real client. 

I spent three days and three hours on a consultation. I didn't make a dime. I shared my ideas and guidelines without making a profit and that happens a lot. People sometimes just want to know you business. I am naive therefore sometimes I play along. 

 Just like investors trying to squeeze every dime out of me with no regards for the other members in my fund. I realize that people only care about themselves. People are only into you to get something from you. 

Anybody in the service industry will know how interested a client is or if they had any intention of spending money with you by how quickly they cut you off. The client that falls off the earth quickly after consultation was hitch hiking for ideas. People who want to do business keep in touch, looking for window of opportunity to contribute. 

I watch a client who refuse to develop a good web business idea she had,go out and buy a suit for work, shoes, bag and pay taxi fare everyday whilst she claimed that the money to develop her idea was too much. I realize in this business people expect you to do things for them for free. I know that her back to work outfit plus daily fares until she got her first pay cheque worth more than the starter account for $80. She probably thought it was too good for Maybe just maybe if I was some remote, unknown Internet entrepreneur from another country then just maybe they would be more inclined to pay for my services. I know shit when I smell it. She would rather invest thousands of dollars in a job with a secured pay than in her own idea. A very good one which I capitalized on instantly. I realized that people don't believed in themselves, they believe in the system. 

There is a reason they don't teach media or iT at National Training Agency ( Heart Trust). These are very expensive knowledge based professions that have a particular finesse to them. It requires enthusiasm and a keen understanding for this area to be able to teach it to others who are unexposed to the subject area. 

My significant other often says this " a black man can never own a bank. If he opens a bank. His people would never bank with him for fear that he might take their money and build himself up. Even if they bank with him. They would call in everyday to check on their money and if they see him buying up houses and cars. Everybody would all of a sudden want to take out their money. Familiarity breeds contempt. 

 When I use to beg people to invest in my business. It was some of the most humiliating times in my life. But I pulled through and ended up a partial success, I still have space to grow. I never gave up. I told myself that if god could provide for the birds of the air and the animals in the sea. He would never let an intelligent being like me starve to death. 
 When life does not create a window of opportunity. You create one for yourself 

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