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Friday, January 31, 2014

Two boys killed a Dog

I read a report in the Gleaner about several killings in Jamaica. I was infuriated and saddened by the reports of children witnessing the killing of a parent. We have become a society of heartless people. 

I don't know but I believe there was a time when children were shielded from such experiences. That is no longer the case. Facebook has taught me a lot about the way people are in the physical world. 

The Gleaner makes a report and has thousands of subscribers yet only few people with hearts make comments when these incidents occur. People generally do not care. They assume that whoever was killed must have done something to deserve it. 

It is easier for us to think people who are killed somehow deserve it. After all we would not want to believe that our little notions of security are only illusions and superstitions. We would not want to think that there are people on this world who are inherently evil and get some form of thrill from committing diabolical acts. Oh no... They must have something wrong, oh yes they must have been involved somehow for someone to think about them in such a hateful manner. To admit that there are evil people in this world is to say shatter our sense of security. 

Two little boys killed a dog last Saturday evening next door and proceeded to burn him after cutting him up. They are eight and ten years old. Their mother has several
Children and in modern terms is homeless. Their step father beats their mother regular and she has no idea who their father is. These little boy went to someone's yard and killed a dog. 

It's quite ominous when you think about it and I hope these boys are planning to become surgeons and not murderers. Based on their background and emotional abuse that they have been through, I doubt they will not turn to a life of crime. 

I wonder about their mother who has seven children and she's barely thirty. She has another two sons and a baby boy. She's raising five very dangerous young men. I don't mean to be prejudicial, I often harp on people for not giving Ghetto People the benefit of the doubt but in many cases, things are exactly as they seem. 

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