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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hold on Jamaican Bloggers, Change Gwine come

A Jamaican blogger contacted me last night about her sudden disillusion with her Jamaican people. She was ready to shut down her blog and cash in. She would migrate with her children and never set back a foot on these disenchanted shores of a people who in her estimation want nothing short of things remaining just the way that they are. I understood what she meant, in a country like this you can die for your right and still die for no reason. People might be upset but no one dare publicly decry injustice for fear that they might disappear too. 

I told her I realise something critical about Jamaicans, we don't argue to sieve through clutter of perspectives to find the truth, when we have a discussion about economy or society people turn the forum into a personal debate about whether or not the person is credible enough to give references and attempt to undermine and insult the speaker. 

Some people are not truth seekers don't expect good things from people with dirty minds. I know a lady on a particular blog who comments everyday simply to insult the publisher and infuriate his followers.  I've learned one thing from people like her, they don't care about Jamaica, she cares about her opinions and her rated night. She couldn't give a damn about what happens to Jamaica on a collective basis. You don't have to agree with what is being said, but you can provide alternative arguments that points to greater truths. Your dissension should not be a means to insult and undermine. It's people like them who contribute to the continued decay in our society. 

I said something to my colleague blogger that got her thinking. I told her don't be dismayed, not because people do not comment it does not mean that they don't read. They see it but refuse to acknowledge it hoping to create the exact results you talking about now. They want you to pack up and leave. 

I experience it daily on Facebook, I've had over a million visitors to my blogs here and elsewhere and people rarely comment but they keep coming back. It means people will view but they won't comment. I get that on Facebook a lot. It points to a higher truth about the work that needs to be done in Jamaica. The biggest problem we have in Jamaica is not corrupt politicians, miscreant police or criminal elements our biggest issue is our people and how they disregard their collective reality, most feel impotent to change anything and a vast majority don't care until them baxide left out a door. The biggest stymie to progress in the Jamaican society has always been their minds. They either think too little or don't think at all. Most cannot see past their next feeding or money. We celebrate money and material accumulations over justice and morality. We are the most narrow minded and short sighted people who want others to pave the way for us and won't ever attempt to implement change on our own. We condemn our own society. We are responsible for the corruption that we have bred by the way we socialized our children to view life on dollars and cents and not by its inherent values. 

If you want a society to decay very quickly put Jamaicans there to comprise of its majority. The people in this country condemn them own selves. They have caused injustices whether by badman or police to endure because they have conceded to stand by and do nothing about it until it darkens their doorsteps. 

Have you ever complained about some defect in the Jamaican system and some stranger or passerby opined " a so it go mi dear, things nah go get any better". They have consigned themselves to this way of life. 
My grandmother and I were at a family members wake. The police came there, strode in on a air of authority, guns pointing in faces as always, I don't know why I think the police have something against my community or for that matter my family. They often give me that impression. 

I proceeded to find out what the police wanted because I had written the permit and it was stamped by the superintendent of police. My mother and my child's father quickly became angry and pleading to me not to get involved in police business. My family members and relatives are afraid of the police since Gussy was killed by them. 

That is one of the biggest indices of problems we have in Jamaica and is that people out of fear will give away their rights. Two the average Jamaican  will not fear the badman but is now afraid of the police. Three the citizen will tolerate the bad man but will fear or challenge the police. 

A change is coming for Jamaica she should hold on. We see the judiciary system working with the Vybz Kartel
Case, we see the newspaper doing some real reporting and we see politicians like Raymond Pryce clamouring for
The legalisation of Ganja. A change Gwine come...


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