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Thursday, January 9, 2014

JAmaica's Big Idea Funding Network

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One of the biggest issues I come across when encouraging Jamaicans to start a business online is that they have been Hardwired by their education to seek employment in what I refer to as traditional terms. 

Jamaicans are essentially doubtful and to some extent afraid to invest their time and resources in anything that is remotely unfamiliar. 

They like the consistency of their jobs and the monotone of not having to do anything new but a similar task everyday. They only invest in institutions and not ideas. They hold people that they know in contempt. 

What if we as a people pooled our ideas and resources together we could create business. Just imagine if we would invest 1000 into a young entrepreneur. We would raise a million dollars if 1000 people invested. 

If you live in Jamaica and you need investment or you have a brilliant idea and need funding then big idea funding network might be able to help you get the funding that you need. 

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