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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Kartel going to Jail

Kartel if you do the crime you must do the queens counsel lawyer, Tavares and matlock cAan save you. No damning evidence presented though but if you are prosecuted, it will be on reasonable doubt... Circumstantial evidence points to you. Can't believe Kartel knowing how precarious and fragile his position is in this society. Renown for turning my generation into deviants...would put himself in a position to be seen as a liability...make himself dispensable. He probably assumed he was above the law. 

News flash teacher... No one is above the law in Jamaica. Probably that X5 guy who killed Kahjeel Mai's is but not the World Boss. 

I am wondering where are the guns that the prosecution claim Clive Lizard Williams was murdered for? That part of the story is still very much a mystery.A big one too. 

I always knew Kartel would get this big. He was all the rave during high school. When I hear my alumni saying Kartel should do time you must know because his ardent supporters would never diss the world boss ever. 

When you high profile in Jamaica, worst if you from a certain background and you a endorse errant or criminal lifestyle, you are not contributing to the improvement of this society. You will be removed by any means necessary. 

Sometimes I wonder what makes almost every Jamaican young man believe that if he is not endorsing badmanism  and errant culture then he is not respected by his peer? 

The story is twofold. The Likkle badman thinks his lifestyle is illegal but somehow legitimate because he has his cheerleaders. He has a whole host of people who inspire him by sensationalizing and glorifying his illicit deeds. 

Little boys would not want to become gangsters if we did not have artiste advocating gangsterism, movies idolizing James Bond and video games that help boys simulate gun slinging culture. 

We have a created a culture where guns are the emblems of power and people value money more than morals. It didn't happen overtime, it happened gradual, insidious until it culminates into what we have here. 

Sometimes I mused that our boys should be given a chance to rehabilitate instead of being shot dead on sight. Other times I think about how we are going to undo laziness and years of values entrenched overtime. 

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