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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Using your grief as strength

I have decided that I am going to use my suffering as a creative force to influence reform in my country. I don't wish to be judged or condemn because of my stance. I am not trying to start any wars. I just want, peace, equal rights and justice. 

Sometimes I wonder what influence this so call order that we have in the world. Who gets to make laws that determines what is right from what is wrong? By what order does the evolution of apes have to christen one human good and damned another to the waving hands of death. Voltaire states it is better to risk saving a guilty person than condemn an innocent one. 

I clamored when my cousin was killed by police. I begged my peers to denounce injustice. I knew that tolerance of injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere as purported by Martin Luther King. 

The progression of this Jamaican society will not be automatic. We cannot wait on the tides of destiny to move us towards a greater good. I have read of my ancestors who lost their lives so that I can enjoy contemporary freedom. Our men have done nothing but be a disgrace to the legacy of men like Marcus Garvey and Martin Luther King who sort enlightenment in order to assert their philosophies. They knew that one does not need violence to enforce his ideologies. 

Men Men Men Men 

What is justice to you is oppression to another? Imagine the man who claims he stands for justice is praised for getting rid of local oppressors yet goes overseas murders and plunders others in another country in the name of justice. Justice is really a perspective. Justice does not follow a Linear line, it's crooked, bent and molded to suit the judge, jury and executioners ideologies. 

You cannot understand justice without first learning empathy. Until you find yourself in the position of the unjust, you can never stand up for those who are oppressed. To experience is to know. 

I've learnt two things from the deaths of John F Kennedy and Martin Luther King. 1. Even if your cause is rightful, if the powers that maybe see you as a threat to the statusquo, they will find creative, justified ways of getting rid of you. 2. They will if needs be get rid of their very own in order to prove their point. 

A good person's death is never the collective will of everyone but the malicious satisfaction of a desired few and their misguided opinions. It doesn't take much to get rid of a good person, it only takes one brave but cruel heart. 

I always tell parents who fail to teach their children justice and fairness that they will bury them. The people who know your children will overlook their misdeeds on your behalf. This world is a cruel place and when people know that they cannot come to you about your child when he/she does something wrong. They will hurt your child and you will be heartbroken. 
 You teach your children to adequately identify their enemies. Don't create foes for them. You won't always be there to defend them. You are creating people that the world will have to live with. Be careful what you teach them. 

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