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Friday, January 10, 2014

We are sonder. Love thy brother as thyself

I took a picture of a halve moon in the late afternoon because things in nature fascinate me.Nature is not temporary but I am. 

Everything about this universe will probably be here long after I am gone. That's why every sunrise is so spectacular to me and I find how time moves fast when I asleep as one of the mysteries of the universe. Time is very relative. Forever can be just a second, or a millionth of a second. 

Sometimes I stare into the sky and wonder what could I have done differently to effect a sense of change for unity in this world. I don't want no war. I just need justice. 

I think about how we blame politicians for every god almighty things that is wrong with our nation because they can be held accountable. What about ourselves? We know what is right and we know what will happen and yet we the electorate keep swapping kettle for Dutch pot. We are responsible for our reality. 

A friend on Facebook asked me something that hurt me to my core this morning. She said that I loved my friends so much or my cousin why didn't we warned them to stay away from bad company. I guess Monique doesn't have any brothers. 

Boys will be boys and Men will be Men. I see a teacher was gun downed in a store with his friend. People say that he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. I don't think that justifies the killing of a young man who was contributing to this society by teaching our children so they can get enlighten and get out of poverty. 

I often wonder about the men who do these things. They go back home to their families. Their mothers and girlfriends wash their clothes. They cook food and give it to them knowing full well that they cost another family grief

. I often imagine when police kill them that two families are distraught because of a single stupid decision. Two mothers left in anguish because of one stupid decision. Two family torn by grief and children left fatherless because of one stupid decision. A decision that will no doubt begin a cycle of poverty and crime. 

We are a world of selfish people. Only thinking about ourselves and our own with no regards for the lives that we destroy to enforce our ideologies. We don't care about the horror that we bring upon others family members. 

We have forgotten that everyone that we see have their own battles and a labrynth network of friends and family just as extensive as ours. 

We are Sonder 

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