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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I preach love : I don't incite violence

I don't write to incite violence, I write to teach love. I believe love can change the world. I once read an article about a tribe in Africa where when someone does something aberrant for the first time, he is not ostracized, but they hold a community meeting and sing a song for him. In an attempt to reestablish his identity, the community shows him love. He is of course reprimanded but given an equal opportunity for remorse. It does not matter how far gone you are in wrong doing, there is still hope for change. 

You can change your destiny now. It is not too late for you to become someone else and return back to your roots. I often ask god to never put me in a position where I will have to resort to doing something unlawful or hateful so that I can put food on my table. We all have desperate times and it's not like we have not thought about it. 

We have but we know or rather I know the price of my freedom is not worth any Jail time. 

I hate seeing mothers who struggle to make ends meet having to bury the child that they worked so hard to bring to fruition. I tell young boys now that they should never ever put themselves in a position to make their mothers suffer any pain or regret. There is no fairness in that. It would have been better if that child was not born. 

Our mothers are the agents of social change. Spend time with your children especially your boys and teach them about the value of life not the price. We have a world of young men believing life is all about how much money they can get and no regards for the value of other people's life. 

Fathers please stay with these children. Do not leave a young mother abandoned so that she can become bitter and inculcate negative vibe into her kids sometimes unknowingly. Children internalize these feelings of worthlessness when one parent harps on the desertion of another all day long. 

We complain about the rogue cops and bad men that we have in Jamaica forgetting that we created them. We create the society that we have. We taught our children wrong. 

How do I know this? I don't know any family with a good mother and a morally upstanding father that have any boy pickney that gives them trouble. So I know more than anything that the family is the root of our problems. 

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