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Monday, January 20, 2014

Jamaica Arts and Craft Site

What My research unearthed for this planter family. 

In the North Chapel on a plain tablet on the North Wall. Thomas Storer. 21 July
1793 at his house Golden square in the parish of westmoreland Jamaica. 

The Storers of Purely Park 

Ann Catherine Storer wife of Anthonh Gilbert Storer. Born 1785 to 1854 daughter of Thomas Hill of Shropsshire. Claimant for estates in Westmoreland as received by her late husbands. 
Her mother died when she was eleven and her dad is thomas hill shrosphire. 

Married Anthony Gilbert Storer who owned many estates in westmoreland around 18/01/1806 and was born in 1746. 

Son of Thomas Storer. Esq of devonshirest & purely,Berks 
Who was bred at Eaton and Cambridge. Secretary of legation at Paris. Lived much with lord North
 Upon his father death he gave books to Eton college, where he was schooled 1760-1764. He then went to Corpus Christi college Cambridge. He sat as mp for Carlisle in 1774-1780. 
Ann Storer had eight children, two of whom died. When her husband died he left the estate in debt and Charles Armstrong and Evelyn Bazalgette appropriated it through legal wranglings. 

She was last living at age 65 with her son in law Hartford westmoreland. She died 07/04/1854

On the west wall of the Nave to the north of the tower arch is a monument finely sculptured in low relief. To the left are represent the widow, one son and four daughters facing an urn. Of which is carved the head of the deceased  and on the pedestial of which is an inscription. To the right of Angels. 

Sacred to the Memory of Gilbert Storer Esq. of purely park,in the county of Berks and of Belle Isle and Frome in Westmoreland , island of Jamaica. 

He was member of the Assembly of Westmoreland. 
Died at New Providence 13th June 1818. Lied buried in a mausoleum erected on the estate of Belle Isle. By his widow Ann Storer. 

According to the 
Almanac 1818 
Anthony Gilbert Storer, Belle Isle owned 238/190 acres of land. 
Frome 230/164, fontabelle 297/340, Haddo 301/312 
Purely 21/5 
Ormiston 62/75

I want to show others what Jamaica has to offer... 

Here are snap shots of Mausoleum dedicated to the remains of a planter Family in Grange Hill Westmoreland 

This is the tombstone. I can only make out names such as Anthony, Elizabeth, Ann and Gilbert. The Mausoleum is in need of structural repair and the heritage arm of Jamaica should take it into consideration. I surmise it's probably because it is on private property. 

I hope to do some more research and find out why this family abandoned this land and because the owners were not there, I could not find out how their family came in possession of the land and if they are descendants of those buried entomb in the mausoleum. 

There are lot of unsung Heritage sites in Jamaica that don't get a lot of attention or visits from tourist. 

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  1. Dear Crystal,
    If you take a look at my Jamaica Colonial Heritage Society site on Facebook, you will be able to see Photo Albums with 18th and Early 19th Century Portraits of the Storer family, as well as a rare Early 19th Century Drawing of the Storer Mausoleum in 1832. We also have extensive notes on the Genealogical History of the Storer family, since our Members include several descendants of the family. Enjoy.
    Yours sincerely,
    Brett Ashmeade-Hawklins
    Jamaica Colonial Heritage Society