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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Police Officers making strides in the fight against crime

Who are we not to be successful? To you who is afraid that your success will bring about feelings of inadequacies in others, it does not profit you to play small in this world. What you do with your life is your story to the world. If others see your success as an indictment of their inferiority, it is not a reflection of something you did wrong: because in comparison to the few who feel beleaguered by your accomplishments, for generations many will become inspired. 

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I must congratulate the police officers on the strides they have made in dismantling fierce gangs and returning security to violative communities. The work is not complete. But we are getting there. The police force is committed to restoring peace and security in every community. 

Albeit we are often incensed with the police officers because of the rogue individuals within the force who do ignominable acts that bring the force into disrepute. 

We believe crime fighting should be more effective. It was only last night, a police officer or rather former police officer was lamenting the killing of Lasani Miller. He who was in the force for over Twenty five years could see all the cracks in that investigation. He said to me unabashly that " these police boys don't investigate like we did back in the day, them just hear rumours and come shoot". 

I tell people that we must be prepared to fight  injustice . I denounce violence and murder. Human life is scared. I refuse to cooperate or align myself with people who have no regards for the life of another human being like themselves. i do not care what badge or role your play in society , you must understand empathy. You must embrace the cause of our humanity, the fragile nature of mortality, the strands of our frail human conditions that bonds all of us together. 

I try not to play the hypocrite. I will commend you when you are on the right track and condemn you when you do wrongs. Moreover I don't wait until something bad happens to me, before I show sympathy for other people's loss or downfall. 

I've come to realise that human beings are essentially parochial, only caring about themselves and their circles of friends. They have no concern for the commonalities that bond every one of us in a society that is growingly under siege. 

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