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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Jamaica: a state of wicked people

I saw a comment in reply to a Gleaner Headline on Sunday January 19,2014 that screamed " Death Squads" in the police force. I saw the first comment someone made on Facebook was that Jamaica is a state of wicked people. Civilians are as nefarious and irreligious as the members of the police force. He hopes a natural disaster will hit Jamaica soon and quote and quote "kill off everybody down there". 

He was asking for an ethic cleansing of Jamaica. This commentator was by all means frustrated with the state of affairs. If a news report claims that police officers are wearing mask and arbitrarily carrying out hits on alleged Gun men then it signals that no one is safe. I bet the Gleaner did not expect the responses that they got. People are scared out of their wits. Who would not be? You don't know who to trust in these times? You do not know
If the mask man is a criminal or a law man. I wonder if this article was created to undermine the police in the eyes of the citizen. The telationship
Between citizen and police has deteriorated over the years. An article like that of the Gleaner Headlines just drove the nail into the coffin. 

Sometimes when I write articles about where I am from, my intellectual friends accuse me of being a "criminal
Sympathiser". They often tell me that I need to leave that area where I  am constantly exposed to the "elements". I sometimes wonder if by being born in the Ghetto, if it is a privilege or a great misfortune. My reality has taught me that life is not about black and white but grayscale area. 

My friends are quick to call me out on some of my perspectives yet no one believes that the police officer who masquerades like a criminal will be considered as such by onlookers. I guess one opinions are often shaded by favoritism or preconceived notion. Everybody after all uses their "discretion"whenever possible. 

Sometimes I wonder if these arguments such as "come from among them" should be translated as leave there or you too will be mistaken for a criminal. 

Just imagine a man pointing a gun into your face as you walk
By with your two
Year old child, acting like a marauding gun man in a uniform and bellowing quite callously as the wide eye innocent toddler state at him
In utter confusion "mi left mi heart a mi yard... Who dead dead already and we have nuff more to kill".  Does this sound like someone who should he upholding the law? 

If I was told to choose the better of two evils, I would choose the state. They are the first people we think about when things go wrong. The average Jamaican does not hate the Police Force, they are merely uncomfortable when they cannot decipher a cop from a badman. Any child would be upset if someone consistently confused them, we get upset if the person we are in a relationship with cannot make up then mind. Are you on my team or hers? Same thing for the cop... Whose team are you really on? The bad guys team or the citizens team...Rogue cops give good police officers a bad name. 

Which team is the citizen on? This is not a one sided issue. Are we working with the police or tolerating the criminals? 

What I want more than anything is to be a me to tell my child that this is a police man! You can trust him! If anything goes wrong in your life and I am not around, they are the first people that you can call upon. And if for any reason, you are afraid or uncomfortable with information that you know then you can bring it to the police man. I want my child to know the difference between a crook and a cop. Cops don't even know this that criminals who they are in cahoots with often come a road come boast bout it..."which and which police dem have lock or have secret for"'s not like they protect the reputation of the officers who might grant them Favours. They use their association as a form of social
Importance and gratification among their peers. Now which peer would be so brave as to inform on a crook who have so much police "lock". Just imagine that the alleged badmind would hear back by a morning. 

Jamaicans are not all wicked. We just have too much wicked people pretending to be good. We need a clear delineation of who is good and righteous and who is debauch and diabolical. We don't want no confusion in the system. 

People call my blogs controversial. I don't see controversy in standing up for what is right. It's a perspective of course. Whose Team am I on? The good people team. The good guys, the passionate teacher, the devoted minister of religion, the kind, lawful civilians and the brave, upstanding police officer. 

I am not just about values. I am about human values. I am on the side of humanity. I am on the good people Team. Don't ever ask me to choose sides again. My world ain't black and white. It's gray, sometimes blue  and other times red. Right now earth a run red...

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