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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Jamaicans buy and flip domain names as investment

Domain Name value is contingent on several factors including traffic, advertising costs, the age of the domain, the brevity of the name, comparable sale, lucrativity of it market and overall industry interest. 

I appropriated because I believe the world wants to endorse cannabis  as the holy grail of modern medicine. It is evident in my attempt to search for other domains like, and others like along with many other domain extensions are already appropriated. Though the websites are not uploaded, it is evident the Internet investors are sitting on a domain they bought for 0.99 to 14.99 a year knowing in about two years or less, the domain might worth thousands of US dollars if not millions. Look at, it's worth an estimated 58 billion US dollars. 

Investing in a domain name or website flipping is similar to buying Real Estate. If you have a great domain idea, it is best to secure it now. You can sell it back later to an investor with a great idea but want a type in traffic domain with a special kind of keyword that your domain has. 

A domain name has no property tax, no insurance and no tax. You only will have renew it each year for 9.99.
A premium domain can be bought and held indefinitely without any day to day updating. A park domain can also generate income, a domain like is a digital asset with a continued stream of income even when parked.

Internet investment is the future of renewable income without any involvement. It would pay most young Jamaicans if they could get involved in this business. It is easier than buying a car that won't worth anything in a few years. Have a great idea for exporting a good. Why not create a website and outsource your shipping. is a premium domain, so too is JamaicaHotels or Jamaicavacations. Here is a a snap shop of what premium domain names were bought by wealthy investors and conglomerates who understand the worth of advertising and value of a domain. was bought by Facebook Inc for 8.5 million dollars. Just imagine if you can create an abbreviation of another established website then you can sell that website your brevity name for millions. No website wants a competition with a corresponding name. They would rather buy you out. Facebook current redirects the to I bet a Facebook has big plans for this domain and some lucky Internet Schumacher made 8.5 million off Zuckerberg. 

See the market is big for making money. 

These are just domains. These are just the address on the Internet.An actual website is not attached to the Domain yet. was sold for 35 million USD. 
Private sold for 30.18 million for 9.5 million sold for 7.4 million was sold for 14 million dollars in 2006. for 7.5 million purchased by Toys r us for 5.1 million dollars. We are talking Us Dollars here. was sold for 16 million US dollars. 

You can also become a website agent. Selling websites for other people just as you would sell real Estate. You get ten percent of the sales price as commission. 

Look at these potential domain for sales 


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