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Sunday, January 12, 2014

How to optimize your Jamaican site for search engines?

How to optimize your Jamaican Site for Search Engine? 

I bet a lot of people don't know that if you post at least five articles per day. You double google bots ability to pick up your blog and feed it to search engines making it optimized so that fresh organic readers can get access to your site. You optimize your site by blogging everyday instead of every once in a while. Remember Jamaica is a fairly untapped niche. Which means there is room for growth. Please put up fresh unique content with highly optimized keywords relevant to the area that you are specializing in. 

Don't choose to create a Jamaican blog that everybody has. Niches like entertainment, culture and tourism are very full. You might have a good idea but if you are not willing to spend money to get visitors through advertising then your blog will be struggling against other established competitors. Pick a niche that is untapped. Don't follow the crowd be original. 

Blogs with subdomains like blogspot, hubpages and Wordpress do rank high in search engines but if you want to make your Jamaican Website highly optimized please do not use a subdomains. Buy your own domain name and redirect it, masked to your subdomains if you cannot afford a hosting package or platform. Also pick a site to host your website that has a fast download time for your webpage. Google rewards those who spend money with Adsense and the Jamaican niche is pretty cheap. It appears people who are spending money with the Internet industry get higher ranks. 

Not every Jamaican site has to have a template in gold, green and black. It's nice to appeal to ones country colours but think about the thousands of website with Jamaican templates look a like. It is best to use a template that is somewhat original. Free templates on blogspot and others will kill your blog in search engines. Even if you use a free template tweak it to make it ordinal by changing colour schemes. 

Please don't choose a template colour that will not work with the Font scheme that you have in mind of your blog. Nobody is gonna want to read lime green on yellow. Chose a nice Font color preferably black and On white. More so know that pink works well for a pregnancy or teenage gossip blog but not for a corporate blog. One wrong colour coding, don't care how you blog content is good will just make a possible reader or buyer bounce. 

Remember a fancy blog without an appealing content is just an advertisement online. You need readers and subscribers so that you can make money off advertising. Even if you are considering reselling your blog. You will need to convince a buyer of the traffic that is there from your traffic statistic page and google references. I launched on New Year's Day and it already getting over a hundreds hit in one day and it's still under construction. When I type in my keywords. I can easily find any of my website. They are all fully optimized for their niches. 

Use your back links. Link your website to other sites with similar content. RSS feeds and news feed are also good for optimizing your blog. Ask other bloggers to provide a link to your blog and you provide a back link in return. There are millions of blogs out there. Don't get lost in the rubble.

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