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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I don't need violence to enforce my ideologies

Our young men are not perfect. We are not perfect. Young people make mistakes and get influence by older individuals. We do not care about our children until they get out of hand then we try to stomp badness out of them. 

I believe it is highly unfair that some members of the police force can make a mistake and kill an innocent youth and get away with it, alleged seasoned criminals and gun mans are arrested and released several times before they are exterminated while young men like Jermaine Gussy Foote and Lasani Miller are given one chance in life. They are not allowed another chance to correct any percieved or misconceived wrongs that they allegedly perpetrated. They unlike hardened criminals automatically forfeit their lives. 

Some people like to think that death is the only fair punishment for perceived wrongs. It maybe so in some cases but denying an individual the right to witness another sunrise is not a corrective measure. If you need violence to enforce your ideologies then it means your philosophies are worthless. 

I believe that white people are racist because they hate someone because of the pigmentation of their skin. I equally believe that Blacks who condemn all whites solely because they are white are also racist. In the same breath the man who is going to kick off a door, pull. Young man outside and volley several shots into him is as barbaric, brutish and nefarious as the lone gun man who burglarizes a private property and murders it's occupants. My granny always says six a one and half dozen a the other. 

My granny always say yeye water worst than Obeah. It is never a good idea to have people yeye water pon you. 

When I remembered what happened on Tivoli Gardens, I know that once you live certain places that you have no justice in this country. Can you imagine our military and police forces creating a similar carnage in Beverly Hills. I think not. 

I think about how politicians used the Tivoli Gardens fiasco to their own political advantage with little regards for the innocent lives that were lost in the incursions. They believe Bruce Golding made an error in judgement that cost lives of hundreds of people in search of man who they knew did not reside in Tivoli Gardens. 

Yet pregnant women, babies, young men with their heads bashed in were burnt and buried.  I am not saying they were all innocent. I cannot forget the sounds of gunshots before the police incursion coming from the community. I know that many may have gotten a deserving demise but they were a lot of innocent people in the pileup. 

Some may say that they have been knowledgeable of crimes committed by occupants of the same buildings. But who is going to inform on a gunman when information alway head back to the alleged gun man's ear. People can never be willing to stand up for justice in the midst of recurrent injustices and inhumane acts. Who is going to die for what they believe is right when your death will only account to be a statistic. You can only be encourage when you know that there are many who will not let let your legacy die with your physical body. 

I wonder how these Likkle ghetto boys manage to import these guns into Jamaica??? I often wonder about our myrder rate. Why it is so high and we don't have a civil war going on here. Why police killing so much people in Jamaica and we don't have a social unrest. I believe contract killings is now a big business in Jamaica. Those are the only business making money. Parlour Business and Assasins. 

They think Ghetto youths just get up and kill people everyday. There are some people who are diabolical and blood thirsty. But no one dare talks about the young men who are hired by our law abiding citizens, nieghbours and friends to get rid of people who obstruct their plans. The half of the story has never been told. 

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