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Friday, August 29, 2014

Ten ways to detox your Life Now!

The smaller your circle is the more significant your life becomes. You do not need a crowd of people loving for what you represent or the idea of you. You will find out soon enough that it is not the approval of the crowd that will raise your spirit but valuing the recognition from those who love you the most.

1. Get rid of fake friends. Get people who you have to “fake” around in order to feel accepted out of your life. Anyone whose presence makes you feel uncomfortable or small maybe giving off negative energy towards you, what you pick up on is definitely their vibe. If you are an empath, someone who can read other people’s energies then their bad vibes will come at you, full force and full circle.

2. Avoid situations that make you feel less than your best. If you do not like a particular club, faction or group then avoid them. The less you see them, the better off you will be.

3. Cut your social media activity. Sometimes you do not want to see the negative shit people post on Facebook, so do what i do and delete them or simply deactivate your account.

4. Avoid family members that you have to be constantly proving yourself to. Not because they are related to you or you share blood it means that you will always get along. Relatives have differing personalities. So if you and a family do not get along, avoid them, don’t add them on Facebook.

5. Declutter your life by throwing away old things, old clothes, old furnitures and old books you no longer read, give them to the library. Like a tree from time to time you have prune your leaves and grow afresh.

6. Holding on to toxic people is like having a gangrene arm and refusing to cut it off. If you do not get rid of them they will eventually kill you like the gangrene that will spread to to rest of your body.

7. Quit your dead end job. If your job is stressing you need to leave it. There is nothing crippling than a bad working environment, it can choke the ambition and creativity out of you.

8. Get rid of the partner that makes you unhappy. If your love life depresses you, stresses you and make you angry all the time then it is time to move on with your life.

9. Change the food you eat. You will be surprised at how a change of diet can lift your spirit. Sometimes all that junk food can add junk to your life.

10. Exercise, take a walk, enjoy a nature trail. Smell the roses and drink from a stream, bathe in a river. Do some wild, fun, spontaneous that makes you catch your breath and breathe life into your existence.

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