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Friday, August 29, 2014

Facebook Now has PostMasters and PostMistresses!

Facebook brings everyone’s life into your face, the information is not always welcoming. Updating your status is like shouting to a crowd, it is like taking a mike and spilling details about your life for your five hundred friends plus innumerable stalkers to see. Browsing can be overwhelming too, taking in everyone’s energy can throw you into a virtual meltdown.

Now people are writing about what other’s are posting. You do not like what is being posted you can choose not to have that person’s post appear on your timeline by:

1) Unfriending them. You do not like to see a person’s post, then taking them off your list is your best but some of us won’t do that because we are simply too nosy.

2) When post comes up on your Facebook feed, there is a little an option beside a post. You click it and you will see this comes up. See image below.

There are several options there. You can choose to hide all post from that person, You can unfollow that individual, You can click the “I don’t want to see this post” option. You do not have to do a generic blast. You do not want to see it, Facebook creates a moderation tool where you can choose what to see on your timeline. You do not go telling people what to post on their page.

3. You can add this person to your restricted friend’s list. Facebook is not owned by anyone person therefore there should not be any policing of post. Yes there are standards but people should exercise their right to post whatever they want on their page.

4. You can delete yourself off Facebook or deactivate your profile. Save yourself the resentment of posting a status that makes other people think that you are talking about them. Social Media has bred this new specie of narcissism where everyone thinks that their opinions count and want to tell others how to live their lives. I save my opinions for my blog. When you read what i write, you basically was given a choice. You don’t have it running down your newsfeed.

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