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Friday, August 29, 2014

If You are Black and Successful then you must be doing something illegal?

This is something that I am personally aware of and has been my experience with people thinking that if you are black and rich and you are not a rapper, an athlete or some academia then it means that you must be involved in something illegal. I am thinking black people can’t be successful unless they are involved in illicit activities. It makes me wonder what does that say about the ones who hold that belief and what does it say about us as a people?

Kanye West posited that “even in you are in a suit and in benz” you are liable to be percieved as a career criminal first than anything else. Do not think it is just white people who think like this but also, blacks who are accustom to overwhelming failure within our ranks that we believe the only way out has to be going on a path to destruction. It maybe because we measure success using rather high ideals. It does not matter how much you have accomplished in your individual struggles or life, your success is disregard if it is not materialised in dollars and cents. In other words if you are not driving some high end vehicle and flossing in the club then your success is disregarded.
I know a lot of men in my small black community see succcess as the ability to put food on their table. Therefore these men will plant ground provisions in the hills or bushy area so that they will have yams, banana and vegetables to sell to people like me. I support them for i know that they just want food on their table.
Our young black men have a different idea of what successs should be. They want to be superstars. They want to live like Lil Wayne and Chris Brown. Nothing is wrong with wanting to be a famous millionaire, it is just that these boys want it now. They want it overnight. They want a lottery kinda success and this is what gets them into trouble.

It is a serious issue since our young men lack with the resources and opportunities to become their aspirations and emulate their idols often turn to other less noble means. A lot of black people are offended by the academical success of their peers and yet easily celebrate the sudden acquired rich status of those within their cache. I have seen it a dozen times, “hype” people getting more attention and recognition than those who are working hard to pave the way for our advancement

Coming out of slavery, these western societies did not prepare for the freedom and advancement of a black nation or its citizenry. Blacks were not initially expected to become a success but to be chained to the subservience and indignity they were originally brought to the Americas for. We are expected to fail from the get go for we are children of the soil. We have to get pass our past and become united for our betterment.

” Encourage collective success among our children and not competition because your child will need other professionals along with themselves to create our future societies. They cannot do it on their own. We know what happens when we have a country of ” dunces”. Do not encourage this notion. Encourage our children to study in groups and build success among their peers so that we can have a better Jamaica”
This is where they tricked us they have us competing among ourselves instead of converging for the success of our race like the Asians and the Caucasians. Too many of us are invested in a perpetual need to be accepted by those at the top and we go about it the wrong way and thus have changed what true success is in the grand scheme of things really is. We neeed to find a way to merge our aspirations, build and foster success so that we no longer associate success with criminality.

"The truth will set you free but first it will piss you off"

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