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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Independence fe wah????

" Righteous Indignation
Jesus had "Generation of Vipers"
We have "Generation of Parasites"
Those who think you owe them something; that they gave you money to put down; that you have a money tree round the back a your yard; like toddlers on Mama's titty, Mama tired or sleepy or sick, but they don't care; they just want them titty
That your sole purpose in life is to give them what they want .. because while you were doing dirty jobs to pay your rent and school fees and studying till 3- 4 am, they were running around like ram kids, making noise, breeding, smoking weed and having a good time .. So it's now your job to help them out
And would you believe these leeches try to put you on a guilt trip if you tell them to "Go fly a kite"?
Do I sound angry to you?

I read on a couple forums this morning where intellectual Jamaicans are complaining about our state of affairs.I want to see what we are doing about it. I am just tired of all the complaining and everybody just wash them hand off Jamaica and run gone somewhere else gone build up other people country and only take credit when Usain Bolt win some race. Its hypocrisy. Its not just the politicians who are responsible for this island here. We are too. Just imagine if we had some people live a fahrin like the chineese them weh live here who send back all a them money go back a chiney go build it up, we woulda have a better Jamaica. Every body come here come invest in Jamaica excepts Jamaicans. Despite the high crime rate and ray ray while all them chiney a come open shops in our " volatile" communities? The media keeps brainwashing you people. I am not saying crime aint real and that we do not have a serious problem with how we as a people handle our conflicts. I would be a hypocrite if i ever said that but mi a say independence fe wah?.

Everybody a come invest in Jamaica. Why not the six million who live in the diaspora? Instead them make families from Asia use our politicians as puppets while the native Jamaican only have a voting power. You know how many times people have asked me why i don't leave Jamaica, they say someone as brilliant as me need to live a fahrin, instead of staying down here with the bad people and putting my life in jeopardy. But of course half of the people telling me that won't buy me a ticket.

You know i remember when i was around twenty and everyday i walk down the street, somebody would ask me why mi not going to college as if college was like taking a taxi go down the road. None of these persons have ever offered me money to go to college. Just think about it. If all of them gave me a thousand dollars, i would probably reach, not that sending me to school is their responsibility but since they feel responsible enough to comment on my "state of affairs" then they should also be in a position to effect change.

Independent fe wah? The only thing we independent of is responsibility. Everybody blaming each other, spending too much time a watch one anneda, this big ole competition and making small progress that don't benefit the masses on a whole. Everything for us Jamaican has always been about keeping up impressions that making any considerable progress. Well it needs to stop now China ago soon own yah and independence will be something my great grand children tell their children as bed time stories. We soon nuh have no independence fe chat bout cuz at this rate we heading for bankruptcy.

This is another Message written by blogger?

52 years marked the era over which we have achieved self governance,being a young nation, we are far from achieving our full potential,but as a people we have made this Island a unique Nation with our Music, culture, Sports and hospitality, our in differences are sharp at times and our responses firm, still we rally as one people. this synergy make us truly the most democratic nation on earth, our freedom of expression and freedom of association is uncompared, let us tomarrow think on the sacrifices of our ancestors and create and even greater nation for our future generation,. We know the problems and we have the solutions, only collectively can we embrace and each other, work together and pull through all difficult times. we are a resilient people' Tomorrow instead of partying at the beach or else where, lets take the opportunity to reach out to our sisters and brothers and bring back the love, lets truly celebrate independence with giving. Have a wonderful Jamaica Independence Day.

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