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“The idea that sex is something a woman gives a man, and she loses something when she does that, which again for me is nonsense. I want us to raise girls differently where boys and girls start to see sexuality as something that they own, rather than something that a boy takes from a girl.”

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Know thy neighbour

I woke up this morning to a raucous noise outside my house. My neighbor was quarreling  about a suppose bottle that was hurled at his gate and on contact with his grill turned into smithereens. He is a person who believed deeply in sorcery and was therefore convinced that this bottle broken at his gate was steeped with malicious intent. 

I guess his perception of the shards was in reality a direct attack on him on an astral plane. Knowing the history that he has with my family he assumed that one of us through malignance or ridicule must have thrown the bottle at his gate. 

He heaved his chest and spoke about how he is a killer and when he stokes his fire death must come into those who offend him. I looked at him completely committed to his belief of supernatural potency. He like many people who worked Obeah thought themselves impervious. 

They were invincible because they dealt on a realm that was unknown, feared and misunderstood by many. In the grand scheme of things I have understood one thing in life and that is what others do to you is their karma and what you do to them is yours. No nefarious deed whether physical or spiritual has ever gone unpaid. 

I would not say only fools believed in the occult because albeit the incredible unlearned have for the most part more confidence in their actions bringing to manifestation their desires. I am always of the opinion that if good people could become committed to goodwill and righteousness the way wicked people flaunt their malignancy and Mayhem then we would have a better place.  

This man in the decades that he has been on this earth has not learned or understand the true meaning of life. He like many who share his belief are irrational in their way of thinking, interpreting every action as a form of attack on themselves. They know what they are capable of and have a misconception that every one must be thinking like them and herein lies their biggest deficiency in thinking every one must be against them. 

Normal people I know would be upset about a broken bottle but not angry as to threaten death. Normal rational people would enquire about the bottle but not with threats of death and violence. Those who deal in the occult are mad people and should be treated with extreme caution because of their irrational inclination to violence. 

They revere badness over good. Believing often through the perceived predominance of wickedness that the diabolical nature of man often survives the good.  
They are puffed up in evil doing. Thinking good people or those who are quick to quell an irrelevant argument or war are weak and become targets for wicked perpetration. 

Evil thrives in a negative environment. Even though you may be taking care of your spiritual needs but without creating an aura of positivity and goodwill, you will not dispel the negative forces that swirls through the universe. 

Some people might say supernatural forces do not exist. People in the thirteen century would marvel and call our airplanes, cell phones and Internet witchcraft. Imagine we would be burnt at the stakes for witchcraftry mistaken as technology. I often liken the ability to speak and believe engendering palpable results, the laws of attraction or the think and grow rich formula to our technological advancement.  Satellite pictures are sent from space along some imaginary lines into signals on our computers as images we can identify with our eyes. We don't see how it happens just as how we don't see how our message is sent in an email but we know it happens based on the manifestation of that the intended recipient got the message. How we send our messages is not tangible, it is not visible but we know it can happen because the results are manifested. It is within this same breadth our cellular phones keep us connected around the world, we don't see our voices being sent across the medium to the other receiver but we hear each other and we communicate.  Now I believe magic or spirituality extends from the same medium of thought over matter, if we think, meditate and concentrate on our desires then they will be manifested. These are the tenets that I used to govern my life. 

To invite positivity in your life, you must operate from a standpoint of optimism which includes detaching oneself from negative people and disadvantageous environments that will give rise to evil thought forms. Evil cannot thrive where there is light so try as much as possible to let your light shine from within you. You cannot dispel the forces of darkness by keeping negative, pessimistic and fatalistic people who speak detriment into your individual astral aura creating problems for you. I don't know if you ever experience that after an argument or a flare up feeling, how drained one feels physically because that is what negativity does, it saps your energy physically. 

You cannot be protected from bad karma if you continue to do bad things to other. Just as how we have day and night so too your recompense will be spun back into your own astral destiny. You cannot expect to sow bad seeds and not reap a bad tree full of fruits. 

Next Article writing now... Revisit for final post....

I wish not to be thrown out like the waste humans that pile like garbage at the front of the lanes whose usage in society has long since evaporated.  There are two things constant in the Ghetto, death and destitution. Happy days are in the form of rum drinking and baby making. Everybody loves you until you become their competition.

The heartaches of these streets will have you mopping up your tears off it's pot hole rippled surfaced. The depression of hopelessness clogs stream light of faith and puts a damper on your optimism for the future. 


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