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Saturday, February 8, 2014

What is wrong with my generation 11???

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A lot of elders complain that they do not know what is wrong with today's black generation. I beg to ask them what was wrong with theirs? Children don't become what you want, they become who you are. Our elders should reflect upon what went wrong during the era when today's young adults were children. Maybe just maybe they might find the answers to the problems of this "generation".  They raised a world of children who know the price of everything but the value of nothing. A money grabbing, instant gratification over profundity seeking and "step pon them" culture of people. 

Maybe my generation went wrong when our fathers abandoned us and our mothers in her quest to provide for us was either working hard or chasing men to earn a dollar to feed us and send us to school. During these crucial times of parental abandonment we were left to be socialized by the television and other people who instill worthless values in us. If I could count the many times,I was influenced by people other than family members during my parents absence to engage in something debauch, I would be searching for numbers. 

I often wonder who taught our young men to believe that shooting an unarm, defenseless person made them a bad man. I think a bad man or rather in Olden days a real soldier admired by others often had to go through battles and conquer other armies before he would be feared and revered by other young men. He had to shed blood honourly and not with the blatant disregard, sacrilege and foolish actions of the modern Jamaican badman. To kick off the door of a hapless victim and take their life does not make one a soldier or even a badman, in theory one is simply a butcher, murderer and a savage. 

What turned our generation of black intellectuals into empty barrels who like hearing the sound of their echoes and subscribing to mindless illusions of superiority than liberating their brothers and sisters can be laid at the feet of parents with misinterpretation about the value of an education.  Parents encourage children to seek education as a way out of poverty. Academical attainment was a source of upliftment and social upward mobility over the hated neighbour and their dumber offsprings. We forgot to teach our children that for every child who fails during our school years, we are witnessing the insidious rise of adults that will be a detriment to our society. The same neighbour pickney that so many parents are so inclined to "tun down" will be same child that becomes a menace to society later on.  You cannot wish for your child to become a doctor and for others to fail, to become gunman and thief. Those same gun man and thief will stick up your child, your doctor will have to build tall fortress to keep out his uneducated, semi-literate, mad at the world peer. 

 It's so much harder to free a slave when he does not see himself as one. It is more difficult to free a slave who cannot visualize himself free. Education is not an opportunity to look down on our ignorant brothers because we were all born ignorant. To be educated in books and not in humanity is to arm a indomitable menace to a society. Most of the problems black societies have is due to so many educated fools and menaces running the societies into
the ground. 

They say my generation has no manners or morales. Maybe when our elders start respecting themselves then maybe my generation will learn some respect. Children become what you are not what you want. Maybe if we did not see so many corrupt politicians, police and professionals then maybe many of my generation youths would veer away from criminality but everywhere we look around we see people thriving from dishonesty so what do you expect children to do. Monkey see Monkey do. Only hustlers seem to be making money so my generations simply join the ranks. The more things change, the more they remain the same. 

They complain and say that my generation is lazy and won't work. I think our parents were so used to handouts from politicians that they didn't bother to want to make something of themselves but wait for the pork and "this and that" from the MP.  We internalized that system of survival and  today many young people are waiting for people in power to hand them opportunities to uplift themselves. 

Many of us have parents who are dream killers. They kill our entrepreneurial and innovative spirits by shooting down out experimental nature. We don't have much inventors because if a black child says he wants to make paper out of leaves, his parents shoots him down and tell him to focus on traditional careers because "that nah make no money inna Jamaica". We end up with a lot of teachers and nurses with limited job vacancies for them and not enough innovators to contrive business opportunities, provide jobs and create employment for our youths. Innovators would stimulate our economy and engender financial growth. 

My generation loves materialism.Money over everything because we were conditioned by our poor parents to believe that money and material accumulations was the grandest of validations.Money will make us happy.  Not only that but our society telegraph a notion that success was not gradual, happening overtime but quick and rapid. It made the young woman who didn't have a car by twenty five feel as if despite her small business success, she has not achieved anything without a flashy expensive vehicle to show. We have socialized our children to measure success in dollars and cents and not to pay homage to the hurdles that people cross to get where they are or value personal efforts that transcend lives. We don't support a working progress, my generation was conditioned to only recognize progress in material possessions. It is funny how our parents didn't build a house until they were in their thirties yet expect us to be rich before we are twenty five. 

Society likes to talk about the Echo-babies and forgetting that each child black or white was born a blank
Slate. We might have some innate qualities and congenital predispositions but we became what we are today because of our experiences and the notions we internalized as a child. I would be a liar if I said the people who I've met in my life have not influenced me one way or the other. A lot of times when I think about all the bad things people have said or done to me I consider "preeing evil" as my peers would say but I chose to live my life as an example to those who are trying not to stray from the path. 


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